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Investigation Chapter 1 & 2

By SuganthanPublished 9 months ago 3 min read

Chapter One: The Deadly Shadow

The bus stand in downtown New York was buzzing with activity on a hectic morning. Passengers were hurrying to catch their buses, while others were taking a break at the nearby coffee shops. Suddenly, a commotion broke out, and people began running towards the public toilet in the bus stand. A man named Stone called the police, reporting a murder. When the police arrived at the scene, they discovered the lifeless body of a young woman. She had been strangled to death.

The police quickly secured the area and sent the body for an autopsy and forensic examination. But despite their best efforts, they were unable to determine the cause of death. This left the police puzzled and frustrated. How could someone kill a person without leaving any trace behind?

Two months later, a similar incident occurred in one of the biggest cities in America. In another bus stand, the body of a woman was found. Once again, the police could not determine the cause of death. They were stumped as there was no apparent motive or suspect.

The police began investigating the backgrounds of the two victims, hoping to find a link between them. They found that both women were working professionals who travelled alone to work. They were friendly and approachable, making them easy targets for anyone with malicious intentions. The only common factor in both cases was a man named Jerad, who worked in a nearby jewelry store. The police thoroughly investigated Jerad's background, but they couldn't find any evidence linking him to the murders. So, they had no choice but to release him.

Despite their best efforts, the police couldn't find any evidence or leads that could help them catch the murderer. The case went cold, and the city moved on.

But a few months later, the police received a frantic call from an anonymous person. The voice on the other end said, "We found a girl's body in the public toilet of the train station. Please hurry." The police rushed to the location and found yet another victim. The murderer was still at large, and it seemed like they were growing bolder.

As the city braced itself for the possibility of more killings, the police worked tirelessly to solve the case. But with no apparent motive or evidence, the murderer remained a shadowy figure, always one step ahead of the law.

Chapter Two: The Hunt Begins

Despite the mounting pressure to solve the case, the police were unable to make any progress. The killer seemed to have vanished into thin air, leaving no trace behind. The city was gripped with fear, and people were afraid to travel alone, especially to bus stands and train stations.

But then, a breakthrough occurred. The police received a tip from an anonymous source that led them to a suspect. The suspect was a man named Andrew, who worked as a security guard at a nearby mall. Upon interrogation, Andrew confessed to the murders.

Andrew was a lonely and troubled individual who had been overlooked by society. He had harbored a deep resentment towards women, and the killings were his way of seeking revenge. He had carefully planned and executed each murder, leaving no trace behind.

The police were relieved to finally catch the killer, but they were also disturbed by Andrew's motives. They knew that they had to do more to address the underlying issues that had led Andrew down this path.

The trial was swift, and Andrew was sentenced to life in prison without parole. As the city slowly recovered from the trauma, the police vowed to work harder to prevent such heinous crimes from occurring again. They hoped that this tragedy would serve as a wake-up call to society, urging people to be more aware of their surroundings and to stand up against violence in all its forms.

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