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Fuji, Japan

Start to get excited about Mount Fuji

By Karen GillanahPublished 2 years ago 4 min read

As the largest volcano in Japan, Mount Fuji has successfully become one of the iconic business cards of Japan with its "superb beauty". Although it is a volcano, the top of Mount Fuji is covered with snow all year round, and from a distance, it looks like a dignified "Snow Queen".

In the hearts of Japanese people, Mount Fuji is an existence that they hate and love at the same time. Because if Mount Fuji erupts, it will be a "devastating" blow for Japan.

But the quiet Mount Fuji, but began to move, the expansion of magma, the increase in the number of fire spouts, is it a sign that Mount Fuji will erupt?

"Mt. Fuji, the "high mountain of Fuyuki

Mount Fuji is located in the south-central region of Japan, adjacent to the capital city of Tokyo, and is a "sacred mountain" in the hearts of the Japanese. There is an extremely beautiful ecological environment around Mount Fuji, with blue and quiet lakes at the foot of the mountain and many green trees surrounding it.

But the more beautiful places are often the most dangerous, Mount Fuji is the largest "active volcano" in Japan. As the highest mountain in Japan, Mount Fuji has a height of about 3,776.6 meters and covers an area of about 1,200 square kilometers, making it a huge active volcano.

Historically, Mt. Fuji has had many eruptions, and the eruption cycle is almost 300 years, with the last eruption in 1707, 300 years after the deadline. So for the Japanese, Mount Fuji is a volcano that will wake up at any time, and once it erupts, it will bring immeasurable devastation to Japan.

In history, Mt. Fuji has had two mega-eruptions, in 1050 BC and 930 AD. Both eruptions were VEI5, while the highest level of volcanic eruption in the world is VEI8.

Thus, Mt. Fuji is only a lion sleeping temporarily, and if it wakes up, it will show its "great power" to the world.

Mount Fuji is about to erupt?

With the arrival of the eruption cycle, Mount Fuji has gradually become active and seems to have a premonition of an imminent eruption. In the past year, many earthquakes have occurred around Mount Fuji, and these earthquakes represent the active movement of the earth's crust, which is also likely to make the magma more active.

As the crustal movement continues to generate, the size of the magma of Mount Fuji is indeed "expanding", and the number of craters has increased to more than 300. The news that Mt. Fuji is about to erupt is not nonsense.

First of all, Mount Fuji is located in an active geological tectonic plate area. Mt. Fuji is located in the center of three major plates with high geological activity, which are the Asia-Europe plate, the Philippine plate, and the Pacific plate. The geological region in which it is located inherently predestines Mount Fuji to be a volcano that can erupt at any time.

In addition, Mt. Fuji is also located near the Sagami Trench and the South China Sea Trench on the Japanese mainland, which makes it an extremely dangerous active volcano.

Second, the Tonga volcano eruption provided a precedent, and on January 14, a major eruption occurred near the Pacific Ocean and the Indo-Australian plate. Although most of the volcano is located in the sea, the eruption caused unpredictable damage to the surrounding countries and even the entire region.

The eruption was as powerful as thousands of missiles launched at the same time, and even the United States, across the ocean, heard the loud noise brought by the eruption. Not only did it cause a massive tsunami, but it also affected the operation of the entire world airflow system. So some people then speculated that the eruption of the volcano in Tonga would also affect Mount Fuji to some extent.

Finally, the 300-year cycle has arrived. As an active volcano, according to experience, Mount Fuji erupts once every 300 years.

As of 2022, 315 years have passed since the last eruption, long after the 300 years, and it is time for Mount Fuji to "wake up". So on this basis, it is very likely that Mount Fuji will have its eruption in the next few years.

The dangers of an eruption of Mount Fuji

Once the eruption of Mount Fuji, then the first to be hurt is Japan, Japan is likely to be triggered by the eruption of Mount Fuji on the national strength of the regression.

According to experts, if Mount Fuji erupts, the lava will spill into the residential areas at the foot of the mountain within 2 hours, and the residents will have to move for a chance to survive under the threat of the hot lava.

If the lava flows faster, the infrastructure around Mount Fuji will also be damaged, and a massive breakdown of the road system will bring part of Japan's transportation chain to a halt.

And let's not forget that Mount Fuji is only 95 kilometers away from Tokyo, the capital of Japan, on this basis, if Mount Fuji erupts, then Tokyo will also be affected to a great extent. The economic damage caused by the eruption would be incalculable.

The air quality in Japan will be seriously damaged by the ash spill. There is also a high probability that some electrical systems will be unable to withstand the weight of the ash and will stop working.

At that time, Japan's communication network is likely to be "paralyzed", and many buildings and facilities in Japan will be damaged to varying degrees during this period.

As an island nation surrounded by the coast, tsunamis, and earthquakes caused by volcanic eruptions can be devastating for Japan.

Japan's Mount Fuji future the possibility of eruption is still extremely large, In the face of such natural disasters, they can neither resist nor avoid it, can only do a good job before the eruption of the volcano, as far as possible to reduce the damage caused by the eruption.


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