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10 Free Resources to Learn Something New Today

by Olivia L. Dobbs about a year ago in student · updated about a year ago
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Never Stop Learning: Harness the Power of the Internet

10 Free Resources to Learn Something New Today
Photo by Olav Ahrens Røtne on Unsplash

The least-expected part of leaving college is missing it. That "aha!" feeling of making a new connection in a lecture hall is delightful, especially in a subject that sparks enthusiasm. Despite the long hours of study, the dreaded presentations, and the chaos of growing into an adult, I miss it more than I thought I would.

Just a few months after graduating, I sought to continue learning. To avoid taking on an even grander amount of student loan debt, I scoured the internet for ways to learn for free.

Over the last year and a half, I found free, reliable education from the internet. Here are the best places online to learn something new today:


1. InforMEA - The Environment and the United Nations

I'm a HUGE fan of this first one. Not just does InforMEA teach about the environment and sustainable policy, it also gives excellent insight into how the United Nations works. Plus, this website has multiple free certificates of completion, so as you finish each of these mini-courses, you'll be able to fill out the accomplishment section on your LinkedIn!

2. OpenWho - Health Education and Epidemiology

OpenWho deserves a special mention due to its recent expansion. Though initially a source of information for aspiring health professionals, there are now many free courses on epidemiology, public health, and safety! If you're interested in hygiene, health, and medicine, this website is a must-visit.

3. Conservation Training - Protecting the Environment and Conservation

If you're interested in helping the natural world, this site is an absolute gold mine. The site has over 400 hours of free online courses that teach about conservation and leading conservation organizations!

4. Harvard - Free Online Courses from Harvard University

Did you know that many of the United States' leading universities offer free courses? Prestigious universities will often upload lectures to sites where anyone interested can learn. If you want to get a quick and practical education, this website is an excellent start. However, if you're looking for certification from Harvard, you will have to pay a hefty fee. So, double-check the certificate price before you make an expensive commitment!

5. Kurzgesagt - Fascinating Animated Science Videos

If you haven't yet heard of this YouTube channel, you're in for a treat. One of the largest science channels on the platform, Kurzgesagt makes education beautiful. With a combination of bright animation and science's most exciting questions, this channel's videos are a great way to have fun with learning new concepts.

6. Codecademy - Free Coding Courses

If you want to become a game developer, website designer, or app creator, Codecademy is an excellent place to begin. With hours upon hours of lessons and practice activities, you'll be building fantastic code projects in no time!

7. Coursera - University-Made Courses with a Paid Certification

Though many of Coursera's courses can cost tens (or hundreds) of dollars, almost 2000 free courses are available on the site! The subjects available are considerably broad. Some of the options I found include neurobiology, dog emotion, remote team management, and even Old Norse Mythology!

8. Khan Academy - Courses for Review and Learning Something New

No free online education list is complete without mentioning Sal Khan and his fabulous collection of free courses. Though most of the courses are aimed at grade school learners, Khan Academy has a surprising amount of college-level content. Plus, if you're looking to review old subjects and make sure you're retaining information from before high school, the website provides excellent quizzing software to check your memory!

9. MIT Open Courseware - Free Course Materials

Similar to Harvard, MIT provides a wide array of free online courses. Though the website is a little more dated, the classes are diverse, and the materials provided are directly from MIT professors. Though this site doesn't offer certification, it boasts that 94% of students have reported that the website has helped them improve their understanding of essential concepts!

10. Future Learn - Boredom Busters

The entire Future Learn site is a great location for free education, but the boredom buster section deserves special mention. This section of Future Learn provides learners with unique classes that you won't be able to find elsewhere! With courses like Art Crime, Propaganda, and Fashion, this site makes education fun!


After a year and a half of learning online, these sites are by far my favorite for free education. Did I miss your favorite? I'd love to hear about the online resources you use to learn. :)


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