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The 6 abandoned places you should never go!

Abandoned residence

By Carlo PhilPublished 12 months ago 7 min read
Abandoned places

Scary abandoned places, from abandoned insane asylums to infamous ghost churches, the following abandoned places are creepy.

Dome houses on Mark Island

These domed houses look very strange. All that remains of them are the domes, but rumors about them won't dissipate for a long time. When you approach these houses, you will surely marvel at the strangeness of their appearance, just like the remains of alien creatures left on the earth. There are also rumors that the domed houses once belonged to a secret cult, which many people believe. However, with the gradual erosion of the coast by the ocean, the dome is now abandoned. It was originally built in 1979 by a wealthy retired oilman. The interconnected buildings used to be on land. He wanted to turn the place into a vacation home and he tried to design a unique resort with strong capital. Built with technology far ahead of the 1980s, they were lived in until 1992, when a hurricane destroyed the interior and made it uninhabitable. Now they are completely in the sea. Two of the domes have collapsed and the other four are badly corroded. At the time, the homes relied entirely on self-sufficient solar power for electricity, and it has been a mystery how these technologies were obtained.

Willard Asylum

Those who have seen the Asylum series of movies have a deep fear of this. There is nothing scarier than an abandoned mental hospital, and the mental hospital Tao Tao is introducing today is probably one of the creepiest places you can imagine. It is a place of darkness, evil and much torture. Willard's Asylum was founded in 1869 and it closed permanently in 1995 as the last patient was discharged. At first, the place was friendly to patients. However, after research into the psychiatric treatment of the time, cruel treatments such as electroshock therapy and water bladder therapy were introduced into this asylum.

Since then, the roars and screams of patients came from the place every day, creating a deep fear for him. More than half of the hospital's 4,000 patients died here. At first, he only took care of those who had no self-control. Signed by their respective guardians before going in. It is undeniable that in the early, mid, and even late 20th century, everyone could be considered as suffering from mental illness, such as homosexuals, dissidents, herbalists, or simply mavericks. But who was not one of them? Today, the identities of these people have been sealed by government authorities and are unknown even to their living relatives.

Montana's Ghost Town

When you walk into this ghost town, you will find that it is one of the best preserved ghost towns in the United States to date. The town is nestled in a valley, surrounded by pine forests, and the suburbs look extremely relaxing. But if you're in the area, you'll get the feeling of being surrounded by ghosts. It dates back to the 1860s when the town was mining garnet ore. The whole town was lit up. Many residents made big money during this mining frenzy. In its heyday, there were 13 bars in the town. When the minerals ran out, the town began to be abandoned. By 1940, the town was completely vacant and still has more than 30 buildings, including bars, stores, mines, etc. There is not a single person in the large town. You can rent a cabin in the ghost town and have a good experience of this spooky area.

Atlanta Prison Farm

Compared to other abandoned factories, prisons can be said to be a respectful place for many people. The Atlanta prison farm we are talking about is one of them. Opened in 1945, Atlanta's correctional farm housed mainly minor offenders who violated police regulations and traffic laws. The inmates here live in single cells and go to the farm during the day to be rehabilitated by labor, mainly in livestock raising and milking. The prison was designed to offset the cost of incarceration by providing vocational training to inmates. The prison has only been in operation for 25 years. For some urban explorers, it is a very exciting place to explore. With their lenses in hand, they have recorded the eerie and horrific scenes of the abandoned prison. In these short 25 years, countless people died in the cells within the prison walls. 2009, the abandoned prison roof suddenly caught fire, making the original dilapidated Atlanta Prison Farm even more dilapidated. The cracks in the board and the strange layout are creepy.

Greenfield 100 Day Ghost Church

This church is located in a small Czech village called Lukiwa. The villagers are devout Christians. This church was abandoned in the 1960s. Before that, the usual place of worship for the villagers was here. When you accidentally break into the church doorway, walking around in the shadows, and look around, people with poor mental capacity may suddenly have a heart attack. The reason for the church's abandonment is quite strange: one day in 1968, villagers gathered in the church to pray for a funeral. During the funeral, the ceiling fell for no reason and the funeral was terminated. Fortunately, no one was hurt. After discussion, everyone agreed that this was not a good omen, or possibly the work of a ghost. This sacred place of prayer must have been controlled by the devil, so since the ceiling collapse accident, no one went to the church to pray, and no one has set foot in the church since then.

Over time, the interior walls gradually eroded and peeled away, and the smell of people dropped, making it even eerier. The pews that were full of believers at the beginning are now full of ghosts, all written by an artist. He could not bear to see this church abandoned, so he designed some ghosts dressed in decorative clothing, draped in white veils. This ghost is simply made of lime, cloaked in shabby dull yellow decorative clothes after kinda scary. The news spread and a steady stream of tourists from all over the world came to observe. When the ghost church is cold, today has become a crowded network of celebrity scenes, it is unexpected.

Monkey Head Bay Village, Zhejiang Province

Named an abandoned beautiful scenic spot by the Daily Mail. The green landscape is comparable to the real-life version of the Wizard of Oz. This is Monkey Head Bay Village, a deserted village. Walking among the green stone houses, there are many movies at hand. Gray houses, dappled brickwork, creepers quietly climbing all over the village houses. Be in a green environment and dream an Alice in Wonderland-like fairy tale. When you walk into Monkey Head Bay Village, you can feel the once rich village in the dilapidated houses. According to the testimony, in 1980, Monkey Head Bay Village was still one of the wealthy villages at that time. Most of the villagers here built buildings and compounds, and its prosperous scene was known as a small Taiwan province, a holy mountain.

Most of the villages were small two-story buildings, which must have been very rich in the early 90s. As the economy developed, traffic congestion made more and more people leave. in 2002, the village of Monkey Head Bay, which was empty of people, was officially evacuated and became the unoccupied village it is today. As the old village site is near a cemetery, locals used to call Monkey Head Bay Village a ghost village, which is regrettable. Now, it has become a place for internet celebrities to hit the spot. Here we need to remind everyone that Monkey Head Bay Village has not yet been developed, houses have not been renovated for many years, there are certain safety hazards, traffic is very inconvenient, and must not rush to go.


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