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. The Story of Creatures Before Humans.

By SeanPublished 21 days ago 3 min read

Once upon a time, long before the time of the first humans, long before the first trees even grew on this earth. There lived a creature that breathed nitrogen.

These creatures were the inhabitants of the earth before humans. They were different from humans. When humans breathe in Oxygen they breathe in Nitrogen and for them oxsigen is like poisonous air for humans today.

Earth was not yet a blue planet as we know it today and Nitrogen then was like the position of oxygen today. Dominating. Earth was a nitrogen planet back then.

Slowly but surely, they began to carve out civilisations. From tribes to kingdoms to countries.

At that time there was an association between countries where one of the goals of the association was to maintain the security and peace of the world. But still friction between countries often occurs and war is inevitable.

It seems to have become a cycle. There are times of peace and times of war.

One day, a scientist at that time discovered the oxygen formula. The formula was able to create an oxygen bomb that had high destructive power and was very toxic because if inhaled it could be deadly.

Initially only one country created the oxygen bomb, but when all knew how devastating the effect was, all countries were competing to be able to create an oxygen bomb.

All countries are also competing to be able to create and have these powerful oxygen bombs.

The goals are various. Some want to be the strongest country, some want to make ownership of the oxygen bomb as a warning "don't mess with us" and some are said to be for scientific research alone. so that one of the strongest countries invites negotiations with the countries that own oxygen bombs to agree on a treaty pact on prohibiting the use of bombs whose effects are very terrible.

The oxygen bomb war was successfully prevented for a while. But after several decades passed, when many countries were able to make oxygen bombs, for various complex reasons war broke out. THE GREAT WORLD WAR.

Attacking each other with all the weapons possessed is inevitable. Initially still with ordinary weapons but because of the protracted situation, the oxygen bomb finally took its role to become an unforgiving destroyer.

Destroying anything kills anyone.

Destruction everywhere death everywhere

The effect of its catastrophic explosion is to cause the land to become very deep holes. And the most terrible thing is the oxygen radiation that spreads very quickly with a very large radius making all those who inhale become exposed to poisoning.

The end of the great war was the mass destruction of the inhabitants of the earth before the human era. The land became a giant abyss of abyss, the atmosphere formed with very high oxygen radiation.

And often millions of years passed. The giant holes left by the oxygen bombs were filled with an oxygen-rich liquid called water. Until the holes left by the devastating war turned into oceans.

Not only that. The radiation effect of oxygen bombs also makes the earth slowly filled with green creatures, characterised by leaves and stems that endlessly produce oxygen. Those are plants.

Slowly the arid earth becomes a green planet where trees grow everywhere. Water became the core of life and the earth was filled with oxygen. New creatures also sprung up or appeared to inhabit this planet.

At this time. There are no remnants of the past creatures that inhabited the Nitrogen-breathing earth. But the scars of destruction from their wars still remain on the face of the earth. They perished without a trace because of their own actions.

End of story.

We must take care of the earth we inhabit. Stop disputing differences in ethnicity, race, religion, choice of leaders, ideology, and so on. Because we are all humans who stand on the same earth, shelter under the same sky and breathe the same oxygen.

Humanise people other than you then you will become a real human being.


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