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What I Saw in the Hands of Anambra Kidnappers - Victim Cries Out to Nigerians

The victim is speaking out

By Jide OkonjoPublished 4 months ago 4 min read

A Nigerian man who was kidnapped in Umunze town in Orumba South Local Government Area of Anambra State is crying out about the abhorrent state of the community, and how kidnappers now run that community.

Here's what the freed victim had to say about his ordeal in the hands of kidnappers.

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Speaking about his experience at the hands of the kidnappers, the now-freed victim said:

FREED VICTIM: [On my way from Onitsha], I drove into Highway Petrol Station at the toll gate area of Onitsha when a white Mercedes Benz GLK double-crossed me, and [kidnappers] forced me into the back seat of my car. They were 5 armed men, equipped with sophisticated AK-47 riffles; they dressed in police official jackets. When the armed men discovered there was no fuel in my 330 Lexus SUV, they commanded the fuel attendants to fill up the tank. In the process [of filling up my tank], another RX 330 also drove in to buy fuel. [The kidnappers also took control of this other driver and his car] and abandoned the Mercedes GLK that conveyed them to the filling station.

They blindfolded two of us and commanded us to face down while they zoomed off. They drove us from the Tollgate junction down to Umunze in Orumba. About 3 hour’s journey. No police stopped them in the 3-hour journey, although we were blindfolded. I couldn’t tell if they drove through security checkpoints. They told us that we were at the headquarters of ESN in Umunze. My family said that even when they reported to the Police, they tracked my vehicle, and the moment it read Umunze, the police said, ‘it’s a no-go area ooo na headquarters of ESN’

They demanded 10 drums of bullets from us, which they said the cost was N1,650,000 each. Total of N16.5m, or 4 Ak47. When they saw over N4.5m in my bank accounts, they reduced their punishment and began to withdraw the money with a POS machine. They demanded for more money and my family transferred an extra N1.8, making it a total amount of over N6.3m.

They are fully in charge of the whole Umunze community. People come to the bush to lodge complaints and they settle cases. Nobody dares invite the police to the community. In fact, we were there when a palm wine tapper passed and they exchanged pleasantries. The palm wine tapper even asked about their commander.

When they were releasing us, they seized my mobile phones and my car and told me that I should write my phone number on the car carpet, that they would later dump it somewhere the way they dumped the GLK. They said that the phone number I wrote on the car mat would be used to contact me by people wherever they dump the car and I obeyed them.

When they were leading us to the main road after our release, they showed us some burnt vehicles and said they snatched them from military and police. We were only two victims in the camp. Their boss usually comes to the camp with a bike. He doesn’t stay too long with them. Even the villagers respect him.”

I hope this story gets national attention and more police forces are sent to that community because if local police, and even the community are too afraid to act, then help from higher bodies is needed to sanitize that area.

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