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Love Lettering Book Review

Recently, I received Love Lettering from She Speaks.

By Lynne BlackPublished 7 months ago 1 min read

Recently, I received Love Lettering from She Speaks. Upon receiving this book, I was excited to find a quiet place to sit down and read this romantic novel.

Love Lettering

So, this story begins in a stationary store. In this story, Meg is in demand as a letter expert and her skills range from signage to programs. When she designed a wedding invitation for Avery and Reid’s wedding; she put in a secret message, as she believes in signs.

Although she saw the signs in their relationship; she didn’t think anyone else would. Moreover, this entire story centers around Meg’s point of view.

Fast forward, a year later; Reid enters the shop and asks her how she knew the marriage wasn’t going to work. Consequently, Reid is a mathematician and he is really curious to how Meg saw the signs that the relationship was doomed.

Well, there begins the story. As Meg and Reid begin a friendship; they both try to ignore the connection growing between them.

Love Lettering Book Review

When I first started reading the first few pages, it took me a while to understand that there were a lot of references to letters and artistry; however after the first chapter, I quickly became immersed in the story.

In fact, this story’s characters are well developed. Meanwhile, Meg develops in her journey in her own business. Reid comes across awkward and shy. However, hidden underneath – is a quirky personality looking to shine.

For anyone who enjoys a nice love story; you will thoroughly enjoy this heartwarming book that’s signs are impossible to ignore.

Love Lettering Book Review 2020

Although the first chapter was touch and go for me; I was happy I hung in there.

In summary, Meg and Reid are as different as night and day; yet also have a lot of similarities. Love Lettering is a beautiful story and one I highly recommend reading. You won’t be disappointed; as I’m sure you will be moved by this story.

For another great read, be sure to check out my Cortship Book Launch post that was a story I finished in memory of my Sister, Edie.

As always, I welcome your comments on Love Lettering.


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