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Unbelievably Doomed For Greatness

Marlon Terrell Reid

By Beautiful IntelligencePublished 3 years ago 3 min read
Unbelievably Doomed For Greatness
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This story is written for a person who’s on the rise artistry distributes excellence and widespread deeds for the betterment of not only at-risk communities or those with survival stories, but most importantly to the youth that holds the future. I am pleased to introduce you to Marlon Reid. The remarkable 44-year-old shares his incredible and chilling stories of being in death’s hands at least three times, in his self-published book “The Diary of a Changed Man.” Born with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS), on July 8, 1976, in a Philadelphia, PA hospital, Marlon clanged for dear life and was not expected to live past three weeks. At the age of eight, Marlon mentions the frightening ordeal of fighting for his life again after being struck by a car while crossing the street. Lastly, Marlon was shot several times after a confrontation with someone he knew from his neighborhood.

Marlon is an inspiration to many because of his ordeals and life phenomenon since childbirth just before the ripe age of thirteen. Although his grandparents took exceptional care of him, Marlon still craved that same love and support from his mother. Not realizing her illness, but recognizing her struggles, Marlon talks about cherishing the moments when she came to visit. On one occasion, his mother takes him from his grandparent’s home and did not return him until a few days later. The trauma he discussed from that experience alone speaks volumes of the astonishing young man he was, even at that age. Marlon overcame a lot in those few days at the age of six no one would want to live through in a few moments. No matter the uneasy feelings Marlon had with his mother, he still had a deep love and sense of belonging to her. Unfortunately, Marlon’s mother died when he was just eleven years old.

Marlon’s life then took a spiraling downward effect. Not only did he lose his mother but gained the knowledge of who his real father was. Instead of this being an opportunity of elation or relief, the guilt of finding out the identity of his father sent him into a depressive and anguished state. Marlon suppressed his feelings and began to take out his frustration for the next 20 years in one of the most thrilling and exhilarating recovery stories I’ve ever heard.

Marlon talks about becoming wrapped up in the streets selling drugs, profiting a great deal from it, then becoming addicted to drugs, lacking stability and support to his eldest child as a father, a significant amount of jail and rehab time, struggling to get clean, to incredibly breaking his habit “cold turkey.” Always the dutiable, bold, and striving wise man, Marlon has now been clean for over 10 years and has maintained his home, full-time job, and career.

Despite the odds, Marlon has accomplished a great deal of accredited work and sacrifices his life to God, his wife, and three children.

Marlon has written and published three more books, “One Man’s Journey Is the Next Man’s Path,” “A Man Of Thought,” “and “Living In A Country Influenced By Hate.”

Marlon has dedicated his mission in life to working with youth. Marlon is affiliated to the organization “Men Do Help Men Grow,” and is featured on the radio to encourage inner cities in love, faith, legitimacy, and commitment. His remarkable tale of being raised by his grandparents from childbirth, the struggles of losing his mother to drug addiction, to his life of dedicated service with his church, his community, and integrating into the world is one of determination, breathtaking awe, and the true embodiment of shared self-love.

Marlon is currently working on a film and production project of his own documentary of his life.

He continues to give honor to his now-deceased grandparents who raised him and accredits the doctors throughout his life who saved him. To say the very least, I am happy and proud to call him my brother.


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