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Don Quixote's Quandry

Paradoxes of idealism and quaintness

By Emery St. WaynePublished 10 months ago 1 min read
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"Don Quixote," an enduring masterpiece, revels in Quixote's delusions while exploring human resilience. Yet, its sprawling narrative occasionally meanders, tangling in subplots. Its chivalric fervor's charming, but repetitive escapades are tiring. A Salvidore Dali-esque critique on idealism and reality, yet a refined pallet could sharpen its impact, battling with precision.


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Emery St. Wayne

I write for freedom and creativity, to escape our world for something radically different. Why experience something that is expected, when the unexpected is so surreal.

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Comments (1)

  • Novel Allen10 months ago

    Eloquent and interesting dive into a delusional and questionable work of art. Will one find the answers?

Emery St. WayneWritten by Emery St. Wayne

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