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12 things to do immediately after sex to prevent STI and Unwanted pregnancy

After sex care and hygiene

By Amos KibisuPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
12 things to do immediately after sex to prevent STI and Unwanted pregnancy
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Embarking on a lighthearted and humorous exploration of the often-overlooked nuances of post-coital etiquette, let's dive into a world where laughter meets learning. Think of this as your unorthodox, yet utterly essential guide to the "aftermath" of love-making. A delightful blend of practicality and hilarity, these insights are sure to keep you both informed and entertained. So, buckle up for a rollicking ride through the world of post-intimacy care!

Firstly, let’s talk about the post-love frolic cleanup. Imagine your nether regions like a kitchen after a MasterChef marathon – you can’t just leave it looking like a battlefield! A quick wash is not just about hygiene; it’s about being the courteous chef who cleans up after a delicious meal. It’s simple, respectful, and prevents any unwanted “leftovers” from causing trouble.

Next up, the great urinary expedition – aka peeing right after the deed. Think of it as your body’s own personal security guard, shooing away those pesky bacteria trying to crash the bladder party. It’s the simplest, yet most effective, “No Trespassing” sign you can put up.

Now, onto hydration, or as I like to call it, the ‘internal spa treatment’. Downing a glass of water after the horizontal tango is like giving your body a well-deserved pat on the back. It’s refreshing, rejuvenating, and ensures that everything inside keeps flowing as smoothly as a lazy river.

Cranberry juice, the unsung hero for the ladies, isn’t just another brunch beverage. It’s like your urinary tract’s own personal bodyguard, fending off those villainous bacteria. Think of it as nature’s own little bouncer, keeping the urinary club safe and sound.

Hand hygiene – an often overlooked aspect, is as essential as remembering your lines in a play. Washing your hands before and after intimate encounters is the backstage cleanup – it's about making sure the stage (your body) is ready for the next act, germ-free and sparkling.

Condom check post-intimacy? It’s like being a detective at a crime scene, but instead of solving crimes, you’re preventing life-altering plot twists (read: unexpected pregnancies). A quick inspection ensures that the love glove didn’t falter at its one job.

If you experience any unusual sequelae like pain or bleeding, it’s time to switch hats from lover to health investigator. It’s akin to giving your car a check-up after a long road trip – it’s better to be safe and in the know than sorry and in the dark.

Post-coital attire choice – let’s loosen up, literally! It’s about letting your body breathe easy after being confined, much like slipping into pajamas after a day in a suit. It’s the sartorial equivalent of a sigh of relief.

For the toy aficionados in the intimate sphere, post-use cleaning is non-negotiable. It’s like tidying up after a G.I. Joe and Barbie adventure – keeping the play area clean for the next escapade. Think of it as your contribution to maintaining peace and cleanliness in Toyland.

Douching post-intimacy is a big no-no. It’s like trying to clean a delicate watercolor painting with a pressure washer. Overzealous and counterproductive, it messes with the natural artistry of your body’s ecosystem. Let the internal flora flourish in its natural state.

As for intimate wipes, remember this: your privates are not a pine-scented forest. These scented concoctions are more marketing than magic. Stick to good old warm water – it’s gentle, effective, and doesn’t try to turn your bits into a bouquet.

Lastly, the art of post-coital relaxation. It’s crucial to recharge your batteries after the physical symphony you’ve just conducted. Think of it as the deserved rest after a gym session, only much more fun. It’s about giving your body the time to compose itself, humming a tune of relaxation and contentment.

In conclusion, navigating the aftermath of intimacy need not be a chore or a bore. With a dash of humor and a sprinkle of sensibility, it can be as enjoyable as the act itself. So, laugh a little, learn a lot, and remember – taking care of yourself post-intimacy is not just smart, it's essential. Stay clean, stay safe, and keep the laughter alive in your journey of love and intimacy!

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