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The first Music and adultery in the world

Who invited Music?

By knowledge And FunPublished 5 months ago 5 min read
People dancing and playing Music

The Prophet Adam‘s (as) third son was named Sheeth (as) (also called Shees or Seth). Additionally, the name Sheeth itself means “a gift”, indeed a gift from Allah, He was a gift That was given by God after the death of Habil (Abel). After the death of Habil son of Adam, Adam was very upset so Allah Sheath Replaced not only a righteous man but a prophet

of Allah. Five years after the passing of Habil Sheeth (as) was born, That Time the Prophet Adam(as), was 130 years old.

Mountains and Valleys

Later, Allah (swt) sent Sheeth (as) a directive as part of his Sharia, prohibiting him from mixing with those who had crossed over to the other side (valleys). Since this man, Cain traveled with his own family and they had their own offspring and personalities, Qabil (Cain) and his descendants were just

spreading corruption and evilness so it was forbidden to mix with them. They followed the Sharia as it was revealed to Sheeth (as), did not mix, and were greatly protected as a result.

Shaitan (Satan) now proceeded to play his part. Shaitan made the decision to go up against the men in order to demonstrate to men how to commit sins. He was aware that the individuals with Sheeth (as) might be familiar with him due to their knowledge of Shaitan. Then he transformed himself into a young guy, lovely young man, and traveled with the people of Cain to appear to be one of Sheeth’s defectors (as).

the women on Cain’s side were incredibly attractive, but the men were not. Regarding Sheeth (as) and the others, they were all exceedingly attractive, but the women here were not that attractive.

Satan’s play: Creation of Music

Shaitan, disguised as a handsome young man, approached Cain’s people and asked the blacksmith for a job. He was accepted because he seemed like a good man. Shaitan worked hard with the metalworkers, and soon he created a flute. He played it for everyone, and they had never heard anything like it before. It was a completely new sound because there had been no music before.

Now he made a small drum and began to beat it, to the surprise of everyone. They would gather around him as he performed, and when he began banging a piece of metal, the sound it made alerted them to his approach. They arrived, excited, and said things like, “Wow these people are intelligent, they’ve advanced far more than us,” as he fashioned a bugle and blew into it producing a sound. They were ecstatic as they thought.

The people became so absorbed in the flute that they began to neglect their religious duties. Sheeth (as), on the other hand, continued to remind his followers of what was right and wrong. Satan, meanwhile, was teaching them how to do evil and invent new ways to sin

So the flute was created, and it had a wonderful sound. They reportedly began to move their bodies toward the flute as soon as Shaitan brought it to them. The more musical instruments we hear, the more our entire body responds to them. That is exactly what took place back then.

Once they had the flute, they began to dance and create other musical instruments. These instruments gave Iblis power over them, and they began to set aside days and nights for music and dancing. This practice has continued to this day.

people playing Music

One day, Shaitan decided to hold a party for some of the young people from Sheeth’s community. He invited them to listen to his music and dance. They were having fun until Shaitan convinced them to do something evil.

Satan With Sheeth’s People

In the story you provided, Shaitan is depicted as using a flute to lure Prophet Sheeth’s people away from the mountain and into the valleys below. The sound of the flute was so enchanting that the people couldn’t resist following it, even though they didn’t know where it was leading them.

When the people reached the valleys, they saw that everyone was having a good time. There were attractive women and men dancing and enjoying themselves. The people were drawn to this scene, and they soon joined in the festivities. However, they did not realize that Shaitan was behind it all.

Shaitan’s plan was to lead Prophet Sheeth’s people away from the path of righteousness and into sin. He knew that if he could get them to break the Sharia of Allah (swt), they would be on the path to destruction.

Unfortunately, Shaitan’s plan was successful. Many of Prophet Sheeth’s people were led astray by his temptations, and they committed sin.

The first adultery in the world

The women started to begin showcasing their beauty and dressing up to attract attention. Shaitan had never previously explained this to them.

The music brought the men and women together, and they began to mingle and interact naturally. This caused physical reactions in both the men and the women. Shaitan was pleased, and he allowed the free mingling to continue without restrictions.

The young men were having fun. They had music, women, and everything else they could want. They partied and enjoyed themselves, and afterward, they returned to their own people and told them what they had missed, “Hey, you don’t know what you people have missed out. Do you see that? They have a variety of songs that are simply fantastic.”.

After that, more and more people began to go to the other side, and the group grew larger and larger. Some of the people from Sheeth’s side would even sneak over to the other side to commit sin. This is how adultery began.

With the invention of the first flute and music that encouraged men and women to dance together, adultery and fornication slowly but surely began to spread throughout the land. Over time, adultery became common.

Sheeth (as) continued to live on earth for a few more decades while he was enjoining, ordering, and advising. When Sheeth (as)’s time of death arrived, he gave it to his most honorable son, Enos, who continued his work after him.

Is Seth mentioned in the Quran?

It’s also crucial to be aware that the Quran does not make any reference to Prophet Sheeth (Seth). But the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) mentions him in the Hadith, saying that “there were 104 chronicles or parchments that were disclosed, and from these 50 chronicles or parchments were revealed to Sheeth.” However, compared to the people around Sheeth (as), Cain and the descendants of Cain continued to grow.

The Story of Prophet Sheeth (Seth) is also kno wn to Christians and Jews

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