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Gunfire heard in Sierra Leone capital after attack on barracks

By Arpita Chakraborty Published 3 months ago 3 min read
Photo by Kelsey Knight on Unsplash

FREETOWN, Nov 26 (Reuters) - Gunfire could be heard in certain neighborhoods of Sierra Leone's capital Freetown on Sunday early evening time following an endeavor by unidentified shooters to break into a tactical ordnance.

The public authority pronounced a cross country time limitation after aggressors went after the ordnance at the Wilberforce sleeping shelter in the early long periods of Sunday. The attackers were repelled by the country's security compels, it said in a proclamation.

"People in general is guaranteed that the public authority and our state security powers are in charge," data serve Chernor Bah said in the articulation.

"To empower the security powers to proceed with the most common way of capturing the suspects, a cross country check in time has been pronounced with prompt impact the nation over. We firmly encourage residents to remain inside," the assertion added.

The political circumstance in Sierra Leone has been tense since President Julius Maada Bio was reappointed in June, an outcome dismissed by the fundamental resistance up-and-comer.

Supported gunfire might in any case be heard in certain neighborhoods of Freetown as occupants dug in their homes around 1200 GMT on Sunday, Reuters columnists said.

Sierra Leone's inside serve David Taluva let Reuters know that the withdrawing aggressors had gone after a police garisson huts subsequent to running out of ammo, and had held onto additional arms from cops.

The roads of the capital were generally unfilled close to the garisson huts prior on Sunday morning, said a Reuters journalist who experienced a gathering of the rebel warriors.

"We'll clean this general public. We understand what we are doing. We are not after any conventional regular citizens who ought to approach their typical business," one of the concealed men in military uniform said prior to heading out.

A senior government official, who mentioned secrecy, let Reuters know that attackers likewise went after the focal jail in Freetown and a few prisoners had gotten away. The jail, intended to hold 324 prisoners, contained north of 2,000 of every 2019, as indicated by a U.S. State Division report.

It was not quickly clear the number of had broken out of the office, yet recordings shared via web-based entertainment showed a few group escaping from the region of the jail, while firearm shots could be heard behind the scenes. Reuters has not confirmed the recordings.

Sacred Request

The Monetary People group of West African States on Sunday censured what it called an endeavor by specific people to "procure arms and upset established request" in Sierra Leone. The U.S. government office in Freetown said such activities were not supported.

Bio adulated the "heroic security powers" who repulsed Sunday's assault and said quiet had been reestablished.

"We will keep on safeguarding the harmony and security of Sierra Leone against the powers that wish to shorten our much-esteemed strength," Bio said in message posted on the president's X virtual entertainment account.

The West African country is as yet recuperating from a 1991-2002 nationwide conflict where more than 50,000 were killed and hundreds mangled.

Something like 21 regular people and six cops were killed in enemy of government fights in August, which Bio said at the time were an endeavor to oust the public authority.

There have been eight military upsets in West and Focal Africa starting around 2020, conveying rehashed disasters for a vote based system in the locale.

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