Why It's a Good Thing Ted Bundy Is Getting Attention

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Why It's a Good Thing Ted Bundy Is Getting Attention

The hottest topic in true crime right now is Ted Bundy. He's everywhere. Netflix's new documentary Conversations With A Killer and the upcoming movie starring Zac Efron have brought one of the craziest cases from the 70s in the forefront of our minds. He's long since been dead, a terrible man met the fate he deserved in 1989, but his influence is still seen to this day. That's why he's still a hot topic. A handsome, educated man, who had a relatively normal childhood, was killing women. He killed them one after the other and he would've never stopped if he had been caught.

Netflix's 'Conversations with a Killer'

In light of the new shows to watch about the infamous Ted Bundy, we see the age old question of: "Why are we giving him exactly what he wanted?" Ted Bundy wanted fame, recognition, and he wanted everyone to know his name. Now he has it. Thirty years after he's been in the ground. And people are upset about it.

My advice to you? Find other stuff to focus on. I am a firm believer in not giving people fame and attention when they are still alive. The jerk-who-shall-not-be-named who shot up the movie theater shouldn't get his own documentary right now. He also better not make any money on anything that has to do with him. I won't speak his name and I won't give him recognition. This is because he is still ALIVE. Anything that happens with him would reach him. The fame and attention would reach him and he would love it.

This won't happen to Ted Bundy. He's not sitting in jail, as happy as can be because he is getting what he wanted. The money isn't going to him. All this new stuff about him is a reminder of what we have to face as women. He changed a lot for us. Hitch-hikers aren't a thing anymore. Women leave in packs and always tell people where they're going to go. One of the main reasons women have this behavior? Ted Bundy. The murders were gruesome, awful, and upsetting.

(Some of) The Victims

Over the span of four years, over thirty women lost their lives to someone I could barely describe as a man. He is more of just a monster. I listen to podcasts about him and I get chills. The first episode into Conversations With A Killer had me spooked too. To hear his voice and know that he killed so many women. The quote from him, "I enjoy women," literally made me cringe, and it was good to hear that. It was a chilling reminder of who could be out there. I believe it is important to have that fear, not to an obsession where you can't function of course, but we need to be aware of our surroundings.

It is good that we are talking about Ted Bundy now that he is well into history. Just like any other evil we've encountered as humans. There will always be names of awful people that we will know, and will always have fame to them because of it. Ted is one of those names. Sure, is it weird and upsetting when women say, "Ted Bundy is so hot." But that's also sort of the point. He was attractive to most women. He could be trusted because of his looks. That's how he got so many victims and got away with so much for so long.

So perhaps we should take a step back. If you are upset over Ted Bundy, I am sorry. You're right, he is very upsetting, disgusting, and a monster, but to ignore what happened would lead us to becoming numb and forgetting about what happened. We'd forget about the victims and what they went through. We need to learn from this, and talk about this. Just remember, everyone, no matter if you're into this murder stuff or not, always take a break from the darker part of the world we live in.

Maddie Goody
Maddie Goody
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