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Wonka: The film of 2023

A masterpiece of film for all ages

By Paige Published 2 months ago 4 min read

When I first heard of the Wonka film. I wasn't a huge fan of the idea. I have seen a few prequels to other stories that didn't do a character justice and the moves seemed like more of a cash grab than anything monumental. I wasn't sure what to think. I knew the story of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Although I had never seen the movies (Orginal or Tim Burton's adaption.) I still knew the story. Of course, no one fully knew Willy's origin story until this movie.

(Although there is the Alternate Universe in which Willy has a not-so-great relationship with his father in the Tim Burton film starring Johnny Depp.) Before I even saw a preview or trailer I had a preconceived notion that a Wonka movie would be just a quick little origin story.

However, I was very wrong. One of my friends saw the movie with a friend of hers and said it was super good. I wasn't convinced until we saw it together. (My friend has seen it four times in theatres and twice in theatres with me.)

When I first saw the movie. I fell in love with it. Like the original movie made in 1971. The movie is a musical with both songs from the 1971 movie and new songs. The movie takes place around the 1930s or 1940s.

When Willy is about twenty-one-twenty-two years of age. Willy is wide-eyed, hopeful, sensitive, and slightly naive about the world around him. He is determined to make something of himself despite all the hurdles in his way. This movie is great for those of all ages and there are plenty of homages to the original film if you pay close attention. If you watch the movie more than once. You'll see new things each time that you never noticed before.

The plot is original. The story is full of hope and while there are some sad scenes. One of the directors of the film worked on the movie adaptation of Paddington. A fact I wish I had known beforehand. As I have seen Paddington and enjoyed it. Wonka has a great story and isn't just made for money. It's a true prequel that tells the story well. It's a well-written story and there is true love for the character as a whole. While watching Wonka you wonder where the journey will take Willy and hope he can become successful in achieving his dream.

The director Paul King knew Charlie and the Chocolate Factory but wanted to create a story for Willy. He wanted to make something family-friendly and wanted to pay homage to the original movie. Paul was able to get approval from the Road Dahl estate and worked with the Roald Dahl company on making this film. Thankfully with this approval, Paul was able to make a proper origin story for Willy.

The movie is extremely well done, unlike the 1971 film where Gene Wilder's Wonka has to take a bite out of a wax cup. (It was never chocolate.)

The scenes where people ate chocolate in the Wonka film were actual chocolate provided by a chocolatier. (Where cast and crew could enjoy as much as they wanted between takes.) Paul King said he gained about fifty pounds while working on set. Whereas Timothee Chalamet who played Wonka only suffered stomach cramps from the chocolate.

Be aware that this movie is a musical if you aren't a fan of movie musicals this movie isn't for you. I think this movie is a great feel-good movie that will make you smile, laugh, and cry. The movie is easy to follow and isn't filled with filler or unimportant scenes.

People who weren't expecting it to be a musical fail to realize the original movie was also a musical. The new movie is a well-done prequel. (I watched both back to back and it was fun to see the similarities and differences. People also complained it didn't show Willy's Villain story. I believe there was no need to give Willy his villain story as in the original movie there is the mention of having his recipes stolen by the other chocolatiers. This causes Willy to become paranoid enough to fire almost all his oompa loompas for fear of more recipes being stolen.

This was also before Willy achieved his dreams and worked in his factory for the rest of his life.

This prequel shows us his hopes and dreams before he achieves them. Besides, by 1971 Willy would be forty-seven years old. Becoming successful was his dream which he achieves and becomes disheartened by it all. I love the prequel because Willy is kind, sensitive, and happy. Gene Wilder's Wonka has seen how harsh the world can be where young Willy hasn't yet. I love that he is full of hope.

I love how he wants to keep trying despite almost giving up a few times. He makes friends during his journey who he grows close to and wants to help. This movie I believe is just what we need with the current state of the world. This movie brings a smile to my face each time I watch it. If you haven't seen it yet. I highly suggest you do.


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