Womb Raiders

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The Sad Truth Behind Fetal Abductions

Womb Raiders

Every month, Darci Pierce added to her girth by stuffing clothing under her clothes. She had told everyone she was pregnant. Now, she was running out of time. This "baby" was already past term, and Darci was having a hard time finding excuses for an overdue birth. She believed the only reason her husband had married her was that she was pregnant. In a calculated and well thought out plan, she read about the techniques of doing a Caesarian delivery, bought the tools and supplies necessary, and then she selected her victim. Cindy Ray was kidnapped at gunpoint from the parking lot of her obstetrician. The gun was a fake. Cindy was 8 months pregnant, and Darci's best chance at success. The operation was to be performed at Darci's home, but as they pulled up, Darci realized her husband was home. She drove Cindy up into the wooded mountains. Darci strangled Cindy, dragged her behind some bushes and tore open Cindy's abdomen with her car keys. Cindy was still alive as Darci chewed through the umbilical cord with her teeth. When Pierce was taken to the hospital, she refused to allow doctors to examine her and started to change her story about giving birth, saying it was a surrogate who gave birth to the baby. The authorities were called and eventually, the 19-year-old womb raider was arrested. Cindy was dead by the time police found her. The baby survived. Pierce received a 30-year sentence.

Darci Pierce

Fetus theft seems to have begun in the mid-1970's, but is becoming more common now. It is done almost exclusively by women, although in 2 cases, men assisted the act. The profile of the offenders is short but bizarre. All of these fetal abductions are committed by women obsessed with the idea of having a baby. All of the attacks were planned well in advance. These offenders told everyone they knew they were pregnant and they believed a baby was the only way to save their relationships with their mates. Before the abduction, these perpetrators would go to extremes to convince others they are pregnant. They donned maternity clothes, obtained copies of sonograms from the internet and attended baby showers. Most had to prolong the pregnancies until they located a victim, and obtained the supplies they would need. They found their victims on sites like Craigslist, baby registries, and in one case a pedigree dog site. Some victims were friends. But why are the numbers of this crime rising? Experts think it is because of women in the position of panicking for a newborn to bring home used to kidnap them from maternity units in hospitals. They would wear a nurses uniform or put on a lab coat and walk out the door, a baby in their arms. These days, because of tight security in maternity wards, that is a nearly impossible route.

GPS Security Tag

Debra Evans was the mother of 3. There was Samantha, age 10, Joshua age 8, Jordan age 10 months. She was about to deliver her next child by induced labor on November 19, but on November 16 all that changed. Her ex-boyfriend, Laverne Ward, came to her home with his cousin and his girlfriend. The cousin and girlfriend wanted a light-skinned baby to pass off as their own. Ward was the father of Debra's 10-month-old son, as well as the one she was to deliver. They shot Evans and stabbed her daughter to death. While Evans fought for her life, they took a scissor and opened her up to get the baby. They left Jordan behind with his dead mother and sister, and they took Joshua and the baby home. Once there, they overheard the boy telling someone what actually happened, so to protect themselves they killed him. He was poisoned, strangled, and finally had his throat slit. They were captured after Ward threatened another ex-girlfriend with the same crime. What can be done? No one seems to have an answer. Pregnant women should not answer ads for baby clothes or items unless they are accompanied by their husbands or boyfriends. They should be wary of strangers who offer fast friendship while they are pregnant. If something doesn't feel right, listen to your senses. This crime is happening more often, so it is imperative to exercise caution. Free baby clothes are certainly not worth the risk.

Debra Evans and Family and the Womb Raiders

Monica Bennett
Monica Bennett
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