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Who is the Dark King?

No one will ever know

By ShaCayne JacksonPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
Who is the Dark King?
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n the hazy morning of July 5th, 2017, an intriguing chapter in the world of cybercrime unfolded in the luxurious confines of a Bangkok villa. Seated before his laptop, a man, shrouded in the pseudonym Alpha02, basked in the opulence of a multi-millionaire lifestyle fueled by the dark web's clandestine dealings. His sanctuary, however, was shattered by the reverberation of a Toyota Camry crashing into his front gate—an unforeseen twist that would set the stage for a complex narrative entwining law enforcement agencies across seven countries.

The tale of Alpha02's exploits was immortalized by Wired journalist Andy Greenberg and echoed in the captivating Darknet Diaries episode on Operation Bayonet, encapsulating a gripping saga that transcended international borders.

The early 2010s witnessed the dark web's burgeoning prominence, fueled by promises of anonymity and facilitated by the advent of Bitcoin—a decentralized currency eluding traditional authorities. The Silk Road, an emblematic dark web marketplace, paved the way, only to be dismantled by law enforcement. However, this crackdown birthed a multitude of successors, each vying for dominance in the shadowy realm.

Amidst the tumult, AlphaBay emerged as a formidable player. Launched in July 2014 by the mysterious Alpha02, it swiftly evolved from peddling stolen credit card data to hosting an expansive array of products, from drugs and weapons to malware. The platform, akin to an illicit Amazon, flourished, boasting user-friendly features, encrypted transactions with Bitcoin, Monero, or Ethereum, and even a tumbler for enhanced anonymity. AlphaBay's meteoric rise was unparalleled, amassing over 300,000 items, 200,000 registered users, and daily sales exceeding half a million dollars within a year.

Alpha02, now a multi-millionaire, orchestrated a well-oiled machinery comprising a team led by his representative "DeSnake," moderators, and a PR manager. As the platform's success burgeoned, Alpha02 transitioned to "Admin," leaving the day-to-day operations to his team. The global pursuit of the elusive AlphaBay kingpin intensified as investigators sought to unveil his true identity.

The turning point arrived in December 2016 when an anonymous tipster revealed Alpha02's initial oversight—disclosing an email address, [email protected], used during AlphaBay's nascent days. Unraveling this lead, investigators uncovered the real name behind Alpha02: Alexandre Cazes. A meticulous online trail, including a French-language social media platform and technology forum, eventually pointed to his residence in Bangkok, Thailand.

The intricate operation to apprehend Cazes unfolded as authorities meticulously traced his movements, scrutinizing his routine, and devising a strategy for the arrest. The denouement transpired on July 5th, 2017, with a staged car accident drawing Cazes out of his residence. Despite a desperate attempt to evade arrest, Cazes was subdued, and authorities seized his laptop, finding crucial passwords unlocking the secrets of AlphaBay's servers.

Cazes, with a fortune of $23 million, faced charges, and his assets were confiscated. However, the triumph of justice was short-lived, as a week later, Cazes tragically took his own life in custody. The demise of the self-proclaimed Dark Web King marked the end of AlphaBay's era.

The covert shutdown of AlphaBay reverberated through the dark web, leaving users in perplexity. Authorities, leveraging their insight into AlphaBay's user migration patterns, orchestrated Operation Bayonet. As a result, the Hansa Market was covertly seized and monitored, culminating in a simultaneous takedown on July 20th, 2017. The global success of dismantling both AlphaBay and Hansa underscored law enforcement's capabilities in combating cybercrime.

The dark web, however, proved resilient. Users swiftly flocked to new platforms, and successors like Hydra rose to prominence. The perpetual cat-and-mouse game persisted, and the quest for the Dark Web's kingpin echoed through subsequent endeavors, exemplified by the resurgence of AlphaBay under the guise of "DeSnake" in 2021.

In essence, the AlphaBay saga encapsulates the complex interplay between cybercriminals and law enforcement, showcasing the ongoing battle to maintain a semblance of order in the intricate and clandestine realm of the dark web—a realm where anonymity and criminality dance on the fine line between chaos and control.


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