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Swaying Sycamores

A Song of Serenity

By Dilip gurjarPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

Swaying sycamores, standing tall,

Softly swishing, soothing all,

Summer sunshine, sparkling streams,

Serenading, sweetest dreams.

Scented, serene, stillness sings,

Savoring, sacred, sacred things,

Soothing sounds, softly sung,

Serenity, sought and sprung.

Swaying sycamores, shade serene,

Sultry summer, serene and clean,

Sublime stillness, stretching skies,

Sensational, simple sighs.

Sweetly singing, summer breeze,

Swishing, swaying, simply seize,

Serenely, softly, sweetest sway,

Savoring, serene, summer day.

Serenading, symphony of sound,

Serenity, silently surrounds,

Swaying sycamores, sublime scene,

Soothing soul, serene serene.

Softly swaying, sacred space,

Subtle symphony, simple grace,

Serenity, softly sought,

Swaying sycamores, softly wrought.

Scented serenity, swaying breeze,

Sweetly singing, summer trees,

Sensual, serene, sublime and still,

Swaying sycamores, soothing thrill.

Savoring, serene, summer day,

Serenading, symphony sway,

Soothing soul, sacred space,

Swaying sycamores, serene embrace.

Serenity, softly spoken,

Swaying sycamores, serene token,

Sultry summer, sacred time,

Swaying sycamores, sublime climb.

Savoring, serenity, simply being,

Swaying sycamores, softly seeing,

Silent stillness, sacred sound,

Soothing soul, serene surround.

Swaying sycamores, standing tall,

Softly swishing, soothing all,

Summer sunshine, sparkling streams,

Serenading, sweetest dreams.


This poem is a description of a serene and peaceful natural setting where the sycamore trees are the main focus. The opening lines describe the trees as swaying and standing tall, creating an image of strength and stability. The phrase "softly swishing" refers to the rustling of the leaves in the breeze, which has a soothing effect on those who are present. The line "Summer sunshine, sparkling streams" paints a picture of a bright, warm day with the sun shining down on the sparkling streams nearby.

The second stanza continues with the theme of serenity and calmness, with the words "scented, serene, stillness sings." The lines that follow describe the experience of savoring sacred things and the soothing sounds that are softly sung. The word "serenity" is used again, emphasizing the peaceful atmosphere that surrounds the speaker.

The third stanza returns to the sycamore trees and the setting they provide, with the shade they offer being described as "serene." The sultry summer heat is depicted as "serene and clean," while the "sublime stillness" and "stretching skies" suggest an expansive and peaceful environment. The "sensational, simple sighs" refer to the tranquil sounds of nature.

The fourth stanza focuses on the summer breeze, which is "sweetly singing" and "swishing, swaying." The phrase "simply seize" implies that the speaker is completely caught up in the beauty of the natural setting, while the words "serenely, softly" further emphasize the tranquil nature of the scene.

The fifth stanza returns to the theme of sound, with a "symphony of sound" being described as "serenading." The peaceful atmosphere is once again emphasized, with "serenity" silently surrounding the speaker. The scene itself is described as "sublime," with the sycamore trees once again being the focal point.

The sixth stanza continues the theme of serenity, with the sycamore trees being described as swaying softly in a "sacred space." The "subtle symphony" and "simple grace" suggest that even the most ordinary sounds and sights in this environment are beautiful and peaceful. The phrase "softly sought" suggests that the speaker is actively seeking out the peace and tranquility of the setting.

The seventh stanza uses sensory language to describe the experience of being in this natural setting. The "scented serenity" and "swaying breeze" combine to create a sense of calm and relaxation. The words "sensual, serene, sublime and still" further emphasize the peaceful atmosphere, while the phrase "soothing thrill" suggests that being in this setting is both calming and exciting.

The eighth stanza continues to describe the experience of being in this peaceful environment, with "savoring, serene, summer day" implying that the speaker is taking time to appreciate the beauty of their surroundings. The "symphony sway" refers to the natural sounds of the environment, while the "serene embrace" of the sycamore trees provides a feeling of safety and comfort.

The ninth stanza uses the phrase "serenity, softly spoken" to describe the quiet nature of the environment, while the sycamore trees are once again referred to as a "serene token." The sultry summer heat is once again emphasized, with the phrase "sacred time" suggesting that the beauty of this environment is fleeting and should be appreciated.

The final stanza returns to the idea of simply being in this environment and savoring the serenity it provides. The phrase "silent stillness, sacred sound" suggests that even in the absence of noise, there is still a sense of peace and tranquility. The line "soothing soul,


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