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Unsolved Disappearance of Dorthy Forstein

by Kerrie G.Diaz 3 months ago in investigation
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Who attacked her and nearly killed her 4 years before she had been kidnapped?

The 1940s saw the invention of the microwave, and nuclear power and not to mention the war that went on for half a decade. Then there were the numerous cold cases that had gotten forgotten over time. We will look at one today. The cold case of Dorothy Forstein.

Dorothy had been born in 1909. When she got older she had married a widow by the name of Jules. After his wife passed he was left to raise two little girls. Then the couple had a child, which would be Dorothy’s only child.

In 1945 at the age of 36, Dorothy went out to run some errands and left the children with a neighbor. When she got home that evening she had been attacked by an unknown assailant. During the struggle she tried to reach for the phone, only to knock the receiver off and the live operator heard the struggle and called the police. When the sirens were getting closer the unknown man took off before the police arrived at the house.

Dorothy had suffered a broken jaw, a broken nose, a concussion, and a fractured shoulder. She had made a full recovery. She was unable to describe her assailant. The police were perplexed since the man did not steal anything and there was no sign of forced entry.

A neighbor saw a man walking behind or beside Dorothy when she arrived at home that evening, however, she didn't think anything of it so she did not pay any attention to the man to be able to describe him to law enforcement.

For many years after the attack, Dorothy remained paranoid at every little sound or an unknown person near her home or children.

In 1949 Jules went to a banquet after work, and after he came home around 10 pm the newspapers said. He saw his children in a room very scared because they could not find their mother. The eldest daughter heard a noise and went out of her room to see. She saw an unknown man coming up the stairs and go straight into her mother's room. The man had picked up the unconscious Dorothy and threw her over his shoulder. She asked the man as he walked past her to go back downstairs with her mother. Where are you taking my mother he told her to go back to sleep.

Once again no forced entry and nothing was taken from the home. There have been many theories about where Dorothy could have gone or what had happened to her.

1 Some say that this unknown man was a man that held a grudge against Jules.

2. They had a possible suspect and when the police found the man they beat him for 20 minutes. He failed a lawsuit against the police, but with Jules's connections, he dropped the lawsuit. Plus there was no evidence connecting him to any of these crimes.

3. Some say her husband paid someone to kill Dorothy. Detectives think she was supposed to die in the first attack but had survived, so a paid hitman came and kidnapped Dorothy and finished the job.

4,. Maybe there were financial troubles and Dorothy staged her disappearance.

Media and bloggers who wrote about this story were asked by Dorothy's family to take down anything about her. Some say they did not want to relive that horror. But why would you not want this out there for more people to know the story and help in the case if they had seen something? Jules did offer a 1,000-dollar reward and later withdrew it. He said because of financial issues.

Jules died in 1950 and a year after they legally pronounced Dorothy dead.

What do you think happened to Dorothy?


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Kerrie G.Diaz

The goal of my writing is to put a smile, help, or scare them. I love all kinds of topics Horror and paranormal are my favorite but really into true crime. If you like what you read please tip me with a coffee

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