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Ten Easy Plants to Grow at Home

by Emma B. about a month ago in Nature
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Find the best at home plants to suit your needs

I'll be honest I've had my fair share of killing off houseplants. Some work better indoors and are easier to care for and manage. Here are my top ten picks for painless and undemanding house plants for your home.

10. Peace lily

Peace lilies in my experience are very beginner-friendly. With large white blooming flowers, they can complement any room to brighten up your space. Make sure to place these plants near a window so they can receive direct light and water every couple of days or when the leaves start to droop. Keep in mind that they do grow as much as you let them and can become very large plants if kept in the right size pot.

Image by Nika Akin from

9. Aloe Vera

Ever wanted a plant that looks nice but also has a real use. Try growing your own Aloe Vera and whenever you get a sunburn just snap off one of the stalks. You can also find plenty of recipes online to make your own smoothies and drinks from the plant. Just make sure that you are giving this plant as much time in direct sunlight as possible and letting the soil dry completely between watering.

Image by Marce Garal from

8. ZZ Plant

ZZ plants have leaves that may remind you of a fern and are somewhat indestructible. They will grow faster under direct light but do well in low-light areas as well and only require water about once a week. I like these plants because they are not picky about environment and have a very simple look.

Image by Thành Đỗ from

7. Snake Plant

Snake plants known for their fun leaf patterns are not only trendy but very easy keepers. They do well in indirect light and do not require very frequent waterings meaning you can use them as a decoration and forget about them every once and a while.

Image by Veronica Bosley from

6. Palm Plants

Looking for a beachy vibe to add life to your home? Try adding a palm plant such as a Parlor Palm or Majesty Palm. These plants are robust and can survive with little to no maintenance while also acting as an air purifier to help clear out toxins such as carbon monoxide in your home.

Image by Liam Huyberechts from

5. Cactus

I've always liked the idea of being able to throw my prickly cactus plants at any home intruder to ward them off. While it is a funny concept I don't really think that's their intended purpose. A cactus plant can add a special look to your home as they have very unique characteristics that belong solely to them. To care for your cactus provide a moderate amount of light and do some research on the specific type you are buying.

Image by Milada Vigerova from

4. Philodendrons

Probably my most favorite house plants Philodendrons come in two different categories, Vining and non climbing. Vining means that the plant grows out sideways or aerially while the non climbing varieties grow upright. They are easy to care for doing best under partial light and getting water about once a week. These plants come in many different varieties and all have unique looks so have fun picking out the one that suits you the best.

Image By Skylar Kang from

3. Cast-Iron Plant

Perfect for all the people with not so great plant reputations this species lives up to its name with its sturdy attributes that make it as close to unkillable as you can get. These guys can stand low light areas and a wide range of temperatures meaning you don't have to worry when you crank the thermostat up in the middle of the night.

Image by João Victor Valeriote from

2. Succulents

Succulents have been a very trendy plant (yes I know I've already talked about cactuses on this list) and provide a certain aesthetic look to your home. They come in a wide variety with many different looks and patterns and are cheap and easy to buy online. They can be a little bit complicated to take care of though just make sure you are meeting your succulent's light requirements and that your pot has good drainage.

Image by Luisella Planeta Leoni from

1. African Violet

These plants will add beautiful and colorful blooming flowers to your home as well as be pet friendly to your fur babies. These plants do not need much sunlight and only need the occasional watering, plus if you treat it right you can get decades of life out of your African Violet.

Image by Mikhail Nilov from


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  • Bri Craigabout a month ago

    Great list! I am a terrible plant parent - but my little aloe plant and african violets have held on for years regardless!

  • Jetabout a month ago

    Awesome! I personally have a hard time finding plants that can, ah, last with me.

  • Stephen Greenabout a month ago

    This is so helpful. I'm trying to add more plants to my apartment so thanks for writing this!

  • Corinne Jenkinsabout a month ago

    Needed this! 🌱

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