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Meaning of tulips

By nguyên thảoPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
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Learn the meaning of tulips

Of all the flowers, tulips are the flowers that I love the most. A bouquet of tulips is the most romantic gift. Tulips are a symbol of spring, but they also symbolize lasting love like other flowers. The meaning of tulips in love also depends on the color. The meaning of tulips depends on each color. Purple tulips In modern and medieval times, purple was considered a symbol of Royal Power, luxury and romance. That is why at most Western weddings, to this day brides still choose purple tulips as their wedding flowers. With this meaningful symbol, purple tulips are very suitable to choose as gifts on special occasions. Formal and special ceremonies, orange tulips are a symbol of warm, happy people and hot attractiveness. Orange polyps are the queens of the tulip world because they are the most loved flowers. Orange tulips are often used in pairs. for each other, especially husband and wife, to be able to realize bonds that can be understood between two people. The desired attractiveness and enthusiasm are also conveyed through sending orange tulips. Red tulips are always red. always a symbol of love and red tulips are no exception. It symbolizes perfect love. It also symbolizes passion and sweet seduction, so if someone gives you a bouquet of flowers, red tulips mean this is a kind of love testimony, and for lovers, this This symbol for long lasting love. Yellow tulips If red tulips symbolize love, then yellow tulips symbolize friendship and sunshine. The weather is bright and lucky, so yellow tulips are used as gifts on many occasions. In addition, yellow tulips remain an accepted symbol in love, you should be careful not to give them to your lover. White tulips are flowers with many good meanings. We represent pure Love, passion, peace, victory and forgiveness. This is the reason why many people choose white tulips to display at weddings. Weddings or giving white tulips to express apology pink tulips pink tulips have the same meaning as medium red tulips Embracing love, passion and special charm is a symbol of complete happiness. When you give someone pink tulips, it means you are present and care for the recipient. Best wishes. Tulips are the symbolic flowers of the Netherlands and Türkiye. Tulip Tich is a story revolving around the love of a beautiful girl and three handsome knights. In the end, she turned into a tulip symbolizing love, charity and tolerance in ancient Europe. There was a very beautiful girl, and three knights loved her because they wanted to express their love to her. One person gave her a precious crown. Someone gave her a precious sword. The other gave her a pearl, girl. sadly thinking all three boys are excellent and Tuan is like that. What you are doing ? The honest girl thought for a moment and suddenly thought of the magic flower. Tue, that's why she asked, the flower goddess is beautiful, the three knights are all so excellent. I can't marry all three of them, but if I don't decide, those three people will fight with each other. Please help me, flower god. Smiling and swinging the pen skillfully, in the blink of an eye the crown turned into a beautiful flower bud. The sword turned into a young leaf. From the love of the three boys, the tulip became a flower symbolizing love, charity and tolerance. This is indeed a beautiful and meaningful story about this beautiful flower. I hope that through this article, everyone will gain new and useful knowledge about the meaning of existence this flower.


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