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What happened to Lauren Dumolo?

by Marc Hoover 2 years ago in investigation
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Lauren's family is desperate for answers

Lauren Dumolo

I received a message from a concerned Florida woman who I will call Jane. She said a young mother named Lauren Dumolo had disappeared from Cape Coral, Florida. She asked if I would help share Lauren’s story.

Jane has been in contact with Lauren’s sister and father. Although Jane isn’t a Dumolo family member, she wanted to help find Lauren. Jane often drives past Lauren’s apartment and wonders what happened to her. Jane said Lauren reminds her of her own daughter.

This story begins on Father’s Day of 2020.

Paul Dumolo looked forward to receiving a call from his daughter Lauren. She always called him on Father’s Day. When she didn’t call, he became so concerned that he booked a flight from California to Florida to find Lauren.

He has since told the Cape Coral media that he believes Lauren is deceased. He thinks someone possibly abducted and killed her. Although he fears the worst, he hasn’t taken any time to cry because he must find his daughter. If you watch any video clips of Paul discussing his daughter, you can almost feel his pain. Jane told me that Paul and Lauren were close.

Lauren Dumolo disappeared on June 19, 2020

Lauren Dumolo, 30, disappeared on June 19, 2020 from her Cape Coral, Florida apartment. Both the police and Lauren’s family believe Lauren is a victim of foul play. Her sister Cassie said Lauren wouldn’t leave without her daughter. Once Cassie realized Lauren didn’t take her phone, she immediately assumed the worst about her missing sister. According to Cassie, Lauren wouldn’t go anywhere without her phone.

She had recently lost her job because of the coronavirus. She can be seen on video visiting different locations for a new job. So far, it’s the only video footage capturing Lauren before she disappeared.

Gabriel Pena, Lauren’s boyfriend, is one of the last people to have seen Lauren. He claimed she was home when he went to work before 6 a.m. on June 19th. Pena said he took a lie detector test and doesn’t know what happened to Lauren.

According to NBC2, Pena didn’t report Lauren missing until two days after she disappeared. If he came home Friday night and she hadn’t returned by early Sunday morning, didn’t he find that unusual? Since he hadn’t heard from her, why didn’t he notify the police or Lauren’s family before Sunday?

Lauren's shirt and purse are found

Days later, Lauren’s purse was found at a nearby park. After her purse was found, someone recovered Lauren’s shirt buried in sand. The Cape Coral Police Department is handling Lauren’s disappearance. Detective Nick Jones is heading up the investigation. He has several officers working on the case. Jones said they have spoken to many people about Lauren’s case. He has identified no suspects.

Jane contacted Lauren’s family on my behalf and asked for a statement. Lauren’s sister Cassie is pleading for help from the public:

“We just want to bring Lauren home. It has been almost two months. She has been missing and we have no answers. If you know anything about Lauren’s disappearance or have any information that will lead us to Lauren, please contact the Cape Coral Police Department.”

She is five-feet tall and weighs 110 pounds. Lauren has light brown hair and was wearing shorts and a tee-shirt when last seen. She also has several tattoos. Do you know what happened to Lauren Dumolo?

If anyone has any information about Lauren, please contact the Cape Coral Police Department at (239) 574-3223. You can also call Crimestoppers at 1-800-780-TIPS, referencing case number 20-011323. There is also an $8,000 reward for any tips, leads or information that will lead to finding Lauren.


About the author

Marc Hoover

Marc Hoover is a Hooper award winning columnist for the Clermont Sun newspaper in Ohio. Contact him at or through Facebook: Marc also has a podcast called Catch my Killer.

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