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Under the Vale

Who is Madam Vale - Part 1

By Ashleigh HolmesPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
Under the Vale
Photo by Apostolos Vamvouras on Unsplash

"Are you asking ma'am, what I think you're asking?", as soon as the words poured out of his mouth, he wanted to eat them back.

"Vince, do you know why I hired you and your brother?" came the clipped sharp response.

"Umm, no ma'am" the young man replied, looking at his feet.

"It's because I know your father, and he swore on his deathbed that you would obey my orders." the voice deepened as the owner rose from her seat and almost silently walked over to where the young man was standing.

Vince willed his eyes not to look up and stay trained on the carpet or his shoes or anywhere but her. But as if under a trance his eyes shot up to meet hers which were ice blue and stone cold as she came closer and closer, his heart pounded in his chest as she stopped mere centimeters from him.

"You seem nervous Vince ... you have nothing to be nervous about" she smirked as she traced her long red nails over his shoulders. "Now, come with me" she continued as her fingers came to his shirt collar and clutched it tightly pulling him to follow her.

Almost tripping over his feet, Vince stumbled as he was forced to follow. He had heard stories from his dad about Madam Vale, but never thought he would meet her, not that he ever wanted too, it was like a horror story versus a nightmare come true. Yet here he was, being tugged like a dog on a leash to who knows where. Well, he knew where, but was internally praying he had completely misunderstood her question.

A few minutes later, they came to a complete stop outside a door. Madam Vale turned swiftly.

"Before we go in, what exactly has your father told you about me?" as she held one hand on his collar, the other on her hip.

"Umm, not much. All he said was you gave him a job when no one else would" he said, trying to break the eye contact but failing.

"Did he tell you what that job was at all?" she questioned further, keeping her eyes locked on his.

He cleared his throat how was he meant to answer this, his dad had been vague about what he did, just that he was scared all the time and always looked over his shoulder.

"Security?" he finally said.

"Hmm, I guess it is kind of bit similar. You will find out soon enough though." She smiled as she placed her hand on the antique gold doorknob, and slowly turned it. As the door opened, Madam Vale motioned for him to enter the room before her. His nerves were shaking in his body, what would this room hold, and do I want to know he thought.

"After you Vince" she said sharply, "time is ticking".

Before he could answer or even think, he was pushed into the room with a massive shove to his back and fell with a thud on the wooden floor onto his knees. Quick as a flash, the door shut behind him and he heard a sound like a key being locked in the doorknob.

"Ma'am, what is happening?" he yelled shaking, as he got to his feet and swung around with looking at anything in the room.

"Vince, Vince, Vince, are you really this dumb, or do you think I am a fool?

"Umm ... ummm ... no ma'am, I just want to know what is happening that's all." Vince stuttered.

"Turn around Vince and you will see what I need you to do" came the reply.

Vince's eyes widened and it took a big gulp before turning around to survey the room he was now locked in."

His mouth dropped open the second he saw a figure in a bed in the corner."

"No, it can't be, Dad is that you?" Vince stammered running over to the side of the bed in surprise.

His dad didn't reply, but a voice came through clear as day.

"I told you I knew your father on his deathbed Vince, see here he is, now kill him and I will let you out." came the sharp voice of Madam Vale.

To be continued ....


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Ashleigh Holmes

Married mother of an adorable little girl who keeps me on my toes. I love art, craft, photography and food. I love to write about parenting and the trials I have struggled with, and also photography as an outlet for lifelong anxiety.

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  • Melissa Ingoldsby3 months ago

    A interesting beginning, hearted and subscribed!

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