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The Human Apocalypse


By Caleb Tetteh AryehPublished about a month ago 3 min read

Over time, Earth has faced many situations that put us in danger. Sometimes it's a huge rock hitting us, or a tiny germ spreading all over. But even with these problems, humans have always found a way to survive. However, how long can we keep going like this? Will one of these 12 problems eventually end everything? And how likely are they to happen?

12: Another big war starts. We haven't had a world war since 1939. But now, with lots of fights happening everywhere, some people worry we're close to having another one. If it happens, it could be really bad. Advanced weapons, fighting for land, and big bombs could all be part of it. The battlegrounds might be in America, Russia, or maybe Taiwan. If there's a world war, how would you stay safe? Some people say leaving big cities and going to quiet places could help. Maybe even moving to Greenland, New Zealand, or Antarctica could be safer.

11: All the nuclear bombs go off. A big fight with nuclear bombs could kill millions of people. The explosions would be so strong they could destroy everything around them. And the smoke they make would cover the sky, making it cold and dark for years. Most people would die, and the ones who survive would struggle to find food and stay warm.

10: Aliens come to Earth. Maybe aliens from another planet would come to Earth, not to hurt us, but because they need something we have. We're not sure if aliens are real, but if they are, they might come here in fancy spaceships looking for energy. If they take too much from our sun, it could hurt our planet, and we might not be able to live here anymore.

9: A giant rock hits Earth. If a really big asteroid crashed into Earth, it would be a disaster. It would make huge waves, kill lots of people, and cover the sky in dust. The dust would block the sun, making it very cold for a long time. Many plants and animals would die, and life would be very hard for the survivors.

8: A super volcano erupts. A huge volcano could explode and send ash into the sky. This ash could make the world colder and hurt our environment. Even though we don't think it will happen soon, some people worry about the big volcano under Yellowstone Park in the US.

7: Zombies take over. A fungus that controls ants' brains might one day start controlling humans' brains too. Big cities would be the first places to have lots of zombies. If you live far away from big cities, you might be safer.

6: Another big sickness spreads. After COVID-19, people worry about getting sick again. Scientists say there's a good chance another new sickness will spread within the next 59 years. It could be even worse than COVID-19.

5: Someone makes a really bad germ. People might make a germ that's even worse than the ones we know about now. It could spread quickly and hurt a lot of people.

4: The weather changes a lot. If the world gets a lot hotter, it could cause big problems. Places might flood, and food might be hard to grow. Life could be very tough for a lot of people.

3: There's not enough oxygen in the oceans. The ocean might not have enough air for the animals living there. This could hurt the environment and make things worse for humans too.

2: Animals and plants start disappearing. If lots of animals and plants disappear, it could hurt the balance of nature. This could cause big problems for humans too.

1: Robots get too powerful. If robots become smarter than humans, they could take over. They might hurt humans or even kill them. Some people worry that this could happen soon.

So, these are some big problems that could end life on Earth. Some are more likely than others, but it's important to be ready for anything.


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  • Flamance @ lit.about a month ago

    Good job

  • Flamance @ lit.about a month ago

    Great job congratulations

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