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Trial of a Ghetto Superstar

The Pras Story

By Skyler SaundersPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
Trial of a Ghetto Superstar
Photo by Mayer Tawfik on Unsplash

With all the makings of a Hollywood thriller, Prakazrel “Pras” Michel, better known by his name Pras and his association with the legendary band Fugees, he has found himself embroiled in a trial that could give him football numbers.

Accused of being a secret agent to China and defrauding people of their money from an event supporting Barack Obama, Pras has hired high-profile lawyer David Kenner who represented Snoop Dogg and is currently defending Tory Lanez.

What Pras ought to realize is that fame may not save him. Given other celebrity cases like Bill Cosby and R Kelly, his notoriety could actually be a stumbling block. With the fact that he might have interacted with Chinese billionaire Jho Low, he could be dragged down a legal hole because of such an association.

As all eyes dart to Pras for this controversy but what are Wyclef Jean and Lauryn Hill saying? They’ve had intermittent performances since their breakup over a decade ago. But Hill and Jean are still factors on the global stage for their individual talents. What have they got to say about Pras’ predicament?

With relatives in Haiti, will they be ironically, supporting him for his cause? This Pras story will be an entry into the hip hop database filed under irrational and subjective. If Pras wanted to revolutionize himself as a businessman, all he had to do to just avoid the charges was to look out there.

Just look out at reality. He just needed to understand reason and common sense. You don’t go around defrauding people and posing as an alleged agent to China.

There is a list of celebrities including Leonardo DiCaprio who may testify as a witness in the trial. This is in relation to the fact that Low helped finance the 2013 feature The Wolf of Wall Street in which DiCaprio stars.

Casino billionaire Steve Wynn may also be looked at as a witness along with infamous Trump acolyte Rudy Guiliani.

Pras might be facing decades but his cool demeanor would never permit him to show emotion. Despite the fact that he has these charges against him, he’s still rather collected. Kenner and his associate Charles Haskell have been handling the legal parameters.

Upon the aftermath of this trial, will there be an examination of other artists’ pockets? Will there be secret lives exposed or at least considered like the 2003 George Clooney-Charlie Kaufman film Confessions of a Dangerous Mind? What will this mean for the artists who want to do business with China but feel skittish about leaping into the markets of the Dragon country?

What is clear is that Pras faces serious charges and that he will be prosecuted in a court of law in the United States. Though he has celebrity status, he could find himself locked behind bars for a good chunk of his life.

Why didn’t he think in the first place? If he is found guilty it will be because of his anti-intellectualism. As anti-thought and unreason continues to run rampant throughout the culture, it is apparent that Pras never took the proper steps to secure his reputation.

The looming threat of prison time is what should chill Pras to the bone. While this case will forever follow him and be a part of his obituary ultimately , he may escape the time behind bars. If he does see himself behind the wall, it will be another sad situation of a black man brought down by his own undoing.

Pras needs to just be a force for his own good and be virtuous and selfish in the wake of his trial in Washington, D.C.


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