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Tunisha Sharma: The Indian actress whose death set off a storm

Police identifies Sheezan’s alleged secret GF

By GowshikPublished 11 months ago 3 min read
Tunisha Sharma

In Short:

Tunisha Sharma was found dead on December 24.

Sheezan Khan, her rumoured boyfriend and co-star, has been taken into police custody for questioning.

Police has reportedly identified his alleged secret girlfriend and are currently in the process of investigating.


Television actor Tunisha Sharma was found dead on her TV show’s set on December 24. The actress reportedly hung herself in the makeup room of ex-boyfriend and co-star, Sheezan Khan. Her mother has alleged that Sheezan was the reason behind her daughter taking this extreme step. Sheezan is currently on police remand. The Waliv police have been investigating the case.

On December 24, television actress Tunisha Sharma left the world shocked and in disbelief when news of her death by suicide made the headlines. The 20-year-old actress committed suicide on the sets of her serial, Ali Baba: Dastaan-E-Kabul and since then a lot has been spoken about it and why she took the drastic step. Amidst this, her co-star and alleged ex-boyfriend Sheezan Khan has been in police custody as the actress’ mother blamed him for the incident.

As per reports coming in, the Mumbai police have been interrogating and investigating the case minutely – with Khan’s deleted chats being revived and all those who were in connection with the actress being questioned. With Sheezan behind the bar and being accused of abetting suicide, the actor’s family – sisters Falaq Naaz, Shafaq Naaz and his mother as well as his legal team spoke to the media earlier today.

During this interaction, Sheezan Khan’s sister released one of the last conversations between Tunisha and Khan’s mother. They also spoke about Tunisha Sharma being depressed, being forced to work and Khan having multiple girlfriends. Read on to know all they said when bombarded with multiple questions.

At the recently held press conference with Sheezan Khan’s family and legal team, the media present raised questions about the mystery girlfriend in the actor’s life. Debunking who the mystery girl is and whether she was the reason for Tunisha Sharma and Khan’s breakup, the actor’s lawyer, Shailendra Mishra said (in Hindi), “The accusations Tunisha’s mother has made regarding Sheezan are sensational headlines so that the media can report it and spread it.”

Sheezan Khan’s lawyer added, “Mystery girlfriend aisi koi nahi hai. Mystery girlfriend hai unnhone already police ke samne aake apna paksh rah diya hai.” On being asked again if there’s a mystery girl in Khan’s life, the lawyer said, “Bilkul nahi hai, bilkul nahi hai.” The actor’s family and lawyer added that Sheezan has been single ever since his and Tunisha Sharma’s breakup.

On being questioned about Khan having many girlfriends – Tunisha Sharma’s friend Rayya Labib made these during a recent interview with TellyChakkar, the actor’s sister simply asked “Kon hai? Kon hai (yeh), kya hai, kaha se aayi hai? Kuch nahi pata hai humko.” Adding that they have never heard of her in the entire time they knew Tunisha and neither does she feature on her social media accounts, his sister dais, “Yeh joh aaye hai 15 minutes of fame, 2 minutes fame – we are not going to discuss that cause it’s a waste of time


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