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My Quasi Eco-Friendly-ism

by Amethyst Champagne 5 days ago in Sustainability
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My Goal for my Everyday Life to Help the Planet

My Quasi Eco-Friendly-ism
Photo by Photo Boards on Unsplash

In case you haven't seen anything, over the last few months, TV commercials, ads on social media, and so on have been pushing for products to be sustainable and eco-friendly.

And as I've been reevaluating and adjusting my goals and beliefs, I have become more aligned with these messages.

While I've always been an avid recycler and prefer using natural cleaning and beauty products, I had no idea how much more I could be doing until around March of this year.

Why the Shift?

As I was scrolling through Facebook, I saw an ad for underwear that replaces the need for feminine hygiene care when it's your time of the month.

The ad talked about how waste is usually involved in using pads and tampons, how the underwear could absorb lots of blood, how much tampons and pads would be kept from our landfills, and that they are machine-washable.

I also saw an ad around the same time about how much plastic and water are used to make regular toothpaste, the product being toothpaste tabs you bite down on.

It shocked me and made me realize how wasteful I had been since eleven. And probably farther back than that. And I wanted to change my wasteful ways.

So, I decided to buy both of these products and give them a try (I was almost out of toothpaste anyways).

And you know what?

I love them.

They're good for the planet and cost-effective in the long run, and many of these products take up less space than their counterparts, making me want to purchase more sustainable and eco-friendly stuff.

Bite toothpaste

They are toothpaste tabs that you bite down on before using the wet bristles of your toothbrush to clean your teeth.

Bite foams up in your mouth as you brush your teeth, giving you a rather luxurious sensation and clean teeth when you're finished.

They come in two sizes; small, which I believe is a thirty-day supply, but I'm not sure. And the large container, holding two hundred, forty-eight tabs, is the one I got.

There are three flavors; mint, mint with charcoal, and berry for those who don't care for traditional toothpaste flavors.

I use the one with charcoal since I want whiter teeth, plus I like having minty fresh breath. And it has helped with my tooth sensitivity, which was a lovely surprise.

I also bought the whitening gel, which is quite gentle. And I do notice my teeth slowly lighting up.

It saves both water and plastic from being used. And since there is no water inside the tabs, there are no additives to keep the water fresh. In addition, all the ingredients are natural and safe (except for pets, so be careful.)

They also make mouth wash tabs, bamboo toothbrushes, floss, and refillable deodorant, which I plan to try when my other stuff runs out.

There are other brands making toothpaste tabs, but Bite is the one I use and recommend.

My Period

Wouldn't it be nice if we didn't have to carry around pads or tampons in our pockets or purses every time Aunt Flow came by for her monthly visit?

Well, thanks to companies like My Period, that wish is granted.

They're making underwear and reusable pads from light to heavy flows, as well as underwear for those with weaker bladders.

These garments hold anywhere between three to ten full-tampon amounts of blood without the wearer feeling wet and icky.

I chose My Period because out of all the brands I investigated, they were the least expensive and were high quality from the reviews.

While their sports and sleeper undies are $25, the regular pairs are only $12, cheaper than brands like Thinx, which start at $20 for a normal pair.

And My Period undies are easy to clean. You just ring them out under hot water, then throw them into the washing machine with similar colors.

And while the color selection isn't much, the company has promised to bring in more exciting colors for their products.

Grove Collaborative

Grove is a company with a mission to end the plastic crisis. All of their products are plastic neutral, which vary from cleaning to personal care.

They also carry items from other brands, and you can donate money to certain sustainability and eco-recovery causes.

And everything can be done through their app.

The one downside is that since they don't use shipping services like FedEx or UPS, your Grove box may not show up at your house, depending on where you live.

I tried ordering from the app once, and neither that box nor the replacement box showed. I'm not saying it wasn't delivered. It just wasn't delivered to my address.

Luckily, I got my money back, and Target sells some of their stuff, such as the cleaners and glass bottles.

I bought the multi-purpose cleaner, which is a concentrate that you mixed with water, a glass bottle, a glass soap dispenser, and a dish soap refill that comes in an aluminum bottle.

And I love all of them.

The cleaners are made with natural ingredients and are mildly scented, so those with perfume sensitivities shouldn't be bothered. Unless you just don't like a scent.

Do I Plan to Purchase Anymore Products?

Oh, yes, I do.

I have found many products that I want to buy for the house, like bamboo toilet paper, and for myself, such as a bamboo desk, refillable flossers, and completely recyclable razors.

So Why Only Quasi?

The main reason why is because I have to use the old products we have at home before I can go more eco.

At a young age, it was ingrained in me that I shouldn't throw away something just because I don't like it anymore.

And for the most part, I try to uphold the ideal because it's a good one. But it's getting harder now that I want to do my part to help our planet.

Such as using up the rest of my female products or the two bottles of mouthwash under our bathroom sink I have yet to open. Or even exchanging the plastic bottles for the cleaning products for glass ones.

We also don't have the space for me to store it all. Plus, even with my new job, I can't afford to go on an eco-friendly shopping spree. Not yet anyway.

So I have to slowly phase in these products as we run out of the old stuff. Yes, it's tedious and will probably take at least a year before our household becomes more eco-friendly, but it will be worth it.

Thank you for the read! Likes, comments, tips, shares, follows, subscriptions, and pledges are always cherished.


About the author

Amethyst Champagne

Author and editor trying to improve myself, hopefully helping others along the way.

My Twitter @AmethystC99. I'll follow you back. is my editing site.

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  • Hillora Langabout 4 hours ago

    Thanks for the info! I am working on creating an eco-friendly plan for a tiny home community we are building for homeless women and searching for ways to go zero-waste. I had never heard of the Period Company underwear and am thrilled to add that to my list of resources. Thanks again!

  • ALISHA ROSS2 days ago

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  • Chris Normall4 days ago

    NEVER BELIEVE THE SALES PITCH. As soon as you mentioned ads the alarm bells rang. I work in the specialty field of ethical advertising communications - I help good brands sell their stuff. But the market is dominated by many companies making unbelievable claims and spinning - greenwashing and purpose washing. Yes, many big companies may not be as ethical but many small and new brands may not be either. You have to look behind the label. A dozen I can think of do a good green pitch but disguise their links with human exploitation. You have to balance green with human and animal exploitation. 43m people are in slavery, many linked to products we buy. Ethical Consumerism magazing a good at given a 360 view of how ethical some companies are. Some you think are are in fact not. I recently fired client because they described GenZ as"gullible and easy to spoon feed green claims to." He added, "they are all followers of trends, they get taken in by social media , influencers and never actually don't do any investigation." While this is not untrue of a lot of peole (of all ages) I found his attituded terrible.

  • Dawn Salois4 days ago

    Great article! I’ve been gradually shifting to products that are better for the Earth and for me over the past couple of years. I just started using laundry detergent sheets and I really like them. I’ve also switched to mostly natural cleaning and hygiene products.

  • Novlet Allen4 days ago

    We all need to pay more attention to recycling. There is so much waste on a day to day basis. I really wish more people's eyes would open to the real problem of global warming.

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