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My S60 Volvo Hybrid Sedan

My S60 Volvo Hybrid Sedan is ready for the road

By Lynne BlackPublished 7 months ago 3 min read

My S60 Volvo Hybrid Sedan is ready for the road. Since my lease was coming to an end with my Lexus UX 250; I have been on the lookout for my next vehicle. Well, the wait is over! I picked up my car at the end of October.

My S60 Volvo Hybrid Sedan

Because I have been driving a Hybrid for the last few years; I loved the mileage I was able to get on a full tank.

When I stepped into the Volvo dealership; I initially was planning to look at the small SUVs. However, after the General Manager recommended the S60 vehicle to me: I immediately loved this vehicle.

Because I have leased and owned luxury vehicles for more than half my life; I was concerned that this dealership didn’t offer pick-up and drop-off service. Upon discussing this with Emilio; he assured me he would have my vehicle picked-up and dropped-off.

So, the true test came when I took the car for a quick drive.

Once, I started driving the car; I was ready to negotiate.

Luxury Sports Sedan

So, the last time I was car shopping was before the pandemic. Check out my Automotive Car Journey – August 2019 post to learn about my last vehicle.

Though my last few cars have been small SUVs, this luxury sports sedan has all the bells and whistles.

Since this car is a mild hybrid; this definitely captured my attention.

So, I don’t have to plug in the vehicle. This vehicle has several other features such as:

Better acceleration with start and stop technology, which is specifically made for this vehicle

Comfortable front seats

Fewer exhaust fumes which are obviously better for the environment

Regenerative braking system which saves gas by using energy from the brakes.

Digital service plan included for up to 4 years.

In addition, all Volvo Mild Hybrids come with a 13-horsepower integrated starter generator instead of a standard alternator and starter, making starting and stopping the vehicle seamlessly.

S60 – The Car Journey Begins

Since I’m terrible with technology, this new vehicle has been a little harder for me to learn than prior vehicles.

When I took delivery, I first sat with someone who was only at the dealership for a month. However, after reaching out to the General Manager, Emilio Locilento; he was able to schedule an appointment for me to learn more about my vehicle.

Upon entering the dealership, Michael Mancini heard my conversation with another salesperson and was able to spend time with me. Not only did he go over every feature in the vehicle, but he also found me the Owner’s Manual which was in my trunk. So, now that I have the Owner’s Manual; I’m able to look up anything that I may not know.

At the same time, the experience I have had with Michael since I bought this vehicle has surpassed my expectations.

Stylish, efficient, and safety features; my S60 Volvo checks all of my boxes.

My S60 Volvo Hybrid Sedan is Full of Technology

So, this vehicle has a lot of technology features. Since Google Apps and services are built into the 2023 S60; this definitely will take me a little bit of time to learn all the features.

In addition, the technology which includes navigation, downloading, and voice assistance are included for up to four years. However, since I typically lease my vehicles; my S60 Volvo Hybrid Sedan is for a term of 3 years.

My S60 Volvo Hybrid Update

Since I leased my Volvo; I have run into a fw glitches. First, Michael Mancini; is no longer with the dealership.

Furthermore, phoning to have my vehicle picked up has been an uncomfortable experience. Although, I was assured by Emilio Locilento, the General Manager my vehicle would receive concierge service; that hasn’t been the case. So, if you are used to a luxury vehicle; I recommend you don’t buy or lease this vehicle.

In summary, I have now reached out to the Volvo Corporate Office and I hope I’m able to return my S60 early.

As always, I welcome your comments on my S60 Volvo Hybrid. Are you familiar with this vehicle?


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