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Top 17 Questions To Ask Criminal Lawyers Mumbai Before Hiring

Criminal Lawyers Mumbai

By Krutika ShettyPublished 8 months ago 7 min read

Finding the correct criminal advocate can mark all the difference when facing a criminal allegation. Let us know about questions you must ask before hiring your lawyer.

Whenever you require a criminal defence advocate, time is of quintessence. Depending on your case, your advocate will require time to collect detailed data and be ready for legal proceedings. While you need legal assistance immediately, you should evaluate your lawyer before hiring them. Criminal law is crucial, and you will seek a lawyer who is committed to getting you the best aftermath for your trial. That is why it is pivotal to take the time to explore alternatives to find the right advocate as per your requirements.

When contacting potential Criminal Lawyers Mumbai, you will want to formulate some contemplative questions in advance to ensure you are prepared to collect all the information you require to make your final judgement. The following 17 questions to inquire before hiring a criminal defence advocate should help direct you in the correct direction.

Have you dealt with these types of cases before?

You can have a professional on your side by hiring a lawyer. They must be experienced in the specifics of instances identical to yours and competent enough to answer questions and objections generally raised in court.

Lawyers often focus on areas of the law that interest them. Please make sure the lawyer you select trusts your case to be critical and worthy of their time and attention.

Although there is nothing wrong with preferring a fresh legal representative, getting a criminal defence lawyer with substantial expertise is always preferable.

What precisely are you going to do for me that I cannot do for myself?

Even though asking this question could seem confrontational, it is undoubtedly crucial. The lawyer is not the one for you if he cannot articulate what he can do for you, how he can aid you, and why you need him to accomplish everything.

What are the probable outcomes of my case?

It does not matter how hard your lawyer fights; they can never assure you they will win your case.

However, your advocate should be able to offer you a general outlook of how your case might turn out. They will have encountered clients who are similar to you and who have already undergone their sentences, and they may give you a concept of the range of expectations you should consider.

What will fees and expenses be?

It can be very demanding to come up with all the money when you decide to engage a lawyer because you are accountable for paying the complete fee. Procure information about the costs involved with your lawsuit upfront.

You will not only be paying for your lawyer. Ultimately, you can also anticipate paying the fees affixed to your case by the court as a penalty for your unlawful activity if you are accusable.

Be sure to understand all the potential charges involved before you devote yourself to anything. The bottommost thing you want is to be left without a lawyer at the end of your trial because you run out of money to retain the top law firms in Mumbai.

When will my payment be due?

Additionally, you need to be observant of the payment's due date. Most advocates request payment upfront, and some may agree to monthly instalments.

Do you have a plan that could be followed in the courtroom?

When you get accused, the police will present evidence connecting you to the crime. Depending on the facts the police have at their disposal, and how you conduct during the arrest procedure, there are numerous feasible approaches to oppose their allegations.

Your prospective advocate will review your choices and advise you on the most suitable course of action. Affirm that you completely grasp the defence components your advocate recommends when discussing this.

Is there any other way to avoid this trial?

Going to trial is monetarily pressurizing; you will be required to pay for your lawyer to take the time to appear in the courtroom for your trial, frequently more than one time. Besides, you will be required to pay court fees for the trial to cover the costs of the judge's and the prosecutor's travel expenses.

These expenses can mount up. Fortunately, many cases are resolved through plea deals before they make it to court. It is a plea deal when the prosecutor proposes that you accept a lesser penalty for not contesting your charges.

How long can I expect my case to take?

Reckoning on how much time it takes to collect the data for your case and the degree of complexity of your case at the courthouse, you could assume your case to take between a few months to a few years.

So, to help you make financial decisions in the interim, your lawyer should be able to provide you with a clear picture of the timing for this. Although it's impossible to predict a time frame accurately, a lawyer could provide a rough estimate so you'd know what you would be up against and could plan accordingly.

How often will you try contacting me?

Bail is after your initial interview with your attorney. You may never hear from them again after that first interaction. It's typical for solicitors to negotiate with a range of clients simultaneously. Consequently, you likely won't speak with your lawyer every day or even month. Determine what concerns you ought to have with top law firms in Mumbai.

What should I do to get fully prepared for the trial?

You must always get professionally dressed up and on time regarding your trial or plea agreement. You would also have to submit any relevant documentation; everything needed will be conveyed to you through your lawyer.

What consequences might I face, and how often are they to occur?

Government-issued guidelines of retribution are in existence for every violation. Nonetheless, contingent on the conduct, the facts accompanying it, and your previous convictions, you may confront a variety of sanctions. An experienced lawyer should be able to alert you of the potential damages for your conduct so that you are ready for any consequences.

How long have you been a criminal defence lawyer?

You needn't overlook this remark. It's an effective model to assess whether such a criminal defence lawyer has significant experience practising law instead of just dealing with a few matters. How usually are you subjected to trials? Instead of proceeding with a trial, many criminal defence lawyers negotiate plea agreements to settle many of their cases. Your potential lawyer has limited trial experience if that's the case. So, to convince them to settle, your case might be too complicated. Find a competent lawyer and be at ease with trial procedures if a trial appears possible.

Do you handle cases of only a particular kind of law?

Several instances are there in criminal law. Some lawyers think that specific legal trouble- narcotics, murder, driving while intoxicated, or white-collar crimes—is the genesis of most of their clients. Please find out how many matters like yours they have addressed earlier. In this manner, you may indeed get assured that they are capable.

Will only you work on my case?

You must choose if you want an advocate who will devote all their attention to your case or if you are prepared to cooperate with their team. The team option may enable you to save money since it frequently indicates that your lawyer will delegate to legal professionals and associates who charge lesser. Nevertheless, if you're anxious that vital information may get ignored, you might want to look for an individual who will give your case their full attention.

How often will we communicate?

You need an advocate who will be there for you when questions arise if you're facing criminal charges and the potential of imprisonment and severe damages. One should be able to call the lawyer and question the possibility of a plea bargain in your case. You shouldn't have difficulty navigating your advocate if you're concerned about losing your position or being put on the serial offender database due to a likely indictment. When communicating with professionals who might be capable of representing you, determine how occasionally you'd like to hear from your lawyer and use it as a buzzword.

What else do you expect from me?

You may be required to provide some documentation or other vital details to support your claim. A lawyer should be capable of informing you of the facts they will need from you.

Why should I employ you?

Sometimes when the simplest enquiries generate the most valuable information. You can evaluate how competent, qualified, and devoted an advocate will be to your case by inquiring them plainly, "why you."


Whether you've ever wanted to employ legal assistance or this is your first time, you should be aware that selecting the best Criminal Lawyers Mumbai may be complicated and time-consuming. Discovering an individual suitable for the position may become significantly more challenging for you if your assertion is accurate.

The optimal practitioner is dedicated to providing individuals facing criminal allegations with superb and aggressive legal representation. Thankfully, you got your essential questions to ask a criminal defence lawyer that will help you unwind a little while you seek skilled defence advisers.

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