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By Mark GrahamPublished 3 months ago • 1 min read
crayon marks (

We all have various feelings about ourselves, but this critique is to describe some very basic ones as in the feelings of joy, charity, happiness, and faith. As the crayon leaves its marks we all leave our own. In joy we can feel what...

J is for joining in,

O is for the opportunity to join others,

Y is for only you to feel what you feel.


C is for caring,

H is for really hearing what is said and shown,

A is for allowances made,

R is for realizing what is really important to you and others,

I is for showing interest,

T is allowing time to listen and learn,

Y is again for you to do.


H is for how we show what,

A is for allowing things to happen,

P is for the patience that one needs,

P is for the people that are around us,

I is for the initiative we need to show,

N is for the niceties we tend to share or not,

E is for edification of what we do to understand,

S is for satisfaction that one feels,

S is for safety we feel to show our feelings.


F is for the fortitude we all need day to day,

A is for the allegiance we share and show to each other,

I is for the interest we show and share,

T is for the tasks that one may do,

H is for the happiness that we feel when we are able to help each other one way or another.

As in the image of the crayon leaving its mark or marks these four feelings will lead the way in our thinking in many ways.

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Mark Graham

I am a person who really likes to read and write and to share what I learned. Also, I'm a person who likes to learn who has gone to college and graduate school and received my degrees and advanced degrees from education to nursing &clerical

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