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Plastic Water Bottle should be reduced

by Nawal Imran 11 months ago in Sustainability
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Persuasive speech to encourage the students of the university to reduce the plastic bottle waste.

Plastic Water Bottle should be reduced
Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

Specific Purpose:

To persuade the students of university to eliminate the use of plastic bottled water.


We should ban the use of the plastic water bottle because plastic is not biodegradable. It is dangerous for the humans, animals, and environment.


A: How would you like to end your life, with a plastic bottle or it’s cap? Millions of people all over the world are buying plastic bottles, completely unaware that they are harming themselves and murdering millions of animals.

B: I was the one who used to drink plastic water bottle but recently, I came across the research which showed that there is up to 8 million tonnes of plastic 'leak' into our oceans every year. After I researched more about plastic water bottle, I found that all plastic bottles are not recycled. According to the research, “Out of everything we put in our recycle bins at home, approximately 50 percent of it is never recycled”.

C: In view of that, it is necessary to pause and think. Plastic bottle contributes to the environmental pollution, animal killing and land overflow.

The Need Step:

A: Environmental risk:

1.Plastic water bottle can be dangerous for marine life.

a: A plastic bottle contains many chemicals and toxins including bisphenol A commonly known as BPA. As these chemical breaks down, they leak into the environment especially water bodies. These harmful chemicals are consumed by aquatic animals which can be unsafe.

2. Reduces the availability of resources:

a. The plastic water bottle production uses large amount of water nearly single bottle requires three times more water than the bottle will hold.

b. These resources can be used for other applications like fuelling the cars. Using plastic in the volume reduces the availability of these resources, which are gone forever when used up.

3.Lead to waste production:

a. Plastic does not biodegrade for 1000 years. According to The Association of Postconsumer Plastic Recyclers, “billions of tons of waste are generated from plastic bottles”. It ends up in the landfills and leach harmful chemicals when break down.

b. Harmful chemicals are released during the decomposition that leads to the cancer and reproductive issues in the human beings and animals.

B: Tap water and bottled water in terms of purity and price.

1. Do you think that water bottle is pure but it’s not true. According to the Water Logic, “The Natural Resources Defence Council has found that one quarter of all bottled water is actually tap water in an expensive package. This means many corporate beverage companies bottle municipal water and then sell it to consumers at a higher price than tap water”. Why pay more for the same thing?

2. It is expensive to buy bottled water. As stated on the Natural Resources Defence Council site, “tap water costs about one tenth of a cent for a gallon while bottled water costs 90 cents a gallon. Bottled water is then 560 times more expensive and could reach 10,000 times”.

C: Plastic is not easily recyclable

1. According to, “only 7% of the recycled plastic is reusable and harmful chemicals released during recycling process”.

2. The procedure of melting down and recycling plastic creates volatile organic compounds, fumes that can damage plant and animal life near industrial site. The heat needed to melt plastic also generates carbon emissions or greenhouse gases which leads to global warming.

3. The bottled water that we buy is not easily recyclable. Only a small fraction of bottled water is recycled.

The Satisfaction Step:

A: Start using reusable water bottles. You can also buy glass water bottles because it can be reused and decompose easily.

B: Stop buying the plastic water bottle so that we can create litter free environment.

We can breathe in the clean air without any fear of consuming harmful chemical released during the burning and recycling process of plastic.

C: We can use paper bottles. It also has environmental consequences but 100% recyclable. It is less toxic than plastic water bottles.

D. Use 100% biodegradable water bottles. Cove was the first company to make 100% biodegradable water bottle and a label made with non-toxic inks and glue. The bottle will break down completely and can be composted.

E. We can save our limited resources like oil and water by banning the plastic water bottle.


A: So now it is up to us. Continue to buy boxes of plastic water bottle from grocery stores, grabbing the bottled water in the universities because it’s convenient, throwing the bottle in the recycle bin through we know that plastic cannot be recycle properly and spend hard-earned money on it.

B: Or we can be smart by saying no to plastic water bottles.

1. Let’s treat our environment well and clean it so that we can breathe free of injurious chemicals.

2. Don’t waste your money on expensive bottles. Save your hard-earned money and spend on things that you really want to buy like new pair of shoes or new dress.

3. Leave the water bottle and don’t contribute to the landfills.

The Action Step:

A: Summary: Plastic is declared as a toxic substance. Recycling has a limited value, and we cannot rely on it as a solution. It reduces the non-renewable resources and contributes to the pollution.

B: Immediate action

1. I want you to stop buying and drinking bottled water.

2. Use reusable water bottle.

3. We must fight against our addiction to the plastic bottles. So, let’s start with our own university. I want you all to sign the petition in which we request our university to ban the sale of bottled water.

4. The university should invest more in infrastructure to make it easier for the for students to refill water bottles at the campus.

C: Closure

1. You can sign petition which is available on the desk at the back of the hall. If you want any other information, then feel free to reach out.

2. Let’s say no to plastic bottles for the world, for the environment, but most importantly, for ourselves!


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Nawal Imran

Just a normal person trying to express her feeling through writing. I like to write in my free time. Mainly the topic , I like is fashion, traveling and business post.

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