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You Never Knew What Hit You in the Gut

by Jammie Alexander 2 months ago in fiction

Revenge is best served chocolatey

You Never Knew What Hit You in the Gut
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I was watching through my rear view mirror when I saw the smirk on her face. They were about to unwind and undress. Of course that's what most people do at pregnancy peak. I invited some friends in the back so nobody would be suspicious. I wait a few moments and start taking pictures. Oh she is definitely caught red handed this time. I start the car and begin to pull forward, I had enough evidence at this point. I pull away and go down the road a little ways, then I have a gut feeling to turn back.

I stop the car and run back as quickly and quietly as I can. I pop into the bushes about ten feet from his car. At this point it's pitch black and I am glad my camera has a night vision feature. Just as I get my camera in position I start video taping the rest. They are obviously getting it on, or just about to. What's this I see? Is that a needle? Wow I get out of there quick. I run back to the car, start it and drive away.

After I drop off my friends, I text my client and tell him I need to meet up and that it's an emergency. He texts back quick and says he can't meet up tonight, he's waiting for his wife and she's getting out of work soon. I text him and tell him to delete our history of messages and I give him a time and place to meet me tomorrow. I feel very nervous to move forward and I'm not quite sure if I should wait or call the cops.

As I get home I make sure I don't leave any evidence in my vehicle. I bring the camera inside and I watch the video over and over again. As I watch I notice a few things. The needle is filled with some sort of liquid and she injects it behind the left ear. Then as I start to run and stumble I see her look up at me. I couldn't sleep the whole night. Did she see me? Did she get my license plate when I was in my car? Is her date still alive? Too many unanswered questions that I'm not quite sure I want the answer to.

The next day, shortly after lunch I hop in the shower and get ready to head to the park. Meeting up with Nate seemed like one of the hardest things that I have ever had to do.

As I sit on the bench patiently waiting I get a text saying he will be there in five minutes. This time I chose a discreet part of the park where almost nobody ever goes. A dead body was left here to rot under this very bench after being brutally murdered in the winter. He was found in the spring when a fisherman came to sit and fish in the pond. Since then people talk of ghost stories and only seldom come over here when dared to.

Nate comes through the bushes holding a brown paper bag. "So what I have here Nate, is quite shocking. There really isn't any explanation I can give. Here are the photos and then I will let you watch the video."

"Real quick before we get to business, I just wanted to say thank you for all you have done. I baked your favorite chocolate cake this morning after Anjela went off to work."

"Oh I appreciate that, I haven't eaten since yesterday."

Nate takes a nice big slice of chocolate cake from the paper bag. He even brought me a fork. I get to eating and he gets to looking at the photos. As I'm finishing up the cake I see something odd about Nate's facial expression. "Nate are you okay?"

"Yes, I was just thinking that I am ready to watch the video now. I mean it can't be much worse than these."

I start the video first focusing on the license plate so he could tell that it was still his wife. He watched through as his wife stabs the guy with the needle and then how she looks at the camera after. Instead of looking startled he simply shakes his head and says, "That witch, she lied to me"

"Nate what are you talking about? This man could be dead, your wife could be a murderer."

"Well of course she's a murderer, why do you think I hired you? I just wanted to see that if someone was watching her she would be able to catch them and kill them as well. Clearly she doesn't follow orders right. Hope you enjoyed your last chocolate cake."

I start feeling really hot and sweaty all of a sudden. My heart starts racing. My hands are shaking. "What have you done to me?"

"Oh you know, just had to tie off some loose ends. I will be taking your camera and these photos. As for my wife, well I am glad I saved some chocolate cake for her."

I used to be a private detective. I was warned that it was a gruesome job and some didn't survive. I guess I'm now one of those. I guess the lesson here is that you can't have your cake and eat it too...


Jammie Alexander

Mom living with parents just trying to get by right now. In college getting a degree in Business administration with a focus in accounting. I am a God fearing woman and love life. I have the best boyfriend ever.

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Jammie Alexander
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