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My Faith in Humanity Restored by Innovative Brands

by Dean Gee about a month ago in Sustainability
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Innovative ways to save the planet

My Faith in Humanity Restored by Innovative Brands
Photo by Naja Bertolt Jensen on Unsplash

Let me state the obvious, we are destroying the planet with plastic, it’s not that we don’t recycle the plastic, it’s that we don’t care about dumping the plastics in our oceans, plastic that could be recycled.

In our industry there is a packaging covenant that we all signed up to, where our packaging has to be 100% recyclable by 2025. Also we are now working towards utilising recycled materials in our packaging, thus 'closing the loop,' so to speak.

You may have or may not have heard of ‘The Great Pacific Garbage Patch’

I quote ‘It is not an island, rather it is a huge patch of ocean that contains a high concentration of plastic debris. The patch covers an estimated surface area of 1.6 million square kilometers. That’s twice the size of Texas, or three times the size of France.’

Around 46% of the Great Pacific garbage patch is from abandoned fishing nets, now these float around the ocean and collect other debris but also kill marine life, that get trapped by the nets.

Two brands have done something about this and tackle the problem from two different angles. One is tackling it from a source or cause perspective. This is a seafood brand that is planning a launch of a range of their seafood products caught without nets, and have sourced their range of fish from fisheries that fish without nets.

This company already runs all day time production with the power of solar energy, and has recently implemented new technologies that reduce water usage in production by 90% and increases water recycling.

The ‘no nets seafood’ is still in initial ideation phase but all indications are that this range will be the start of something much bigger industry wide. This company was a pioneer in responsible fishing back in 2011, so I have full confidence in their ability to complete the new sourcing arrangements. As they say ‘from little things big things grow,’ evidence of that is the disgusting Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

The second brand or company that is tackling this problem are doing it from the effects or results perspective, the ‘after the fact’ perspective. A start up company in mountain bike apparel, has launched clothing that is ethically made and that is fit for purpose but also ascribes to the minimalist mentality. The mountain bike clothing is durable and gives mountain bikers an extra reason to feel good on and off the bike, knowing that in pursuing their hobby, they are having a greater impact.

So how does a company make ethically sourced clothing, well you look for local hand made clothing that is made from ethically sourced fabrics, and you combine, and here is the kicker a high function poly nylon blend that is made from recycled ocean plastic.

The startup is enthusiastic about their apparel that is high quality and environmentally friendly riding gear for your day out in nature, that you can then also wear to the pub, (hopefully not the same stuff you were just sweating in on the mountain bike. Know what I mean, wink.)

Not only that, the startup has thought through the entire consumption process and offers repair services for all its apparel to assist with mindful consumption to reduce the disposable ‘throw it away’ consumer mentality.

It seems the startup team have combined function, style and sustainability all in one, what a clever and worthy brand vision.

It’s companies like the two I mention above that make me regain faith in the ingenuity of thought leaders and gives me hope for the future.

I hope you are just as encouraged as I am.


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Dean Gee

Inquisitive Questioner, Creative Ideas person. Marketing Director. I love to write about life and nutrition, and navigating the corporate world.

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