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Who was Lauren Giddings

by Kerrie G.Diaz about a month ago in investigation
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What happened to this newly graduating law student?

crime watch Lauren Giddings

After 7 years of law school, Lauren looked forward to passing the Georgia bar exam and finishing all this studying, and being able to practice criminal law. The only thing she wanted to do with her life.

Lauren stayed in Macon and stayed in her apartment after she graduated so she could spend some more time and study for the bar. When her family has not heard from her for a few days they were not worried. After a few more days had passed her friend Ashley called her sister 4 days later. This is when people really started to worry about her.

On June 30th Ashley had a key to Lauren’s house so she went to check on her. At first glance, all seemed to be in their places. Nothing out of the ordinary. Even Lauren’s car keys and purse were in the house. Her car was out front also. Lauren was not there though.

So they called the police to report her missing. Police came out to check the apartment, and after extensive searching, they found a torso in the garbage can outside the apartment, with DNA testing it was found to be Lauren’s. So with that, they decided to use luminal around the apartment. The house was clear until they got to the bathroom which lit up like a Christmas tree with all the blood.

Interviewing neighbors and friends, one stood out amongst the rest. Stephen McDaniel acted very strangely when he was told they found a body part in the trash. He was doing an interview on tv about her disappearance, during the interview, they mentioned they found something in the garbage he stopped and couldn’t finish the interview for a minute. The interview is online if you want to see it. Searching the rest of the area and apartments they found a bloody hacksaw and a bloody sheet with Laurens’s DNA on it.

Stephen had keys to all the apartments so was easy for him to go into them when they were not home, which he frequently did. Lauren mentioned she felt someone had been in her home because things have been moved. She also felt as if she was being watched. She was right on all those feelings. Police searched his apartment after finding out he had keys and they saw pictures of Lauren, many taken without her knowledge. He had a pair of her panties. Plus many pictures of underage children on a hard drive. They also found the empty package to the hacksaw in his apartment.

He agreed to tell police what he had done to Lauren and plea guilty to murder and they drop the 30 counts of child pornography charges and burglary for the guilty plea.

He explained how he snuck into her house while she was asleep. Watched her sleep for a little bit then when he got up she heard the creak in the floor she fought for her life which tore off his mask to reveal who he was. She yelled at him to get out of her house. he kept choking her until she was lifeless. He left her there all day and went to his house to go online. After hours of leaving her lifeless body on the cold bathroom floor, he came back with the hacksaw.

There are detailed stories online on exactly what he had done to her body. A very gruesome murder. He tried to spread her body parts among different dumpsters. The police were only able to locate the one, the torso.

Lauren was in criminal law and did not believe in the death penalty, so he was sentenced to life in prison.

I think for what he has done… he should not be alive either. why should his life get spared for taking an innocent life? Just my opinion. What are your thoughts?


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Kerrie G.Diaz

The goal of my writing is to put a smile, help, or scare them. I love all kinds of topics Horror and paranormal are my favorite but really into true crime. If you like what you read please tip me with a coffee

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  • David Parhamabout a month ago

    good work. I think I heard about this story on one of the news shows. I think the irony here is that a guy like this may well have been a future client of hers. I'm writing a fictional account of a fictional town that was still burning witches up until the 50's.

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