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Zoey Isn't Real

A Guide To Spotting Internet Dating Scammers

By Buddy James FazzioPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

Ever swiped right on a Zoey? Well, buckle up, because we’re about to burst your bubble! In the whimsical world of online dating, encountering a profile named Zoey is as common as finding a cat video on the internet. Whether it’s Zoey, Zoe, Zoi, or Zo-eeey, spoiler alert: they aren’t real! Here’s a comically candid guide to spotting those sneaky internet dating scammers.

1. **The Zoey Overflow**

Zoey here, Zoey there, Zoey everywhere! It’s raining Zoeys in the virtual dating world, and guess what? They’re probably as real as unicorns! If you know a Zoey in real life, once you log into a dating site, she’s likely been abducted by aliens because online, Zoeys are mythical creatures!

2. **Beware of the Exotic**

If you thought Zoey was the only suspicious name, meet her sisters, Brooke and Taylor! These names are like the siren songs of the online dating sea – enchanting but most likely leading you to a shipwreck. The more exotic it sounds, the faster you should swim away!

3. **Picture-Perfect Scam**

If Zoey’s profile picture looks like it’s straight out of a magazine or she’s posing next to the Eiffel Tower, raise an eyebrow! Even if she’s in a photo with you, pinch yourself, you’re probably dreaming! Zoey, is that you or a mirage?

4. **Dear Sweet Lovey-Dovey**

When the conversation starts with “Dear,” “Love,” or “Sweetheart,” brace yourself! You’re probably chatting with a dude named Bob in a cyber café on another continent. And remember, no matter how sweet the talk, Zoey is still a figment of the online imagination!

5. **Show Me the Money!**

If Zoey starts serenading you with tales of distress and requests for money, hold onto your piggy bank! Video chat or not, Zoey might just be a master of disguise! Rule of thumb: Don’t let your hard-earned cash go on a blind date!

6. **Real-Life Caution**

Now, let’s step out of the virtual world for a moment. Meeting someone in real life isn’t a guaranteed safe zone either. Some real women, not named Zoey obviously, have mastered the art of the scam. They’ll flutter their eyelashes, share sob stories, and before you know it, you’re funding their shopping sprees! This will not endear you to her. Once the questions start rolling in, she’ll be out the door faster than you can say “scam!” Remember, a genuine connection is built on trust and transparency, not on your bank statement!

**A Rolodex of Scams**

Lastly, let’s not forget the classics! From catfishing to the good ol’ Nigerian prince, scammers are as creative as a toddler with a crayon. Stay sharp, do a little detective work, and always remember, Zoey is as real as a three-dollar bill!

**Apologies to the Real Deal**

To the genuine Zoeys out there, my apologies! No Zoeys were harmed in the making of this article. It’s all in good fun, aiming to keep folks safe from the shenanigans of the online dating circus!

In conclusion, while the internet is a treasure trove of potential matches, it’s also a breeding ground for scammers wearing a Zoey mask. Keep your wits about you, laugh in the face of deceit, and always, always remember – Zoey? Nah, she isn’t real!

Navigating the dating world, both online and offline, requires a blend of humor, caution, and a dash of skepticism. Whether you’re chatting with a Zoey or meeting a non-Zoey in real life, keep your eyes wide open and your wallet closed until trust is established. After all, in the quest for love, it’s better to be safe than sorry, and it’s always good to have a laugh along the way!

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  • Alex H Mittelman 2 months ago

    Great work! Gazoogabloga great! Fantastically wonderful! Good job!

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