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These are the most annoying characters on Desperate Housewives

The classic TV show with questionable characters

By Adrianna Anastasiades Published 4 months ago Updated 4 months ago 5 min read
Desperate Housewives TV show

It's always good to re-watch an old series, especially when it feels like you are watching it again for the first time. The TV show Desperate Housewives was very popular in the 2000's, and I watched it as a kid, not really understanding what was going on. But now as an adult, you do catch on with what's going on and also have an opinion about everything.

After binge watching the series, I decided to share my opinion about some questionable characters on the show, that seem to be notoriously annoying. Of course, no hate to the real actors since they did such a great job of playing their roles to the point that people have opinions about their characters and their storylines. If you have not seen Desperate Housewives, there might be some spoilers ahead.

What is the series about?

The story focuses on the women who live on Wisteria Lane, where there are many mysteries and secrets to unravel. These women are housewives, and get together to help each other out, gossip, and go through their own crisis. Of course these women have husbands and neighbors who also play a big role, and there are a few characters that come and go.

Susan Mayer

When you watch the first season, you kind of get an idea that maybe this character is initially the main character of the show. But as the plot thickens and chaos unravels, you learn that she's the least favorite on the show.

Her lack of self esteem and desperate need of attention from men makes your eyes roll, as she is supposed to be seen as a damsel in distress, but is in fact a huge hypocrite that enjoys meddling in people's lives due to her selfish needs and insecurities. She has a problem letting go of past relationships, especially when she sees her ex partners healthily moving on and tries to sabotage them out of her own fear of being alone and forgotten about.

She also has trouble being a loyal friend, and is very self centered and hypocritical by complaining about others betraying her, but also doing the same thing and acting like a saint. Watching her storyline becomes predictable and unbearable, to the point that you hope that this character gets less screen time.

Tom Scavo

Tom Scavo is the husband of one of the housewives on the show, Lynette Scavo. In the first season, Tom seemed like a typical husband that was a workaholic, a provider for the family, and tried to make some effort in his relationship with his wife (but not his kids). However, as we dive deeper into the later seasons, his character seems to develop a Peter Pan Syndrome, and acts like a boy that doesn't want to grow up. He gets lost in which direction to take in his life and makes irrational decisions, expecting everyone to follow and revolve around him. His role as a father and husband diminishes, and he tries to get through his midlife crisis in the most annoying and selfish way possible.

Lynette Scavo

Lynette Scavo is one of the housewives on the show, and even though she is a strong character and has many attractive personal traits, she can also be annoying at times too. Her marriage with Tom Scavo is like being on a never-ending rollercoaster. Yes, every marriage can have its ups and downs, however, she has also shown a lot of selfishness within the marriage too, and instead of compromising on some things, she tries to control him and often goes behind his back to sabotage his happiness. She also shows a lot of jealously when her friends are successful and tends to act on her selfish impulses, and can be self centered at times too.

Zach Young

Zach Young was a very important character in the first season, due to the main plot being about the death of his mum and the mystery that lingers around it. It is clear that Zach suffered from some trauma and he is supposed to portray this, but as his character develops, it turns rather creepy and annoying to watch. Just as you're happy he's no longer in the show, he makes a brief appearance in season three, and comes with a rich, and obnoxious attitude, and hangs on to Gabby like a common cold that refuses to go.

Danielle Van De Kamp

Danielle is the daughter of one of the housewives, Bree Van De Kamp. Just like her father Rex who passed away in the first season, she too was spoilt, ungrateful, and always causing problems for her mother. She may sound like a typical teenager going through things, but some of the stunts that she pulled made me question how she had the audacity to do so. On top of that, she was a terrible friend and had no self awareness to grow up, unlike her brother Andrew, who was also a rotten character at first, but then matured and grew into an amazing character.

Who was the best character on the show?

All characters have their flaws, and while some were clearly more annoying than others, there were also good characters on the show. However, the character that I would crown as a winner would be Bree Van De Kamp. In the first and second season, she faced a lot of hardship in her marriage, family and love life. It was as if the universe came after her with force, and she had to tackle and battle most of the problems alone. Things do get better for her later on in the seasons, and she has always shown to be a loyal friend, as well as someone who is strong and independent. However, she too isn't perfect and her character has some flaws, especially with how her last marriage unraveled into chaos. But, somehow she always keeps herself composed and level-headed and that can be quite admirable.


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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran4 months ago

    I love both Bree and Lynette from the ones you've mentioned here. I also like Kathryn Mayfair, Edie Britt and Mike Delfino. I probably like several other characters too but I watched it 3 years back so my memory's a tad fuzzy. But one of the creepiest characters would he Paul Young, lol!

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