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The "South American Yeti" fossil was surrounded by spectators, weighing more than a ton, did a giant race really exist on Earth?

There was a giant race on Earth

By Cilva KustesPublished 6 months ago 6 min read

"South American Yeti Fossil Surrounded by Spectators, Weighing Over a Ton, Did a Giant Race Exist on Earth?

Paleontologists from Argentina and Ecuador have introduced a strange animal, a South American Yeti that lived in the late Pleistocene. Ecuador found the skeleton of this animal, which has been more than 100 years old, knowing that has a sufficient number of skeletal remains to restore its size, scientists said after seeing it was too spectacular.

"South American Yeti" fossil was crowded, weighing more than a ton.

The paleontologists called the reconstructed creature "Yeti", which is a huge ancient giant ground otter, that lived 10,000 to 40,000 years ago in the mountains, grasslands, and areas of South America.

It had abnormal front and hind legs, sharp claws, and a muzzle, and had developed adaptations to the low oxygen content of high mountains.

The South American Yeti discovery is unknown. Mainly Roman Carrion of the Quito Polytechnic Institute said: "Three samples were found in the same place, so we think it is a herd animal", paleontologists believe that it is still a herbivore with a strong sense of smell.

Giant ground otter

The giant ground otter is a herbivorous mammal, and we know that mammals are normothermic, maintaining their temperature at a fixed level regardless of changes in external temperatures. It can help to adapt to harsher environments because the energy of the organism's body needs enzymes to increase the efficiency of conversion, and without enzyme catalysis, the speed of the organism's operation will be reduced.

Variable-temperature organisms usually cannot live in cold climates and cannot be active in winter; they can only hibernate if the temperature is low. The disadvantage of normothermic organisms is that they need to consume a lot of energy to maintain their body temperature, and the higher the body temperature, the higher the amount of energy consumed.

Could giants exist on Earth?

Scientists are a little excited to see a South American Yeti that weighs a ton this is not a species that is classified as human, not even a primate I believe you are not generally disappointed but everyone still maintains a considerable degree of excitement about giants because various painters and footprints indicate that giants may have existed on Earth.

This giant footprint in South Africa on the oil pipe, there is a South African explorer Michael details, it looks like a giant's foot stepped on the soft ground, the toes in front of the natural appearance of the dirt bump, this footprint formed after the formation of complex geological effects, the formation of fossils, and then through geological changes stood in the South African land.

This footprint is not small, the length of the front and back reached 1.2 meters, if calculated by human scale, the height of this person is at least more than 7 ~ 8 meters. Is it true that there are giants on this earth, in fact, not only the giant footprints in South Africa, the world also found a large number of giant footprints, large and small no less than 10 kinds.

These footprints are found around the world, one larger than the other, if calculated according to this ratio, making the former human from 7 ~ 8 meters to 70 ~ 80 meters possible. Suddenly, we find that humans are now like ants.

The various races of people, large and small, are a bit like the various races in the magic world. If one believes that such various races existed in history, one may have been too deeply poisoned by magic movies or novels.

Europe and the United States found fossil giants are also shocking history there are two famous fossil giants, one is the Irish giant fossil 1895, a mineralogist named Dale in County Antrim, Ireland, exploration of iron ore found this giant, later developed throughout the United Kingdom sparked a sensation, and then suddenly disappeared, and did not find the fossil giants.

Photograph of the fossilized Irish giant in the Strand magazine

The second is the United States Dekaf giant, in 1869, the workers of the town of New York Zhoujia's husband dug out a stone statue about three meters high when drilling a well, looks very much like a fossilized giant, and the news came out also caused a strong sensation, excursions everywhere can be said to have earned a lot of money.

But as we all know, it was a famous hoax, one of the biggest hoaxes in the history of the United States in the nineteenth century, which was masterminded by George Hull's elective homemaker.

He was an atheist, while the church was convinced that God had created giants, so he single-handedly planned the fossilized giant event that fooled the entire Americas, and throughout the 19th century, six fossilized giants were unearthed in the United States one after another.

Secondary school students know that the muscle tissue of organic matter is difficult to form fossils, the most only bones, so later advanced means is to create fossilized bones to deceive the unknown masses, and then later on, even nail bones do not have to make a ps map want to deal with it, so you see the fossilized bones of giants, but it is ps spent half an hour processing it.

Charlie Bourne was born in Delhi, in his teens when his body was out of control, the wind grew this modern view is a kind of gigantism, which of course is not a good thing but a pathology.

Because an overly large body can overload various organs, people with gigantism generally suffer from a variety of diseases, and if medical intervention is relatively early, then the height is an advantage, but if left to grow, the consequences are unimaginable.

Bourne, who was about 2 meters 4 meters tall, with his height visiting the considerable income obtained from the sale of tickets, suffered from depression after being looted in a robbery and eventually died because of tuberculosis.

Instead of respecting Bourne's hospital and burying him by the sea, doctors made a skeletal specimen of him, which became the most controversial event. The Royal College of Surgeons believed that Charlie Bourne's pituitary adenoma was the cause of his gigantism.

Giants" exist in China.

There is currently a giant in China who suffers from gigantism, and that person is Bao Xishun, who has a height of 2.36 meters because it is natural to grow to the height of a giant.

Before the age of 15, Bao Xishun just grows a little faster than other children, otherwise, there is no difference, but with the growth of age, the growth pattern gradually uncontrolled later found that taller and taller, even wear clothes have to go to tailor store specially tailored.

Zeng Jinlian, the first female giant in China that year, reached 2.34 meters and weighed 132 kilograms at the age of 14. Doctors found that Zeng Jinlian had a tumor in the anterior pituitary gland, which led to hyperfunction of the pituitary gland and excessive secretion of growth hormone, which was the cause of Zeng Jinlian's crazy growth, and what we often call "gigantism".

On February 14, 1982, her body could no longer support her and she passed away at the age of 18. Zeng Jinlian, the tallest woman in China, died 37 years ago.

Although many people seem to have seen the blueberry Yeti, or seen their footprints, scientists have not yet found any fossils or traces of life in the South American Yeti, although the South American Yeti is a legend, South America did live large animals, only with the human migration to date, large animals gradually disappear.


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