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Schitt’s Creek: Where Eccentricity Blooms


By Jennifer Vasallo Published 9 months ago 1 min read
Schitt’s Creek: Where Eccentricity Blooms
Photo by Beth Desrosiers on Unsplash

Schitt's Creek: a riches-to-rags tale that is hilariously absurd. From “Ew, David's” antics, “A little bit” Alexis’ escapades, Moira’s feuding wigs, and Johnny’s wacky unsolicited advise, the Roses find their way in a town where eccentricity is the currency. Soak it all in as the Roses bloom in unexpected soil.

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Jennifer Vasallo

Educator by day, writer by night. Millennial. Lover of literature, films, taking pictures, surrealist art, cafecito, cultura, travel, making memories, and my familia. Join me on this wild ride we call life from my perspective🖖🏼

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  • Scott Christenson9 months ago

    Good summary. I couldn't really get into Schitt’s Creek, but sounds like it was just supposed to be absurd.

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