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Earth's "twin brother"

In Search of a Second Home

By Karen GillanahPublished 2 years ago 5 min read

Even though there are many celestial bodies in the universe, there are only a few like Earth that can nurture life. The resources on Earth are limited, and it will one day reach the limit of the life it can carry. The search for a second home has become a special mission, not just for one person, but a challenge for all mankind.

For a long time, scientists have been trying to find extraterrestrial life, after unremitting efforts, they found the "twin brother" of the Earth, where there are 385 days in a year, and there are mountains and water, so similar to the place, does life exist?

Is there a planet suitable for human habitation?

Humans continue to explore the mysteries of space to solve more mysteries about the vast universe, but also for a more long-term plan. Through scientists' research and speculation, the age of the Earth is more than 4 billion years old, and it is a finite space with a limited carrying capacity.

The world's population is still in a long-term growth trend, and both space and energy are constantly being consumed, even though it still has a certain potential for development, it can not be consumed recklessly so the Earth is under endless pressure.

If you just keep on asking, you will eventually face the depletion of resources and no habitable place. To avoid such a thing, on the one hand, it is necessary to protect the earth and conserve resources, for our sake and the sake of thousands of generations of life on earth.

On the other hand, it is to seek planets that can be inhabited. Only two lines going hand in hand is the best way to go, if only one is taken care of, it all seems rather one-sided.

There are eight planets in our solar system. If the Earth is no longer habitable, where can humans move to? Is it Venus, the hottest planet in the solar system, or Mercury, which has no change of seasons? Neither, but a planet called Kepler 452B.

Through scientists' observations, a planet with a similar structure to Earth was found in the universe, which has a special natural environment and a suitable temperature, which surprised scientists.

Planet Kepler 452B

The planet is located about 1400 light-years from Earth, it is in a G-type star habitable zone, it is said to have similarities with the Earth, is so far the most similar to the Earth planet discovered by mankind, what exactly is similar to it?

Earth is the largest rocky planet in our solar system, and Kepler 452B is a rocky planet, which means it has the same rich topography as Earth, including highlands, mountains, plains, and canyons, making up a high and low, endless landscape.

On top of that, the average temperature on the surface of Kepler 452B is -8°C, but it is not a frozen planet, which suggests that liquid water is likely to exist here.

As the saying goes, water is the source of life, and if a human body does not take in any water for up to 3 days, it would be difficult to sustain life. Through the study of the gestation of life on Earth, scientists believe that liquid water becomes strong supporting evidence of the existence of extraterrestrial life, otherwise, it is impossible to reproduce life.

Another important point is that the rotation period of Kepler 452B is similar to that of the Earth, our year is 365 days, and it rotates for 385 days.

Kepler 452B can form an atmosphere, it is known that the atmosphere is significant for maintaining the surface environment, whether it is solar radiation, or the greenhouse effect, can play a corresponding role.

Does life exist in Kepler 452B?

Kepler 452B is more than a billion years older and larger than the Earth, and human expectations for this planet are full. Earth can nurture life, similarity as high as 98% of Kepler 452B whether there is also life?

Humans have been persistent and dedicated to the exploration of extraterrestrial life, but have not achieved a decisive breakthrough, so when Kepler 452B is discovered, whether there is life here will certainly be studied.

Although it is not easy for life to be born on Earth, the universe is not the only place where life can exist. According to the conditions for the survival of carbon-based life, Kepler 452B has such a basis, whether it is liquid water or atmosphere, there is no doubt that it has the necessary conditions for the existence of life.

Although Kepler 452B is older than Earth, it does not mean that it must have life earlier than Earth, and it may still be in the initial stages of life.

Although scientists do not yet have the technology to discover whether aliens are living there, which is limited by technology, perhaps it is only a matter of time, only continuous detection will get the answers we want.

With the innovation of science and technology, the sky eye and other radio telescope technology will go to the next level, the future may receive the response of extraterrestrial life, I wonder if humans find themselves not alone and will be afraid.

Is Kepler 452B suitable for migration?

The discovery of Kepler 452B certainly makes the idea of human migration like a light in the night, but now there are not a few problems in front of us.

One of the most realistic problems is the distance, the solar system is about two light-years away, and flying beyond the solar system is a leap of distance, from the Earth to 452B this distance, as long as 1400 light-years, but we are out of reach distance.

Second, if Kepler 452B has long existed life, or has a more intelligent civilization, whether they will accept humans. With these two questions alone, interstellar migration is like a pipe dream.


Humanity now needs to face the reality that there is no second Earth that can satisfy life so far and that protecting the Earth is an urgent matter, not a loud empty slogan. Whether it is alien research or the exploration of other planets, is based on advanced technology, otherwise, everything is an empty shell on paper.


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