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HELLO? Are We Listening? She Wants to Know!

She really wants to know.

By Diana MorganPublished 2 years ago 4 min read
HELLO? Are We Listening? She Wants to Know!
Photo by Noah Buscher on Unsplash

Our earth mother is calling...

At first, it was a whisper. And now it is a wild wail, begging for a megaphone! We are meant to live in communion with her, as her protector, in reciprocation for our nourishment.

Gaia has called to me since 2011 - the year my “visions” appeared. In our initial connection, she allowed me to see beyond this realm, and showed me an image that has stuck with me every day since; it was the Great Divide. To the left side was grayness, smog, destruction, pain, suffering, mass chaos, loss of resources, the shrinking and dying of humanity and the planet. To the right side, I saw lush green landscapes, blue skies, the shining sun, brightly colored flowers and scenery. It felt vibrant, alive, and at peace.

I heard in my mind, clearly, authoritatively, “The Great Divide is coming. It is already here. To one side is Fear. On the other side is Love. People will be choosing. You will see the divide become more and more evident. The choice will become clearer and clearer.” There was urgency in Gaia's voice. I immediately felt her anxiety, her stress, her panic. And also her unyielding power and strength.

The following year was a whirlwind of painful experiences and ripping off of my life's bandaids. She didn't spare me at all. Yet, what I thought was me totally hitting bottom, eventually causing me to become depleted mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, was exactly the rebirth opportunity that I needed.

This led me to discovering my healing gifts. Saving myself and then using what I had learned to lead others into their own healing. This has been my heartfelt mission since the summer of 2013.

Crossing over into the new reality as a healer was sometimes a turbulent ride! With Gaia as my guide, I trusted in the signs and visions I received. She had me moving to different states, responding to ads, opening myself up to new (sometimes scary!) experiences, showing up at certain places, connecting with people, offering new ideas, and sharing myself in new ways.

Synchronicity has now become a way of life! Little winks, so that I know I'm on the path.

The time I was warned about is here. The unfolding has sped up, and her urgency is nagging.

Freeing ourselves from past traumas, beliefs, and experiences is necessary for moving forward in a productive way, and for making our dreams come true! Discovering what lights us up inside and choosing to live from our most sacred, creative gifts is the true key to happiness and all that we desire. We are here to speak our stories into life, to liberate ourselves from the burdens and chains that have kept us small and quiet. Our stories then take on a life of their own and bring more vitality to all who hear them with an open heart.

We are being called to rise and restore balance to the Earth. Mending the Divine Feminine will strengthen the path forward and heal many generations of ancestral pain and trauma. Womxn are working together now more than ever, and this co-creation energy is what Gaia says will truly heal the planet, her people, animals, and plants.

Starting where we are now is so important. A porch or windowsill garden. Fresh flowers. Herbs. Places for creatures to feel welcome and cozy! For us all to be more connected to the earth, to our food, to growing our own food, to becoming self-sustainable, to working together harmoniously... we must first genuinely connect to ourselves, and each other. We must find those of like-mind, consciously nurture those relationships, and be in constant curiosity around how our connections can expand.

Communities like this will be essential in the near future and for the new way we are creating! One focused on well-being and heart connection, where each person has their role and sense of belonging.

My own desire is the deep knowing that my many acres of land are out there waiting for me... I can see the rolling hills, tall trees, fresh flowing water, self-sustainable structures, all the ways that healing and growth will be brought to this land, and to all who walk and live upon it... This is the vision I hold within my heart, that feels stronger and stronger with each day that I wake up and say “YES!” to myself and to Gaia.

For we are the same.

I am the Gaia Wisdom Keeper, here to inspire and lead others who are called, into powerful co-creation, together writing the new story that we desire to behold.

Whether it's through writing, speaking, guided audio journeys, painting, digital art, singing/songwriting, dancing, or anything else I'm drawn to create, my focus and intention is the same – to elevate humans and guide them into oneness with themselves (THE TRUTH!), so that we can collectively heal Mother Earth and live in peace and harmony with her and each other.

The magic of nature is all around us, even in the tiniest of spaces... This is the same magic that flows within us and through us, and it has the ability to transform anything it touches!

Now, get quiet and open your heart... Look within more closely...

Can you hear her?


About the Creator

Diana Morgan

Author, Artist, Intuitive Energy Healer, Singer/Songwriter, Dancer, Gaia Wisdom Keeper, Magical Retreat Leader + Transformational Creator

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