10 Tips on Mixing Studying and Fun in University

Tips for the Best of Both Worlds

10 Tips on Mixing Studying and Fun in University

One of the most common problem someone can encounter while heading to university is either too much partying resulting in bad grades, getting kicked out of classes or even school. Nobody wants to re-do classes or an entire year in university. OR. Too much focus on school and grades that one just does not make the time to make any friends or have any funs. Stress is a silent killer. When going to university you MUST find your happy balance in between both, trust me when I say it will make your life way easier!

So onto the tips:

Tip #1: Do NOT skip classes for no reason!

I know for some classes attendance may not be mandatory, but trust me when I saw you should attend! Having a good attendance in your classes looks good to everyone, it gives you the chance to fully understand the material you are learning, get advice/tips from professors about how to study the material, what will be on exams, and it even allows you to make new friends, especially friends that you can study with at later times!

Tip #2: Try NOT to have a resting bitch face.

Some people just have a natural resting bitch face but try to relax the face, or put on a smile. Whether or not you're in class, going to a class, or even at a party, it will definitely make more people want to come and introduce themselves if you look happy and inviting! It's a great way to make friends.

Tip #3: Take notes in ALL classes!

Notes will be your absolute best friend. It will backtrack all the important information you will need for studying for the entire term/year. Some kids who attend every class and take all the notes will rarely give up their hard work for other kids who didn't try! It's your responsibility to your own education to try yourself. Taking notes in class has a few benefits. The first benefit is you'll have all the important information you'll need for studying written in one spot, no panic, no searching. The second benefit is writing it down while the professor speaks or writes is a studying tool! If you do that, you will already have an advantage come exam season over students who don't. Some people will read it over in their heads as they hear it or write it, which is a BONUS studying tool!

Tip #4: Don't party on weekdays :( especially with due assignments/exams).

I know everyone wants to party all day every day come university. It's their first time away from home with all this freedom. Don't take advantage of that. Partying during the weekdays when you have upcoming classes, due assignments, quizzes, and exam season coming up is a horrible idea. You have a WAY higher chance of missing classes, missing important information, not being able to focus and listen in class, not being able to keep up with notes or take notes at all which will affect you in some part of the school year whether you believe me or not. Save it for the weekends!

Tip #5: Study during the week to prepare for the weekend!

This tip is pretty self explanatory, but if you stick to these rules and attend your classes, take notes, and study you won't have issues incorporating parties or relaxation time into your schedule. Attending class and taking notes helps a big part in your studying routine and memorization. Studying after class during the week is the other big part. If you study class material, read up on the upcoming chapters, make study notes, work on assignments, and more. By the time the weekend rolls around, you will have time to go have supper with your friends, go to the bar, to a party or anything else you want to do without feeling guilty or that feeling of dread that you should be home studying.

Tip #6: Make studying fun!

Some might read the title of the tip and think ,"What the actual f**k, how is this possible?" But it is. Studying doesn't just have to be reading notes or chapters over and over with the hope of memorizing everything you need to know. Here are some ways to make studying more fun or to switch things up:

  • Q Cards
  • Make Board Game Questions (incorporate it into any games you have).
  • Study in a group! Makes it way easier to pay attention. (Nobody wants to be the dumbest in the group.)
  • Make PowerPoint or YouTube videos with all the terms that you can watch at anytime!

If you have any other ideas to make your studying more fun, do it! Don't feel like it would be a stupid idea ever. If it works, it works.

Tip #7: Party in large groups at large places. And BRING YOUR ID!

Although everybody thinks every student at university is a broke kid, it's not true. Some may have trust funds, monthly allowances, some may have worked and saved prior, or some may even be older with an entire savings account 401K situation happening. So when going to the bar with your friends, take the time dress up, have fun doing it, and head to a packed bar. Some of those people may be broke students, some may be not-broke students, and lots won't be students at all waiting for the right girl/guy to buy a drink for.

Some may say this tip could be shallow or rude, that one would assume going to a bar could get you free drinks and that's all that matters. But it isn't. If someone wants to buy you a drink, great! Not saying they will, but I'm not saying they won't.

In the city, if you have a packed bar and there are students there, guaranteed that bar has some kind of student discount for drink specials. So bring your ID (bring it everywhere anyways) and show it to them to get discounts.

Tip #8: Cut corners to save some money.

Find the happy medium in your budget that allows you to party on weekends. Buy groceries and cook your meals! It makes a huge difference in the pocket, if you meal prep it saves wasted food, allows you to freeze meals, and you don't have to re-cook every night! Limit eating out to one to two times a week depending on how much you can afford. Don't over do it. Always choose to get any school supplies you really need over going to the bar that weekend. Remember find the happy medium.

Tip #9: Don't feel guilty for saying NO!

Never feel that guilt. If you don't want to do something, don't do it. If you don't feel like wasting money on take out, don't. If you don't feel like going to a party, or a bar, or even having a few drinks, then don't. Always put what you feel is right first. Sometimes it may be an assignment that's coming due, sometimes it may be just relaxing in bed watching a movie, sometimes it may be going to the bar with your friends. Either way it is always your choice. Never feel the guilt or peer pressure from your friends.

Tip #10: Don't forget to have FUN!

Remember it is YOUR time at university. It's up to you to make it what you want, whether or not you want to be a social butterfly, or get amazing grades, or have fun with your friends at the bars. It's all up to you.

I hope these tips helped you in some way. :)



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