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You can be Creative with Recycling

There are many things around your home that you can recycle, even if you don't normally do it.

By Carol TownendPublished 3 years ago 4 min read
You can be Creative with Recycling
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Recycling is good for the environment. Every year millions of rubbish gets dumped in our bins, causing landfill. Our beaches are always packed full of rubbish, and our beautiful world and wildlife are dying. While we can't control what other people do, we can help by recycling every day things we use at home. Here are some ideas that you can use to help make the world a better place.

Perfume Bottles

Many people I know use perfume, but don't realise that a lot of them can be reusable. When your perfume bottle is empty, you can take the tops of and refill them. Those that come with spray nozzles can have these taken out and I use many of mine as decorative bottles or to hold small artificial flowers in. If I can't do that, I wash them out and refill them with my half -full bottles, which helps me save on waste by reusing them.

Carrier bags

We all have them, and thousands are thrown in the bin everyday. Wild-life get tangled in these because they often search them for food, so please don't throw these in public areas or in your garden. The good thing about carrier bags is that many are strong enough to be re-used. I often re-use them for storing things in or for shopping. I also buy 'bags-for-life' because I find that they are stronger, durable and they last for many years.


I don't know about you, but I'm forever buying clothes and my clothes wardrobe can fill fast. I don't always throw them out though, I try to revamp them, or if they are I turn them into rags and cloth, I can use around my home. I have even used old clothes as decorators clothes, which is much cheaper than buying them. Even wool clothes can be reused for something. You can turn some into cushion covers, particularly if they are plain or patterned


We usually open a tin of sweets or food and throw it straight in the bin. However tins can be cleaned up, painted and used as a variety of storage pots and plant pots. You can even get creative and turn them into ornaments, and some tins are great for storing things like pins, needles, cotton, pens and more.


Jars can be plastic or glass, and tons of this gets wasted on a daily basis. Jars can be fun to play with, you can paint them and put decorative coloured pebbles in them, turn them into jam or sauce jars, turn them into storage jards for pens, and even just decorate them and use them as ornaments


This is another that goes to waste every day, though most places recycle them, just as they do with some of the other things mentioned here. However, I find cardboard goes soggy in the outside bins after a while. Do you have children? then get creative. Children can paint cardboard or turn them into fun decorative items such as robots and houses, and they will love this. Get some pictures together, if your cardboard is long, and let them cut figures out of the cardboard and use the pictures to create a master piece of their own.

Foil, Plastic Spoons, Paper Plates, Doylies and Plastic Cups

Adults usually associate these with food and parties, though all these things can be recycled. Plastic cups and spoons can be rewashed and used again. However combine them with cardboard and the other items listed here and give them to your children, who will create some brilliant creations out of them. I've even seen children turn these into brilliant figures of their parents!

Storage Boxes

These can be extremely bulky, but even if you have no other use for them, they can be useful to recycle and use for other things. I tend to collect books, and sometimes my collections are too big to fit on a shelf, so I store my books in them. The kitchen is an area that gets cluttered everyday, and parents will already know about the amount of paper children can bring home from school. These boxes are really handy for storing things when you run out of storage. I used to use bigger boxes to store my children's toys in, and they are brilliant if you are a hoarder of shoes.

Buy Re-fillable Disinfectant Bottles

In my house, we use a lot of disinfectants, though we try to go for bottles that are refillable. Flash and Zoflora do bottles that you can refill, and we sometimes refill washing up liquid bottles too. Look around you, and you'll see there are plenty out there you can reuse. Re-filling bottles helps to keep waste down further.

Incense Holders

I love incense because it gives my home a fresher scent than air-fresheners. I do use sticks, but not often because I like to save my trees. I use an electric oil burner more often, because I can burn the wax instead. Incense can be relaxing, but there are times, when certain products can pollute the air causing it to be smoky, and cause us to cough. Wax is cleaner and safer, it doesn't let of ash and it saves our trees.

I really hope you like the ideas in this article. Every day I do my best to help the environment we live in, and I hope I have given you some good ideas too. The environment we live in is important to everyone of us, and we need to attempt to take better care of it. If you like this article, please heart it or leave a small tip if you want to. Tips help me on my path of creativity, but hearts give me confidence in improving my work. Thank you for reading my story.


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