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Will people standing on the North Pole notice that they are spinning in place?

The phenomenon caused by the North Pole "spinning in place".

By Fei FeiPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

Humans once thought that the sun has been rotating around the earth, the area of the earth is illuminated by the sun is the day, and the area without sunlight is the night, the sun around the earth in a circle, and the earth also spent a day and night alternation.

But with the increasing knowledge of the universe, human beings gradually realized that the actual situation is the other way around, the original Earth is only a planet in the solar system, it is revolving around the sun, while the alternation of day and night on Earth, is caused by the rotation of the Earth itself.

We know that the rotation of the Earth is quite regular, the Earth's rotation axis is of course very stable, so on the surface of the Earth there are two fixed "points" and the Earth's rotation axis intersection, which is located in the northern hemisphere is known as the "North Pole", and The one in the Southern Hemisphere is called the "South Pole".

So the question arises, if a person standing on the Earth's the North Pole, he will not notice that he is spinning in place?

To answer this question, we need to briefly understand how our human brain perceives itself to be spinning in place.

When we judge our movement state, as long as there is a suitable reference, our brain brains rely on the external information obtained by the visual system to quickly determine tin state of motion.

For example, when we see many surrounding scrivener originally not moving, such as mountains, rivers, trees, buildings, etc., all around us "rotating", we will quickly realize that we are in a state of spinning in place.

In addition to the visual system, our brain can also determine its state of motion through the vestibule system, simply put, the vestibule system is located in the human inner ear a perceptual system, it can provide the brain with spatial orientation, spatial direction, linear acceleration, and other information.

The vestibule system is mainly composed of the "ellipsoidal sac", "balloon" and three "semicircular canals", when we are in the state of turning in place, the three "semicircular canals" in the inner emphatically fluid in the "semicircular canals" will also follow the rotation, at this time a receptor called "potbelly cap" will sense this state and send information to the brain, so we know we are spinning in place.

Because the three "half-rules" are perpendicular to each other, any direction of rotation in space can be detected by us.

In some cases, even if we close our eyes, we can also perceive ourselves in place, which is the vestibule system in action, but this has a condition, that is, in the rate of rotation to be high enough.

However, the Earth's rotation period is about 23 hours, 56 minutes, and 4 seconds, a simple calculation shows that the Earth will only rotate about 0.0042 degrees per second, such a low rate of rotation, the human vestibule system is simply impossible to detect.

This means that if a person is standing on the North Pole of the Earth, he wants to detect whether he is turning in place, it can only rely on the visual system, and this requires some suitable reference.

Because the whole earth is rotating, the man on earth to see scenery in synchronization with his rotation, in this case, he can only go outside the earth to find a suitable reference, the most ideal should be the night sky those shining stars, after all, the vast majority of them are distant stars, its distance from the earth is calculated in light years.

It is conceivable that if the person could observe the stars in the night sky in their overall state of motion, then he could perceive that he is spinning in place. But the problem is that the rotation rate of the earth is so low that the human visual system can't perceive changes in the starry sky.

So we can conclude that: a rotating person standing at the North Pole, nah not detect his perception system is in place in a circle.

Of course, if you borrow a tool, the situation is different. A simple and effective way is that the person can use professional equipment to photograph the stars for a long time, such as several hours or even longer.

After this, he can shoot the image for fast playback, if all goes well, he can see the fast playback image of the entire starry sky undercoating the north celestial pole, and this is the Earth's North e in the "rotation in place" caused by the phenomenon.


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