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How to cook Shahi biryani

how to cook Shahi biryani

By MD YASINPublished 26 days ago 3 min read
How to cook Shahi biryani
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Shahi Biryani is an illustrious and fragrant dish from the Mughlai food, known for its rich flavors and smell. Here is an overall recipe to direct you through cooking Shahi Biryani:


2 cups Basmati rice

1. 500g chicken or sheep, cut into pieces

2. 1 cup yogurt

3. 2 enormous onions, daintily cut

4. 4-5 cloves garlic, minced

5. 1-inch ginger, minced

6. 2-3 green chilies, cut

7. 1/2 cup slashed mint leaves

8. 1/2 cup slashed coriander leaves

9. 1/4 cup ghee or oil

10. Entire flavors (cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, narrows leaves)

11. Saffron strands, absorbed warm milk

12. Salt to taste

13. Shahi Biryani masala (accessible in stores or natively constructed mix)

14. Broiled onions for embellish

15. Cashews and raisins (discretionary)


1. Arrangement of Fixings:

• Wash the rice completely and absorb it water for 30 minutes. Channel the water.

• Marinate the chicken or sheep with yogurt, ginger-garlic glue, green chilies, mint leaves, coriander leaves, salt, and Shahi Biryani masala. Save it to the side for essentially 60 minutes.

2. Cooking the Rice:

• In a huge pot, heat water to the point of boiling. Add a couple of entire flavors like cloves, cardamom, and inlet leaves alongside salt.

• Add the splashed and depleted rice to the bubbling water. Cook until the rice is 70-80% done. Channel the water and keep the rice to the side.

3. Preparing the Gravy:

• In a different container, heat ghee or oil. Add the daintily cut onions and broil until brilliant brown. Eliminate half of the seared onions for sometime in the future.

• To the leftover onions in the dish, add marinated chicken or sheep. Cook until the meat is delicate and the masala coats the pieces well.

4. Layering the Biryani:

• In a weighty lined container or a biryani pot, spread a layer of cooked rice.

• Top it with a layer of the cooked chicken or sheep alongside the masala.

• Sprinkle a few broiled onions, cashews, and raisins if utilizing.

• Rehash the layers until all the rice and meat are spent. The top layer ought to be rice.

5. Last Gathering:

• Sprinkle the saffron milk over the top layer of rice.

• Cover the pot with a tight-fitting top or seal it with aluminum foil.

• Cook on low intensity for around 20-25 minutes or until the rice is completely cooked and the flavors have merged together.

6. Serving:

• Once finished, delicately cushion up the biryani with a fork.

• Decorate with broiled onions, cleaved coriander leaves, and more saffron milk whenever wanted.

• Serve hot with raita, salad, or your #1 side dish.

There are two types of Shahi Birani:

1. **Shahi Chicken Biryani**:

- Heat a portion of a cup of ghee.

- Add meagerly cut onions, marinated chicken, ginger-garlic glue, entire green chilies, cashew nuts, and mixed tomatoes.

- Cover and cook until done.

- Sear well.

- At long last, add coriander leaves, kasuri methi (dried fenugreek leaves), and saffron.

- Layer bubbled rice on top of the chicken combination, trailed by a combination of food tone and milk.

- Seal the pot and let it cook on "dum" (slow heat)².

2. **Shahi Veg Biryani**:

- This vegan form is similarly magnificent.

- It includes layers of fragrant rice and cooked vegetables.

- The exceptional fixings incorporate cashews, almonds, raisins, and fragrant flavors.

- The sluggish cooking technique (dum pukht) guarantees that the flavors merge delightfully.

- It's ideal for celebratory events or a unique family meal⁸.

Keep in mind, biryani is tied in with layering flavors, so take as much time as is needed and partake all the while. Bon appétit! 🍽️

Enjoy your delicious homemade Shahi Biryani!

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