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West Yorkshire Police Have Questions to Answer

by John McNamara 4 years ago in investigation
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Huddersfield Grooming Scandal Raises Questions over Police Confidence in West Yorkshire

ITV report on the Huddersfield grooming scandal

Twenty men of South Asian heritage were recently handed custodial sentences at Leeds Crown court for conducting a reign of sexual terror that affected a plethora of young girls in Huddersfield over a seven year period.

Sadly this is not the first time a northern English town has endured a grooming scandal of this magnitude. Rotherham, Doncaster, Sheffield, Keighley and Rochdale have also experienced similar incidents.

This particular grooming scandal was all too familiar as a gang of perverse asian men targeted young white girls, plying them with alcohol and drugs before submitting them to vile sexual abuse.

Outspoken activist Tommy Robinson—termed a racist and fascist by critics—has been vocal on this matter, blaming Islam for grooming, which he sees predominantly as an asian problem.

When the news of the trial broke, old racial wounds were reopened with members of the asian immigrant community and the white native community being polarised.

However, focusing on racial divisions when referring to this case is purely facile. Race and religion have nothing to do with child sex abuse—the individuals carrying out these crimes are depraved perverts with no regard for the laws of the land let alone the rule of religion.

The main question that we should be asking though is, what were West Yorkshire police doing about this?

In a small Town such as Huddersfield, there are no major ongoing criminal operations that should divert resources away from everyday policing and safeguarding.

On one occasion a young girl was raped before being beaten and dumped in the remote Yorkshire moors. After being returned home by a good Samaritan, the girl who was underage at the time, reported the incident to West Yorkshire Police.

Despite presenting with visible cuts and bruises from the incident, her complaint was ignored and the cycle of abuse was allowed to continue. Disgusted at the police's lack of action, one worried Mother directly contacted her local MP Barry Sherman and the Prime Minister, yet still nothing was done about the grooming gangs.

One particular victim of the gang told reporters, "The police never helped us. We'd get dropped at a hospital and we'd get left there. They just wouldn't listen to us."

Despite the recent jailing of the men several concerned locals have reported suspicious behaviour by asian men in the moors area. Unsurprisingly, West Yorkshire Police have failed to act on any of these recent complaints.

Whilst traditional media and your social media feed may be full of debates around asian males and grooming culture, ask yourself a more important question. Why are West Yorkshire Police not fulfilling their promise to "protect and serve" the public.


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