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The Process of Dyeing; Symbolism Within Shades.

Would a bat make it through the gates of heaven? What about a dove?

By Empty Poetry and VersePublished 3 months ago 10 min read

The Process of Dyeing; Symbolism Within Shades.

Written By; Akil K.

To dye is to give color, or perhaps shade in the case of white and black. Dyeing changes, the article imbues it with symbolic power and dissolves the fibers of conformity. Since that which has been dyed becomes individual from the mass produced. Living a new life entirely, dying to its original form, and likeness, appearing to be an entirely new fabric.

Yet in the case of a lab coat, the white penetrates deeper than the impression of a sterile clean environment. Could you imagine how strange an MD might look in a dyed lab coat, or even sinister if the shade happens to be black?

These two shades white and black are the most unique of all colors, as within their hue is the enormous depth of ideology. Let's come back to the doctor's lab coat. It is white not for practicality but for the subtle influence of what this article represents. The coat is synonymous with medical authority, modern medicine, and legitimacy.

Yet the doctor is white in more ways than that, even assuming that they are racially black. Most likely shaven face, and short hair, with an overall clean look. You wouldn't expect much out of character for this archetype. The lines that color is confined within are the borders formed by whiteness.

As a shade white in a Western context represents mastery of the natural world and the progression of humanity. White is professional, and social watching sports and keeping up with current events. Not only this but white is consumption, consumerism, capitalism, and colonialism. Even when it may not be the intention, this is often the portrayal of the symbolic shade.

White is standard, modern, and within the bounds of the usual. White is conformity, white is perpetuity white is plenty. White is what black is not. white is most importantly not black. Yet white must tame, control, and manipulate the organic black substance, as the harnessing of black substance powers modern Western society. as black symbolically represents the original, organic, primitive, and raw material.

Who is the black-coated doctor? and what is her dirty medicine? even when he is white, his hair is long, and his skin is marked and pierced. His fabrics are multi-colored and uniquely elaborate. This doctor's practice is the blueprint of the modern, yet is discredited and humiliated all while being stolen, and plagiarized. His office is not sterile, yet somehow far cleaner than a hospital, his medicine is simple, more effective, and does not kill. His way is black, and his gods are demonic. Appearing more apparition than human, their skin being incredibly dyed, they are the Shamen.

What is black besides natural, raw, and unruly? a powerful force needing to be tamed? an element needing focus? Black is vital, and wild as the soil and the night. Black is deep, and frightening as ocean surf cradling the moon's reflection. Black is creative, intuitive, and real, black is human. Black is not conformed, packaged, or willing to change or meet halfway. Black is an oak, with roots that rebel against development. Black is the opposite of white. Black is darkness, the underworld, hades, the pit, the place of the lesser gods, and the color of the mentally disturbed. Black is in poverty; white has made it to the pinnacle of success. Black is the artist, black is the start, black is the revolution, black is art.

The aforementioned views of black and white are speaking purely ideologically, although race certainly falls into the mass of associations. When we think of heaven, we are most likely going to manifest the color white, and maybe bits of gold to give the environment structure. The racial context is a product of the ideologies attached to shades.

White as a symbol and black as a symbol is the psychological intention of this odd race creation. The subconscious mind operates on symbols, colors, and other subtle communication. Allowing us to make sudden calibrations that affect our intrinsic existence with little to no thought. In other words, we are conditioned to link and correspond intersecting ideas based on subtle cues, that our conscious mind may indeed disagree with.

However, these aspects are cleverly hidden, as they present within a variety of situations as subtext. Functioning as deep programming, inserting directly into the backdoor of the psyche. This is possible, because of the extreme complexity of the human mind working in tandem with a bombardment of media as soon as the senses have developed. As the messaging is simply the substance of the time or zeitgeist it does not appear clearly as the propaganda it naturally is.

There was once a term used colloquially, Dark Content, as well as primitive. Both of these terms represent the same people, yet it is not a reference only to their color. But rather their way of life was considered to be dark, and rudimentary.

The dark opposes the light, as the dark lacks the consciousness of the light. The color associated with light is white, and the color associated with the dark is black. Within the dark is fear, desperation, danger, aggression, illness, and sin in general. Those who are in the dark are folks that one ought to avoid, not simply the literal dark, but have dark on their being. Darkness in the mind apposes love and light, love and light are assumed to be white.

Yet this could not be further from the truth, isn't there danger and wickedness in the day as well as night? Isn't there joy and love in both? Does the spider who finds a meal in the dark any sicker than the fly who finds one in the light? Yet by the association, each life that represents the night ought to be black as tar. Would a bat make it through the gates of heaven? What about a dove?

To Dye the flesh is to oppose modern society. Returning to the waves of the ancestors, and the dark continent. Soaking in the sulfuric lakes and enduring the process of dyeing. Die to the modern world as you know it and become a new, being reborn in your underworld flesh. You're ancestral likeness if you rather, let us be as we were when colonization found us. Being any less colonized is to say we have not served, or even that their Western way is now better in our eyes than our own. In fact, this may be the thought propagating in the minds of many captured souls. However, unable to decode these complex riddles because of endless distractions. How early are we subdued, and when does the hypnosis end?

In order to perceive proper depth, we need both eyes. One of the focused on the past, and the other fixed on our day to day. When we can walk in our ancient flesh while living a modern existence our decisions are aligned with our souls. Without this multi-dimensional understanding are path is informed by a fragmented view that can only lead us to further deceptions. Many sheepish humans wait for the system to give them the truth. Yet as it removes one sheet from your eyes, it is replaced by another. Causing perpetual disarray and the illusion of discovery. As well as the illusion of security, and the illusion of humanitarianism.

Old world gods are known today as demons, yet when these demons were praised, our earth was kept healthy and balanced. The term Pagan was given to people who dwelled in the land, as European Christians began living in cities. Even the concept of possession, once an act of spiritual devotion, is now thought of as a need for a specialized practitioner. And does no one remember the robbery of the Vatican, the lives digested by the holly institution?

Yet in our time, the organic has been traded for the lifeless, the creative for the null, and the vastness of the spiritual for a modern-day void. Black and white play a great deal in the culture of spirituality. Our spiritual ideologies are often taken extremely seriously and therefore may inform biases, subtle motivations, quiet actions, and subconscious desires.

Living in the West every day we encounter whiteness, as it is simply the status quo. A sometimes subtle force of mindless motion in a comfortable direction, that pleases the ego and the watching eyes of your peers. The safety of normality cannot be overlooked, as we all desire acceptance, and need it for an ego-syntonic, overall stable life.

What is the value of social media posts, when the trends in lifestyle are the focus of the generation? Consumerism as the focal point of modern life is the true engine of global decay. In other words, the shouts for revolution are wasted as the ones powering the machine are the ones making the cries for it to stop. It is the lifestyle and modern cultural values of Western society that propagates poverty and gives sovereignty to an unfair monopoly on wealth.

The decay of the world is your party culture, the decay of the world is your holidayism, the decay of the world is your Amazon delivery, and the decay of the world is the newest trend.

It should come as no surprise that the 1st world is built on the charred backs of the 3rd world blacks. Yet we smile at each other and say fair trade, ethically harvested as if we have any idea what is fair and ethical. If you believe there is a real intention to restore the colonized devastated regions of the world, you really ought to get a clue.

You are probably wondering, "If our breath and enjoyment of life within our modern system fuels the fire of the global melting pot, then what are we to do?" " After all, how can we stop the ghost train into oblivion without sacrificing the joy of our existence?" What selfishness, Monday we are freedom fighters, and on Friday we fuel the empire. Unwilling to sacrifice anything, but texts and long-winded breaths. The Western Revolution might as well exist in the metaverse.

The answer to this complex question, put simply, is that you must die. As we must die to the world of consumerism, to return to the supple, intrinsic, bliss, of the underworld. Die to the modern capitalist view, die to the norm, die to the internalized chains. Die to expectations and become embodied.

The process of dying is to shed the colonized self, that mask worn so consistently it is now fused to the face. Under layers of identity, and deeply woven programming we begin to peel back the layers. Embracing the ideology of black, or rather nonconformity. Through being exactly who we are, our ancestors will naturally possess our flesh, giving the appearance that they never left. This alone will regress time and space, as through our collective vision our realm is crafted.

We must survive, and beyond that we deserve to thrive, to be our greatest version. Succeed in your truest form, speak without succumbed lips, we don't need to be conformist, win while embodying the ancient warrior spirit. Conquer modernism, with the heart of a Shaman.

Releasing the world of the living, in the dark depths rediscover the heart of your humanity. Through the transformation of our flesh, we are rejuvenated by the ink and a newfound link with our continuous multi-dimensional self. The process of Dyeing once begun continues to develop throughout life until it finally has tea with death.


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