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You were never mine

You will learn to love me

By RabiPublished 2 months ago 28 min read

Note: This is an ff that contains Mafia, Kidnapping, Murder, Suicide, and ANGST. You have been Warned.

* * *

The rain was pouring cats and dogs. The raindrop hitting the ground in a rhythm. The wind with the rain was cold and made shivers crawl on the bodies who walked to their destination even in this weather.

The cemetery was silent as always. Who would come here except a few who lost their loved ones once. In all this, a man sat there on the ground with his one knee bent and eyes casted toward the carve in front of him. As he patted the tomb and smiled a little.

No rain drops touched his body even though he had been sitting there in the same position for the last 45 minutes. It was because his two men stood there with the umbrella casted upon him to not to let his ironed black tux wet by rain. His hair was combed back as it exposed his forehead.

The small banquet of roses was placed beside the grave as he sighed and closed his eyes. Looking up he gazed around the graveyard. His men stood in all the corners of the graveyard, ready to give or take. Guns and hidden armor tucked under their black suits safely. He sighed again and looked at the grave again.

"It's been 6 years. Do you miss me Taehyung-ssi?" He let out and chuckled when his eyes flickered toward the grave next to the one he was sitting in front of.

"Why would you? Your lover is right beside you" he chuckled. Tears sprinted to his eyes as he clicked his tongue in annoyance. His monthly visit here, to this particular grave never ceased from the last 6 years. Eyeing the other gave beside this one, he shook his head. "You won At last…. You won" he chuckled as he read the tombstone of both of the graves.

"Jeon Taehyung


A true lover and

A beautiful mate.

A perfect husband

And a perfect dad.

May he rest in peace"

He gulped the lump in his throat and read the tombstone of the grave next to it. Every time he read those few lines, he felt it was new to him. Every time, the pang in his chest felt unbearable. Despite being 6 years, those memories were fresh in his mind as he was haunted at night.

"Jeon Jungkook


A perfect mate

And a strong husband

A beautiful person

Who loved his husband

Taehyung dearly"

Seokjin rolled his eyes and scoffed. It was his reaction each time he read those lines. He was the one who asked the grave man to prepare the tombstones with these lines on them. But he himself was not ready to face the facts even after 6 years.

* * *

The morning was bright as usual. The whole Seoul was busy engulfing the people in and making them busy. In the Rich area of Seoul, there was a valley.

Maids and Chaffers were running around, preparing a bath and clothes for the Master, chefs were preparing the planned breakfast as each corner of the small valley was guarded by a heavy Army. An Army which the Master created, owned and used. A group of beasts or monsters who didn't hesitate to either give or take lives.

The young handsome man climbed down the stairs, in his maroon bathrobe, hair still wet from the bath he took. His steps were calculated and form built. Eyes cold and gaze sharp. His face felt like it was manufactured by God in leisure. Many drooled over him not minding the gender.

Except one.


Except one, all wanted him.

Except one, all admired him.

Except one, all accepted him.

Except one, all feared him.

But he didn't.

"Has he eaten anything yet?" Master asked, referring to someone who maids knew not to put a glance on.

"No master, like always, he refused" Maid, older than him replied respectfully. Her gaze down, with her head high. A sigh escaped from the Master's lips. "Prepare something light for him. I will take it to him." Master said and dived in his own breakfast.

"There is something more Master" The same old maid said. He hummed in response, a sign for her to continue. "He had not eaten his dinner as well. When you left at night, he thrashed around a lot and threw things here and there. His feet got injured, he tried to cut his wrist as well"

She finished and stood silently. "Did you call the doctor?" He asked. "Not yet Master, we were waiting for your ord-" but she got cut off by a yell and a slam of his fist. "What the hell? He might have bled to death you Morons!!" He yelled. "Call the doctor right now!!" he yelled again at his minions who screwed away, knowing better than to anger their Master.

Door slammed open and he checked in the room frequently. Looking around. But frowned when he found no one was there. The bathroom door opened and the exit door of this room was locked from outside. The whole bedroom was a mess. Once beautiful silky smooth bed sheets were torn away, all the glass showpieces and crafts were broken and little pieces of them churned under his shoes.

The curtains were torn apart as the whole bedroom was looking like a war happened here.

Master gritted his teeth and turned around. "Where is he?" He asked. Maids and guards stood there with fear in their eyes and eyes filled with shock and surprise. They guarded this room 24/7. Where did the young boy go?

" master… he was here last n-night" the guard voiced out and got a slap in return. "He was…. He was!!! Where is he now?" He roared.

"Master Seokjin!! One of the kitchen staff is missing. We checked CCTV, he was dressed in chef's clothing and that boy escaped with him" The newcomer said. His eyes were not filled with fear or quick. Instead he was calmer than others.

"And where were you at that time? One night!! Only one night I was not here and he escaped right under your nose.. How??" Master named Seokjin roared.

"Who is that other chef? Who hired him? Get their location. Where are they right now? I want this all in the next hour… in my office, on my desk!!!" Seokjin roared and got out of the room.

* * *

Anxiety and fear crawled upon his body as he hugged his 3 months old baby and leaned into his husband. It was nearly dawn and the motel they stayed at was not a luxury one, just a basic one to spend a few days in. He was not able to sleep even for a second. Fearing. Yes… He was afraid that someone would come. Someone who had become his horror. Someone who had become a monster and had caused destruction all over.

He thinks… What if he never replaced his father as a head chef and stayed in his house? But no… He was always excited to be a chef. The taste was in his hands as he played with them. His father, the head chef in the Kim household, fell ill. He immediately offered his service and replaced his own father as head chef for a time.

Everything was going smoothly. He had a good time in the Kim household. The Maids and staff were good as they welcomed him with warm smiles. It was all going good, he talked to his husband who was away for work, daily. He took care of their 3 months old daughter.

Everything was peaceful. Until…

Until that Young Master, Master Seokjin made his way to Taehyung. He arched his brow when he first saw Taehyung and inquired as to who he was. Taehyung always felt a gaze on him which was nothing warm. Instead it was filled with unspoken desires and lust.

Still, everything was going good until…

Until Seokjin made his first move. Flirting with Taehyung, luring him to spend time with him. Unnecessarily calling him in his bedroom. And when Taehyung refused and told Seokjin that he was married and had a child as well. The man went feral.

No one… No one… Even married people had refused him. And there this boy was. Not only refusing him but also being taken by someone else, already. Seokjin couldn't bear the thought of Taehyung being someone else. How could he bear that the boy he wants is already claimed and married? No… Seokjin wants him and will have him.

And that's when the hell started missing itself in his life.

He was taken away from his home, his father killed. His daughter was taken away from him. He lost his contact with his husband as well. He begged seokjin to give him his daughter back but his only condition was to spend a night with him. "Spend a night with me and you are free" but he lost himself and slapped Seokjin hard.

And that's how, he was locked up in a room. With the condition of marrying Seokjin. No more exceptions. He didn't see his daughter for 2 weeks. He didn't talk to his husband for 2 weeks. He was desperate to get out. To go to his husband and carry his daughter then going deep in slumber.

He thrashed around, tried to run away but to no avail. He was caught and put in that luxury bedroom again and again.

It was until… he saw someone entering his room with his trolly of breakfast. It was usual. But when that person pulled down his mask and unveiled the trolley from down, Taehyung couldn't contain his happiness. His husband was there… With his daughter safe and sound, tucked in blankets, placed under the trolley. He also hid under it and his husband daily carried them.out.

And now, they were hiding. Hiding from Seokjin. His husband told him that he was worried when he couldn't contact him. And came back as soon as his work ended and after coming here, he came to know that his husband was taken by Seokjin. And he knew how much of a sick bastard Seokjin is.

His husband tried to get help from Police but Seokjin had them in his palm. After planning and thinking, he came up with this idea and took his husband and daughter out of that Wolf's claws.

"What are you thinking sweetheart?" He smiled when he heard his husband's soothing, deep and husky morning voice. "Nothing… Just afraid" he replied. Turning around, both were facing each other.

"Don't worry Taehyung… I have booked the tickets to L.A. We have our flight today evening. Let's hope everything gets to the track till then" He said. Taehyung, the prey of Seokjin, nodded.

"How is my angel doing?" Jungkook asked as he peaked in the blankets and saw his daughter of 3 months sleeping without any care of the world. Taehyung smiled and leaned down, kissing his daughter's forehead. He couldn't relax. Worry and fear with tension laced him as he sighed deeply.

"Let's have breakfast, then we can take a few things from any small shop for Yoona, we will fly to L.A tonight." Jungkook said and Taehyung bit his lower lip. "I am scared," he whispered. Jungkook sighed and hugged his husband who broke down in tears as soon as jungkook hugged him.

"Shh… My angel… My fairy. You are so strong. Just a little more and we will be away from this mess. Don't worry, I am here. I will always be here." Jungkook said. Taehyung sighed in content and smiled softly.

"Let's get up now. Buy a few things for our doll and leave. Yeah?" Jungkook said, tae nodded and they both stood up. Even though he was scared and horrified at the fact that Seokjin might have found him and come here, he was relaxed and content that his husband was here with their flower-like daughter.

He went into the bathroom and washed his face, splashing water repeatedly, he looked at himself in the mirror. The eye bags under his eyes were not looking good, however he wiped his face and opened the door to go na k to the room but what he saw in front of him, he wished he would never see.

His husband was grunting in pain, being forcefully knelt on the ground, Taehyung gasped, seeing Kim Seokjin sitting on the worn out bed and playing with his daughter.

He stared with wide eyes at his husband, his eyes flickering between seokjin and jungkook and then his daughter. "Shat the fuck you want Seokjin? Why don't you leave us alone?" Taehyung yelled as he came forward and pushed seokjin away with a force, shocking everyone in the room, even himself.

Taehyung backed away, hugging his daughter to his chest, he cowered in a corner,seeing Seokjin's fierce eyes. "I offered you money, I offered you luxury… Luxury which your husband can't provide you. I can give you a whole ass palace in a blink of your eye Taehyung, only one sign of eye and everything will be in your feet on a gold plate… But still! Still you choose him!!! Why??" Seokjin roared as he stepped forward Taehyung who gulped down his tears and lump in his throat.

"Because, he gives me love which you can't. Because he gives me comfort which you can't. You can't buy me Seokjin. I am not a money whore!!!" Taehyung yelled and shrieked, and his daughter was snatched away from his arms. Seokjin gave his crying daughter to one of his men who turned around and went out.

"What are you doing!!! Leave them alone you bas-''Jungkook yelled but Alas, he lost his consciousness. A ringing voice echoed in his ear and Jungkook was blacked out.

"Kookie!!!" Taehyung cried and tried to go to him but Seokjin swirled his arm around his waist. "Relax there baby, he has to live to watch us getting wed" Seokjin said, a cruel smile on his lips as he nodded to his men who took Jungkook's passed out body away.

"Seokjin… Please… I… I don't love you… I-" but Taehyung was cut off by a finger on his lips. "Shh… You will learn to love me once you become mine, ''Seokjin said and bent down, eye leveling Taehyung who sobbed harder when his chin was lifted up.

"Sooner you accept, better it will be," Seokjin said and pecked Tae's forehead, who scrunched his nose at him and cried while getting dragged by seokjin.

* * *

"Stop crying for fuck sake!!!" Seokjin growled at the male sitting in front of the mirror, all dolled up with the luxury silk suit on his body. Jewels in his ear, fingers and neck in the shape of jewelry.

Taehyung shut himself but still soft little sniffs escaped from his lips. "Bring my daughter to me… Seokjin p..please… Once… Let me see her… At least on….once" Taehyung begged. As soon as seokjin took him from that motel in the morning, he took them to the marriage hall, where his marriage was gonna take place. Taehyung had been begging him to let him see his daughter, leave his husband… but all his wailing got deaf ears.

"Bring her in '' Seokjin said, a soft sigh leaving his lips, seeing Tae's eyes shining, a sob leaving his lips as soon as he saw his 3 months old daughter. Being dressed as a fairy. But before Taehyung could take her from the maid, Seokjin carried him.

"Listen here Taehyung, you are gonna be Kim from Jeon. She will be Kim as well. If you do any stupid thing including telling her who her father is. I don't want this angel to face the consequences, yeah?. Am I understood?" Seokjin growled. Taehyung nodded and extended his hands. Seokjin placed his daughter in his arms and Taehyung hugged her tightly to his chest.

They all were escorted back, Tae's cries and begging to Seokjin to let Jungkook go and leave him alone, went deaf ears. Jungkook was forced to be away from Taehyung, getting pushed into a different car then Seokjin and Taehyung.

"Seokjin please-" but Taehyung was abruptly cut off by seokjin's one glare, tears ran down from his eyes like a waterfall, shushing his daughter and hugging her close to his chest, he sobbed silently.

* * *

His eyes were bloodshot and void of any emotions. They were empty just as his soul was right now. Staring in the mirror, at his reflection. He had to admit that he looked beautiful, pretty and quite a mouthwatering piece. A perfect trophy for his soon to be husband.

"Sign these papers Taehyung! Don't make me do what you are gonna regret for the rest of your life!" Seokjin had yelled at him to sign the divorce paper and he had no choice other then signing them or lose his daughter.

Taehyung sighed, his daughter was once again taken away from him. A warning for him to do anything stupid and she will lose the light of life. So he did not object when a silk suit was presented to him and asked to be worn by him. He didn't object when makeup artists applied light makeup on his already beautiful features.

This beauty…

The beauty he admired…

The beauty which always got praised by his husband…

Damn this beauty.

A lone tear escaped from his eyes. This beauty of him had caught the unnecessary attention. The attention which was not from his husband, which was from someone else. And the attention from the wrong one always causes trouble.

Door creaked open and entered the man he learnt to despite the most in these past weeks. Seokjin was wearing black letux, smiling slightly at Taehyung, he dismissed all the maids.

"You look beautiful" Seokjin complimented him. He turned his face to the side when seokjin's fingers touched his cheek. Seokjin smirked at that. "You are disgusted by my touch?" Seokjin asked, turning Tae's face toward the mirror, grabbing his jaw tightly and staring in his eyes sharply via the mirror. Taehyung stared back fiercely.

"You will be moaning my name once you will be mine… You will learn to love me…" Seokjin seethed at Taehyung and let go of him. "Don't do anything stupid" seokjin said in a warning tone and exited. The hatred grew more in his heart as he tried to get his calm breathing back.

* * *

"Let go of me you bastards!" Jungkook roared and thrashed around, squirming around, trying his best to unlock the handcuffs. He couldn't, he wasn't trained like these bulky men. He didn't take defense classes.

The wedding will be held on the top floor of the building where he was kept in a basement. He trained at the burning pain in his wrist when he tried to take the handcuffs off in the way we take bangles off. His hand's skin was scraped and at last he was able to do it.

Immediately getting up on his feet, he scrambled to the door and tried to open it, fortunately it was already open and unlocked. "Are they stupid or what?" Jungkook thought as slowly peeked his head out. No one was in the corridor as he looked here and there. It was Eric's silence.

Adrenaline rushed through him as he took cautious steps ahead. He was so seeing as Seokjin really thought him a weakling that he didn't put the guards on him? Sighing to himself, he peeked out in the hallway, leading upstairs. There he saw only one guard which was busy on his phone, unknown to the man staring at him from his left.

Jungkook took silent steps towards him and in a blink, banged his head to the stair railing. Guard did not have the chance to even grunt or let out a whimper as he fell unconscious. "No wonders, what Love makes us do," Jungkook said and shook his head. Going upstairs, he was met with nothing but an empty hallway once again.

Still taking various steps, he made his way to his left hallway. It was a spacious space, he doubted if it was a palace or not. The hallways were decorated with beautiful luxurious, white furniture. Big paintings hung on walls as the golden chandeliers decorated the roof.

But one thing caught his attention. All those paintings were of Jesus. No one else. The walls also have a holy cross and the thought didn't take more than 2 seconds to sink in. He was in a church, he was kept in the basement of a church, it meant only one thing that…

Seokjin was here and in church means he was not here to pray,he was here to… oh God.

"My tae" jungkook mumbled as he ran here and there in spacious hallways. Trying to find the couple or at least any clue which could lead him to meet the love of his life. His fairy, his husband.

Unknowingly, the hallway door, which just opened, led him directly in the wedding which was taking place at the moment. His eyes blew wide as he took in the sight in front of him. Seokjin and Taehyung stood there on the altar and Taehyung was crying, sniffing softly from time to time. One guard held his daughter standing at the corner of the altar.

All the eyes turned to him.instead of the couple as he ran toward the main couple."Taehyung!" he yelled as Taehyung gasped. With the last thrusts of his power, he pushed Seokjin away and ran to Jungkook.

Jungkook opened his arms and before anyone could do anything, both the males hugged each other. Jungkook, calming himself by sniffing Taehyung's hair. The smell was luxury and obviously, it will be luxury, he was kidnapped by the richest mafia boss.

"Koo~ you alright? They didn't...h...hurt you… Right?" Taehyung stuttered as tears streamed down his face. Jungkook broke the hug and kissed his forehead. Mumbling nothing but sweet to him. But their lovely encounter was cut short when Seokjin yelled, "What the hell! Who let him escape, where is the one guarding him?" Seokjin roared as he took long strides towards the couple. Jungkook glared at him and hugged Taehyung tighter, who also hugged Jungkook back.

"Taehyung, come here." Seokjin called. His tone was threatening as he stood in front of them at a distance of 10 feet. His men were standing in a circle pointing their guns at Jungkook who did not bat his eyes on Seokjin and glared back at him.

"Seriously. How much more you can stoop low Kim Seokjin. Snatching someone else' family, someone else' husband. I never knew you have such low morals, ''Jungkook snickered. Taehyung whimpered, hiding his face in Jungkook's chest when Seokjin roared. "Shut up." He motioned his guards to move and take Taehyung away from seokjin who thrashed around.

Jungkook put up a good fight. He couldn't let them just take his husband away. His family away, as long as he lives, he will protect them. Getting killed in return.

Taehyung shouted at seokjin to let go and dragged him back to the altar to continue their so-called wedding. There were not any guests present there. Seokjin thought of throwing a grand party soon but preferred his marriage in closed doors.

"Let him go please… I beg you" Taehyung said as he cried harder than before. Squirming in seokjin's arms as he saw his husband getting beaten up by seokjin's men.

"Please…" Taehyung's cry was cut short by a sob, leaving his lips. Seokjin smirked and lifted his chin up. Ignoring the pained grunts and grains of Jungkook, he softly kissed Taehyung's cheek. "Say yes and he is free" he mumbled against his dear, nodding to his man who got the signs and pointed his gun at jungkook ejo laid there on the floor. All beaten up and shaking from the pain in his body.

A shriek followed by a sob left Tae's lips. Oh Dear God. Where did you put him? "Say yes Taehyung…. Be mine '' Seokjin whispered and Taehyung cringed. Disgusted at his voice, disgusted by the man standing in front of him.

"T..tae….Taehyung '' Jungkook called out weakly. His hand lifted up to reach for Taehyung but a pained scream left his lips when that hand of his was crushed under a shoe. One of the guards of seokjin kept his boot in his hand. Taehyung cried harder and nodded. Closing his eyes and turning away from Jungkook, he nodded.

Breaking the oaths he took 1 and half years ago. In the same altar but with a different man, the man who was on the floor right now.

"I.. I will… I will m… Marry you. But please...l...let him… go… I be...beg you"

Taehyung said and looked up at Seokjin who smiled. His plump lips turned into a beautiful smile, a smile Taehyung grew to hate.

"Of course my sweet baby. I will. I will let him go" Nodding to his men, Seokjin was about to ask the priest to start the wedding when…

A loud gunshot was heard. Taehyung flinched and felt his whole world crumbling down with the figure falling down on the floor. His eyes blew ode as he took the scene in front of him. His breath caught in his throat and chest felt tight.

"Let him go Taehyung… Now I am your present and your future. Focus on me. Forgive him. I will give you what he couldn't. The whole world is under your feet, baby." Seokjin said as he turned Tae's still shocked face toward him.

Taehyung couldn't form the sentence. His love… His husband… his reason to live was laying on the floor with blood surrounding him as it oozed out of the bullet hole on his forehead. He was dead.

Jeon Jungkook, his husband, for whom he was fitting till now was dead.

Reality sunk in Tae's brain as he glared with a burning hate in his eyes, at Seokjin. And at that moment, Seokjin saw the rage in Tae's eyes. The rage which scared him for the littlest of the second.

"You are a bastard Kim Seokjin… I am never gonna be yours. I will never be yours!" Taehyung yelled and pushed seokjin with a push that the men stumbled a few steps back.

"Taehyung!" Seokjin yelled as he tried to catch Taehyung but he was already out of his reach. No one was able to hold him as he made his way to his husband's lifeless body. "Jungkook! Jungkook… Wake up… Wake up please" He begged, years stung his eyes as he patted his husband's lifeless pale face.

"P...please" Taehyung cried as a heart wrenching sob left his lips. "Taehyung, co-" but seokjin was cut off by nearly a growl.

"Shut up! Shut up! You are the one who made my life hell… You are the killer of me, my husband, my life and…. And… My family" a sob left tae's mouth at the end.

"You deserve nothing Seokjin but hate. Yes, the hate people have for you. I don't know how many more families you destroyed. How many more beloved ones you separated. But…" Taehyung looks like something had him under control. He was speaking like he was under some charm, some spell.

"But I curse you to never find your love Seokjin. Who will love a monster like you!!!" Taehyung yelled as tears leaked from his eyes. Seokjin shook his head and was about to step ahead to get Taehyung but halted in steps when Taehyung kept a gun on his forehead. "What the hell? That's my gun!" Seokjin spat as he checked his holster,secured around his waist, finding it empty.

When did Taehyung get his hands on his gun and he didn't come to know. "Taehyung. Don't be ridiculous. Put that gun down, ''Seokjin said. His men were also alarmed to take any action on seokjin's signal. "No… No! You have ruined my life. What have I ever done to you? You bastard!" Taehyung yelled as tears escaped from his eyes.

"Taehyung, I am not joking. Put that fucking gun down!" Seokjin roared and took steps forward but Taehyung screeched and Seokjin stopped in his tracks. "I am also not joking… Kim Seokjin. You have ruined my life. I was living happily with my family. So happy and content. Then… Then you came and snatched my happiness,my life in a blink of an eye and now stole my love as well. The purpose of my life is dead now seokjin. You killed him! You killed him!" Taehyung yelled and directed his gun toward Seokjin, pressed his finger on the trigger. But before he could, another gunshot was heard as Taehyung stood stiffened on his spot. A shot was pierced in his back in his lungs near his heart.

The gun fell down from his hands as he slowly fell down. His breath rigid as he panted and whimpered in pain. "Taehyung!" Seokjin yelled and ran towards the man who was trying his best to reach out to hold the hand of his lover who laid there lifeless.

"The fuck you did?" Seokjin yelled at the man who shot Taehyung. That man bowed 90°. He knew he made a mistake. He would have to pay. "I..I am sorry boss. U thought… I thought he was gonna shoot you" guard stuttered as seokjin tcked and yelled again. "The fuck you are watching at my face. Prepare the cars now!" He said, his men drifting apart to obey his orders.

Seokjin kept Taehyung's head in his lap. "Don't close your eyes Taehyung. We are taking you to hospitals. you will live, ''Seokjin said, patting slightly at Tae's cheek, who huffed out a smile and looked at Seokjin with a mocking gaze.

He slowly, shakily lifted his hand to show seokjin, gritting his teeth seokjin saw Taehyung's hand wrapped around his husband's hand tightly. Taehyung was Jungkook's and Jungkook's only. No one was to change it. If they try, disaster will come.

"I will never be yours Kim Seokjin" And closed his eyes.

* * *

"You were never mine," Seokjin whispered, tracing the outline of the tombstone of the grave he has been visiting for the last 6 years.

Sighing, he closed his eyes. "I know I don't deserve forgiveness. But still… I hope so. A little tiny hope." Seokjin said and opened his eyes.

"It's time to pick the young lady from school, Master. We should go now" one of the guards of Seokjin said as he wiped his unshed tears and stood up. Sighing nth time he turned around leaving the cemetery. Going to pick up the little young lady from school whom he swore to protect at all costs. Give her the love of parents whom he snatched away when she was unable to even sit.

Giving her all the leisure of the world, luxuries of the world, comfort of the world and at last, love of the parents. He would let her know about her real parents and his deeds when the time comes. He will let her decide what to do. Whether to forgive him or kill him and avenge her parents.

Just a tiny hope to get forgiveness from the boy whom he ruined. Whom he killed and destroyed.

Destruction and disasters come when you run behind something which is not yours. It ruins you and brings forward such events which you never planned to take care of.

At last Taehyung's last words echoed in his ears once again "I was never yours" He sighed and leaned his head back on his seat.

"You were never mine," he confirmed.

* * * Finished * * *

Destruction comes when you want something which was never made for you. You will stay happy and satisfied only when you will realize that you can get only what is meant for you.



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