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Traffic Ticket and Traffic Laws: A Closer Look

Seek legal aid from traffic violation lawyers

By Kennedy WilliamPublished 5 years ago 3 min read

Violation of traffic laws and receiving a traffic ticket has become a day to day phenomenon for a regular driver. We have become so habituated to the present traffic regulation that we hardly pay heed to what lies in the more in-depth segment. Traffic Violation is the most common offence, people commit against the state as described by traffic violation lawyers. It not only shows their lackadaisical approach towards the sanctity of the law but also their reckless behaviour towards their lot.

Violation of traffic laws may lead to several hazards, and the negligence of the tickets issued can prove to be a fatal step on the drivers’ part. A card signifies the shortcomings of a person on the driving seat. All these tickets come with a fine, which the driver is liable to pay. Everyday, the traffic police earn a large sum of money obtained through these fines. The traffic ticket system nowadays has become a profit-making industry.

Daily, one out of the six drivers receives a ticket for a speed-limit above the law. Most of them pay the fine and save themselves from further citations. A very few of them legit fight the ticket and seek legal aid says several traffic violation lawyers. The first reason behind this negligence and rash attitude is the lack of proper knowledge about the traffic laws and its functioning. Several people are unaware of the citings of these traffic laws and the case of these tickets.

What comes under a Traffic Violation?

Traffic violation occurs when a vehicle violates the general traffic rule set upon by the institution of the area or the state itself. There are two broad categories into which we divide breaking up of these laws: Infraction and Violation.

Infractions are generally small crimes, and convicts are usually charged with a penalty fine while the violations can be the severe breaking of the law. The driver is tried under the criminal defendant tag. The case usually proceeds in the court following the trial and hearings. Case of Driving Under the influence, Reckless Driving, Fatal Accidents, or Accidental Homicides are charged under the violations as described by traffic violation lawyers.


  • Wrong Parking Sites such as vehicles parked in a no-parking zone, in front of a fire hydrant, etc
  • Double Parking
  • Blocking pavements or pathways
  • Parking in a handicapped reserved lot
  • Without license
  • Excessive Noise
  • Expired legal documents
  • Illegal usage of lights or glasses
  • Windshield not working


  • Repetitive DUI charges
  • Hit and Run cases
  • Vehicle Manslaughter
  • Striking a pedestrian or another vehicle
  • Overspeeding


Tickets are usually a notice given to the motorist as a legal notice regarding the violation of any traffic law. They are traditionally a notice for the penalty in the form of fine or deduction of driving points. But considering the severity of the offense, these tickets may land you into the legal feud.

A very few of us know that these tickets can be challenged legally, and you can fight for your cause. As stated by traffic violation lawyers, you can easily challenge traffic police cases by giving your account of the incident. Fighting tickets can play a very significant role as one wrong charge could reduce your chances of a safe future. If proven non-guilty, you can save yourself from paying the fine, license suspension, and the whole legal drama.

All you need to do is to find suitable shreds of evidence to support your point. The professional help is strictly required in such cases, as traffic violation lawyers could analyze your situation legally and precisely.

The charges for an infraction can be reduced very quickly, but to minimize the allegations of a felony committed, the below-mentioned aids:

  1. Try and gather witnesses and their testimonials of fellow passengers or bystanders to validate your version of the incident.
  2. If possible, provide your traffic violation lawyer with a photograph of the area along with proper traffic signs and symbols to support any obscurity in them.
  3. Record every minute detail of the incident as well as the date, time, and weather of the day. The natural phenomenon plays an integral part in supporting your case.
  4. In case of any error committed in the citing of the charges, it can be used as strong evidence in your favour.
  5. If your non-guilty plea is based on some excruciating scenario, feel free to represent it in court, along with some valid evidence or witnesses, if possible.

If you succeed in proving your innocence through any one of these aids, the charges can be reduced rather quickly. Your defense should strictly be in your favour, but it shouldn’t badmouth the police officer or any reliable services concerned. No matter how badly you are accused of an offense, you should not be disrespectful towards the law or law binders. Your attitude, at last, plays a significant role in determining the nature of the verdict.


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