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15 Amazing Shortcuts You Aren't Using

"Efficiency Unleashed: Discover 15 Hidden Shortcuts for Faster Task Execution"

By evansPublished about a year ago 3 min read
15 Amazing Shortcuts You Aren't Using
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In today's fast-paced digital world, time is of the essence. Efficiency and productivity are highly valued, and finding ways to accomplish tasks quickly and effortlessly is key. One often overlooked aspect of increasing efficiency is utilizing keyboard shortcuts. These shortcuts can significantly enhance your computer usage experience, allowing you to navigate applications and perform actions with speed and precision. In this essay, we will explore 15 amazing shortcuts that you may not be using but can greatly enhance your productivity.

Windows Key + D:

By pressing the Windows key + D simultaneously, you can instantly minimize all open windows and gain access to your desktop. This shortcut is a convenient way to locate files, shortcuts, or gadgets on your desktop without the need to manually minimize each window.

Ctrl + Shift + T:

Have you ever accidentally closed a tab in your web browser and had trouble retrieving it? Pressing Ctrl + Shift + T restores the last closed tab in most web browsers, saving you the time and effort of finding and reopening the webpage.

Ctrl + Shift + Esc:

Rather than going through the Ctrl + Alt + Delete menu, Ctrl + Shift + Esc opens the Task Manager directly. This powerful shortcut allows you to manage running processes, monitor system performance, and end unresponsive programs swiftly.

Ctrl + Backspace:

Instead of deleting one character at a time, Ctrl + Backspace allows you to delete an entire word at once. This shortcut is invaluable for quickly removing a word or phrase while typing or editing text.

Alt + Tab:

Alt + Tab is a classic shortcut that lets you switch between open applications on your computer. By holding down the Alt key and pressing Tab repeatedly, you can cycle through your active windows effortlessly.

Ctrl + Shift + N:

When creating a new folder in web browsers or file explorers, Ctrl + Shift + N instantly creates a new folder without the need for right-clicking and selecting the "New Folder" option. It streamlines the process of organizing and managing your files.

Ctrl + Shift + V:

When pasting text, Ctrl + Shift + V allows you to paste without formatting. This shortcut removes any formatting from the copied text and matches the formatting of the destination document, ensuring a clean and consistent appearance.

Windows Key + L:

Windows Key + L is a quick shortcut to lock your computer and bring you to the login screen. It provides a simple way to secure your computer when you need to step away briefly.

Ctrl + F:

Searching for specific words or phrases within a webpage or document can be time-consuming. Ctrl + F opens the find function, enabling you to search for keywords instantly and locate the desired information without scrolling through the entire document.

Ctrl + Shift + S:

In Microsoft Office programs, Ctrl + Shift + S saves a document with a different name or in a different location. It opens the "Save As" dialog box, allowing for efficient file management and organization.

Alt + F4:

Alt + F4 is a convenient shortcut that closes the active window. Instead of reaching for the close button or selecting the "Close" option from the menu, this shortcut provides a quick and efficient way to close applications.

Windows Key + E:

Windows Key + E opens File Explorer (Windows Explorer) instantly, granting immediate access to your files, folders, and drives. It simplifies the process of navigating and managing your file system.

Ctrl + Tab:

When working with multiple tabs in web browsers, Ctrl + Tab allows you to cycle through open tabs seamlessly. This shortcut enhances productivity by enabling you to navigate between webpages without relying on the mouse.

Ctrl + Shift + P:

For private browsing sessions, Ctrl + Shift + P opens a new private browsing window in most web browsers. This mode prevents your browsing history and cookies from being saved, offering a discreet and private online experience.


In web browsers, pressing F11 toggles between full-screen mode and regular mode. This shortcut maximizes screen space, providing a distraction-free browsing experience and allowing you to focus on the content at hand.


Keyboard shortcuts are powerful tools that can significantly enhance your efficiency and productivity while using a computer. By incorporating these 15 amazing shortcuts into your daily workflow, you can navigate applications, perform actions, and accomplish tasks more swiftly and effectively. Embrace the power of keyboard shortcuts and unlock a world of convenience, speed, and enhanced productivity in your digital endeavors.

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