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important of mother


By RilwanPublished 12 months ago 7 min read
important of mother
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Mother’s Day is just around the corner. It is the one day a year when mothers are given a portion of the appreciation they deserve. We express our gratitude for all that they do and all that they contribute.

Mothers are the most selfless people on the planet, beginning to love their children even before they are born. Nothing in this world compares to a mother's love since it is the purest kind of love. Mothers are guardian angels for their children, always loving and supporting them. Because she is the first person a child sees after birth, every youngster holds a particular place in their heart for their mother. This is why a child and their mother will have such a strong attachment. However, not everyone is fortunate enough to have a mother’s love in their lives for a variety of reasons. Those who are still with their mother should learn to love and respect her.

The importance of a mother in a child’s life is shown through the following:

#1. The mother is the first person the child knows

From the moment of conception, a child is acquainted with their mother. Physically, emotionally and cognitively, the umbilical cord connects the infant to the mother.

#2. A powerful everlasting bond

Nine months of pregnancy, this time is used to form an enduring bond between a mother and her child, yet it's only the start. The mother feeds and puts the baby to sleep after it is delivered. A baby's world revolves around his or her mother.

#3. A mother understands the child the most

A child believes that their mother is one of the few persons who can understand them.

When a baby cries, it is the mother's job to figure out why the infant is crying. The mother is always unsettled by a baby's crying.

#4. A child learns to trust from their mother

From birth, a child learns to trust their mother. From this relationship, they learn to build trust with other people in their lives. That is why mothers must provide a positive example for their children.

#5. A mother is the best role model and teacher

It can establish a lot of trust with the child if mothers can do what they say. As a result, the mother-child bond is delicate. A child will be deeply affected if their mother betrays their confidence.

A mother teaches her child the values of love and care. She teaches her child how to eat well. A mother instils in her child the ability to be happy. A mother instils in her child the values and traditions of her family. A mother can be both loving and strict at the same time.

#6. What a mother can give no one can give

It may seem unusual, but it is true. A mother is like a force of nature. She can mould her child into anything she wants, whether he or she is ill-disciplined or well-disciplined. A healthy or unhealthy eater. A cheerful or pessimistic individual. The mother has the most impact on her child. When a child is born, they are like a blank slate waiting to be written by their mother.

#7. A mother can help build self-esteem

A child values his or her mother's approval. The child cares a lot about what his or her mother thinks and feels about them. A mother has the power to build or destroy a child's self-esteem.

Because a mother's role is so important in a child's life, this responsibility should be handled seriously.

#8. A mother is an inspiration

Every mother, whether she is a stay-at-home mom, a working mom, or both, puts in a lot of effort every day. The child will always observe and learn from what their mother is doing. To a child, a mother is like God. As a result, it is quite important for a mother to motivate and inspire her child.

#9. A mother provides security to a child

The security that a mother may bring to her child demonstrates the value of a mother in a child's life. When a child is afraid of the dark, they will hurry to their mother rather than their father. The child feels that their mother will protect them from all of life's "terrible things." Only by sleeping next to the mother for the rest of the night will they be able to rest assured that the monster would not devour them! Even during the day, a youngster likes to be in the company of his mother. The presence of a mother in the room provides a great deal of reassurance and comfort to a child. There is nothing more comforting for a child than a mother’s presence.

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The mother is the most essential figure of attachment in a child's life from the beginning.

A child's physical and emotional growth is dependent on their bond with their parents. When parents are absent or do not spend time with their children, their emotional development and behaviours suffer.

Depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, worthlessness, and even anger are some of the unpleasant sensations that a child may experience. Due to trust concerns, the absence of parents can also cause problems in social connections with others.

They may be unable to form meaningful connections because they lack adequate social skills, or they may become reliant on others who pay them any attention – positive or bad.

A woman's life is transformed when she becomes a mother. She faces a variety of hardships and surprises from the moment she becomes pregnant until she meets her child for the first time. This includes coming to terms with her role as a mother. A mother's attachment to her child is indisputably natural. A mother can have a significant impact on her child's growth and development, as well as play a variety of essential responsibilities in their lives.

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What are the benefits of a mother’s involvement in their child's early education?

A mother’s involvement helps to extend the teaching beyond the classroom. This creates a more positive learning experience for children and allows children to perform better in school. It also establishes their confidence and ability.

Mother as a mentor:

A mother is not only a child's first best friend but also a mentor who always encourages and helps her children to achieve all of their goals in life. An excellent mentor is someone who always teaches you the difference between right and wrong. A mentor not only encourages you but also holds you accountable when necessary. We can all perceive these characteristics in our mothers.

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Mother's love is the purest kind of love in the world, and a child's mother is God's greatest blessing. It is the responsibility of the child to recognize the mother's sacrifices and efforts because all she wants is for her child to succeed. We are blessed to have a mother in our lives, and we must honour and respect her. We should shower her with happiness and love because she deserves it for her unselfish devotion to us.

So this coming Mother’s Day on 8th May 2022, let’s do what we can to celebrate and appreciate our mothers. For me, I’m happy to offer complimentary coaching sessions to 3 mothers who are nominated today! Do head over to my social media channels on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn to share this post and tag someone today! Offer ends by 8th May 2022 2359hrs!

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Wishing all mothers out there Happy Mother’s Day! You are the best!


Coach Joe Chan

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