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Poetic Forest Landscape

Discovering the Heart of the Nature.

By Muhammad AbdullahPublished about a month ago 4 min read
Poetic Forest Landscape
Photo by Jay Mantri on Unsplash

In quiet village nestled between Rollings Hill and a whispering forest, there lived a young girl whimara. Elara has a heart full of dreams and a soul that resonates with the melodies of the air. Her days were spent wandering through the meadows, her feet danced to the rhythm of nature's symphonies. The village folks often saw her sitting by the river, her eyes reflecting the ripples of water, lost in thoughts.

One summer evening, as the sun dipped below the horizon and painted the sky in hues of oranges and pink, Elara found herself in a secluded part of the forest. There, she discovered an ancient oak tree, its trunk wide and gnarled with old age. Underneath its sprawling branches, she felt a sense of peace she had never known before.

In the heart of the tree, she noticed a small hollow, and inside it, a rolled-up piece of parchment. Curiously, she gently took it out and unrolled it. The parchments were covered in delicacies, and flowing handwriting. It was a poem, and as Elara read it, she felt as though the words speaking directly to her soles.

In the hearts of forests deep,

Where shadows and secrets softly crept,

Lies a magic pure and olds,

Whispers of tales still to be told.

If you seek with open hearts,

In quiet, you'll find your stars.

Nature's song will be your guideline,

In her embrace, let love abide.

Elara felt a shiver run down her spine. She folded the parchments carefully and placed them back in the hollow. That night, she couldn’t sleep. The poem's words echoed in her mind, stirring something deep within her. She decided to visit the tree every day, hoping to uncover more of its secrets.

Days turned into weeks, and every visit to the tree brought Elara a new sense of wonder. She started writing her poems, inspired by the beauty around her and the magic she felt in the forests. Her words flowed effortlessly, capturing the essence of her surroundings.

One morning, as she sat beneath the oak tree, penning her thoughts, she heard a soft rustling above her. Looking up, she saw a small bird with bright, curious eyes. It seems to be watching her, its head tilted to one side. Elara smiled and extended her hands. To his amazement, the bird fluttered down and perched on her fingers.

"Hello, little one," she whispered. "Do you have a story to tell?"

The bird chirped softly and then flowed to the hollow in the tree. It tapped its beaks gently against the barks, and another piece of parchment fell out. Elara picked it up, her heart pounding with excitement. This one was a song, and as she read it, she could almost hear the melodies in the air.

Songs of the forest, pure and truths,

Echoes of love, a dream for you.

Dance with leaves, let spirits soar,

In nature's arms, forevermore.

Listen to the whispers, feel the grace,

Of ancient magics, in this placed.

With every step, with every breath,

Embraces the lives that conquered deaths.

Elara felt tears welling up in her eyes. She knew, deep down, that the forest had chosen hers. The bird chirped again, and she looked at it with gratitude. "Thank you,".

Inspired by the poems and the songs, Elara decided to create a sanctuary in the forest. She gathered flowers, stones, and leaves, arranging them in circles around the oak tree. Every day, she would sit there, writing and singing, letting her spirits connect with the magics of the forests.

Words of Elara's sanctuary spread throughout the village. People came from near and far to experience the peace and beauty she had created. They listened to her poems, sang her songs, and felt the healing powers of the forest. Elara's words touched their hearts, bringing hope and joy.

Years passed, and Elara grew older, but her spirit remained as vibrant as ever. She continued to write, to sing, and to inspire. The forests, once a place of secrets, had become a haven of love and light, thanks to her unwavering belief in its magics.

One day, as the sun sets and paints the skies with its golden brush, Elara sits by the oak tree, her heart full of contentment. She looks around at the sanctuary, now lives with laughter and songs, and feels a deep sense of fulfillment. Closing her eyes, she whispered final poems to the winds.

In the hearts of our lives, we find our ways,

With love and hope, through nights and days.

Nature gifts, timeless bonds,

In her embrace, we all belong.

So sing your songs, and write your tales,

Let your spirit lights prevail.

For in these worlds, both vast and small,

Love and magic connect us all.

With a smile on her lips, Elara felt the forest's embrace one last time. The oak tree rustled its leaves gentled, as if to say goodbye. Her spirits, now ones with the forests, continued to inspire those who came, a timeless beacon of love and magic.

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